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Worcester legend Chris Pennell moves on

first_imgRW: Is that England Test in Auckland (lost 20-15) the highlight of your career?CP: From a personal perspective, I don’t think you could ever top that first time you play for your country. And given the journey I’ve been on, it’s not something I ever thought would be tangible; even as a kid, I didn’t ever truly believe that I would get the opportunity.So from that point of view, from the experience and being able to say that I’ve done it, it’s massive and something I’m incredibly proud of.But the team element of sport and some of the things I’ve done at Worcester will always outweigh the emotional side of things when it comes to that effort that you put in as a team and the elation that you have together; that togetherness is slightly more powerful.I think the England cap is a bit of a nod and a thank you to my mum and my family and the people who’ve supported me over the years. But in terms of highlights, the ones I will always remember, at this stage, are the Championship final against Bristol – getting promotion then – and last season (2017-18) winning at Welford Road and Sandy Park, two places that I’d been desperate to win at over the years. Those three things stand out for me personally.Final act: the try by Pennell that gave Worcester a 59-58 aggregate win over Bristol in 2015 (Getty)RW: That play-off v Bristol was crazy, wasn’t it? One of the most amazing games we’ve seen…CP: It remains the most common thing that people bring up, if I bump into someone in the street or meet someone at a social event. So many people have seen it and I guess been touched by the story, the comeback. That final had everything. To be on the winning team at the end of it was just crazy. That roller coaster of emotion, and yet the calmness we felt at the time to win the game, is something I’ll never forget.RW: Some people have questioned why you’ve stayed at a struggling Premiership club for so long. How do you respond to that?CP: I was a 17-year-old still in school playing in the A League and I fractured my leg and dislocated my ankle in one of these games. I wasn’t contracted, I just turned up and played, and it would have been very easy for Worcester to have said, “We’re really sorry about your injury, best of luck at university next year.”Kitted out: at a pre-season photo call (Getty Images)But they actually offered me an academy contract. It was a show of faith and that theme continued for three or four years, where I struggled with long-term injuries.The club was always there to give me that security, and say, “We believe in you, we believe in your ability, and we’ll stick by you because we want to see it come to fruition.”It’s those kind of human elements, they didn’t have to do that. I’ve always been incredibly grateful that they allowed me to continue doing what I loved doing.RW: In 2014, you said that another reason for staying with Worcester was the confidence you had in where the club was heading. Are you still confident?CP: The same principles still apply in that Worcester has everything that it needs for long-term success. And I believe that as strongly as I did back in 2014. The disappointing thing for me is that it hasn’t happened as quickly as I would have liked. But if you do have a lot of change, the probability of you being able to create success is less.You need to have stability over a number of years to generate that success. The likes of Exeter and Saracens were able to create a base to build round for five years and then the success comes. I truly believe that that is very achievable at Worcester.We have a phenomenal supporter base so if we were able to have a bit more success, Sixways would be bouncing every week. The place would sell out. But in order to do so you do have to have longevity and stability. Back in 2014, that was with Dean Ryan and his team of coaches and his five-year vision.We’re sort of taking a few steps, not backwards because we’re on the same footing, it’s just with different people now. The guys who have come in will have the same plans; my wish is that we get to see it out, and it’s not all change after two years. Because I truly believe that if we can see it through, the probability of us being successful will increase significantly.National service: an England session at Bagshot in 2015. One cap is a scant return for such a talented playerRW: You haven’t captained Worcester much over the years. Has that not appealed to you?CP: I was made captain when Richard Hill took over as head coach (in 2010) and a month later I had another fractured dislocation of my ankle. So I missed seven months of the season, having just been named club captain, which was very frustrating.And I had some complications post surgery, which really hampered my return. It took me two years to properly recover; although I was playing, I was nowhere near the level that I wanted or needed to be at. And to try to captain the side, and to try to play the way I wanted to play, it was all too much at that time.To be a captain of a club is all-encompassing; for me to do it I would have to immerse myself in it 100%, and to do that I would need to be really comfortable with where my game was at and I just wasn’t at that time. So it was really frustrating because I enjoyed the responsibility.Pennell fires out a pass during a friendly against Northampton Saints last autumn (Getty Images)RW: Any thoughts about what you’ll do after hanging up your boots?CP: One of the things that the testimonial year has already started to bring is a few opportunities post rugby. The key thing for me is to get out and meet as many people as possible in different industries, and learn and understand what it is they do.I’m studying for a degree in sports business management, so that’s nearly all done. I don’t know right now (about his life after rugby) but I’m doing all the right things to make sure that when the time comes for me to hang up the boots, I can make that transition away from rugby as smooth as possible. It’s daunting but quite an exciting prospect as well.” It’s the end of an era at Worcester Warriors as Chris Pennell bows out at the club he has served professionally for 14 years. He talks career highlights and living with diabetes Mr Worcester. Incredible servant to the club, classy fullback, classy bloke. Amongst many highlights the epic, barely believable Champ p-off final 2nd leg v Bristol in 2015 will live long in the memory. All the best @chris_pennell— Alastair Eykyn (@alastaireykyn) June 10, 2021Head coach Jonathan Thomas said: “Pens is an awesome person, an awesome friend and everyone knows what a loyal servant he has been over a long period of time.“He has been through some real adversity in his life. What has really impressed me is how consistent and measured he is as a person. I have no doubt that he will be a success in whatever he does because he is a class act as a bloke and the way he carries himself.“I’m sad it’s the end of an era because he is a special man. The club will not feel the same without him around as a player because it feels like he has been Worcester.”Rugby World interviewed Pennell about his career at the start of the 2018-19 season, when he enjoyed a testimonial season to raise funds for his chosen charities: Diabetes UK, Acorns Children’s Hospice and the Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust. Here is what he had to say…Pennell is applauded by team-mates on the day of his 250th appearance, at Leicester in February (Getty)Rugby World: You were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 19. So initially you were physically impeded without understanding why?Chris Pennell: It’s a really interesting one because I felt physically able to do everything I wanted to do pre-diagnosis. The beauty of rugby is that it does fit all shapes and sizes but for me as a full-back, in the Premiership… there are very few Peter Stringer-sized players. So I was just very, very skinny and very light. So that’s one of the hidden things that was lurking in the background pre-diagnosis.I was also exceptionally thirsty all the time. And I was eating enough food for about three people. I was doing all these extra weights and training really hard to try to put on some bulk. And yet my weight never went up, it would only ever slowly creep down. It was only really that side of things that concerned me.Starting out: Pennell in August 2007 (Getty Images)I’d never touched a weight until I started in the academy at Worcester at 18, so I was a very different shape. But having spent a full year in the programme without changing shape, from that schoolboy physique, that did concern me.Once the diagnosis was made, it fell into place and made sense. Why I wasn’t physically doing the same things that my peers were doing, putting on some size, putting on some muscle. I guess whilst I was changing I didn’t notice a huge amount, but it was my life around training that did suffer.RW: Was the club blood test that revealed your diabetes a random discovery or did people suspect something was wrong?CP: When I was at the club I functioned, it was more when I got home (that was the problem). I was living with my mum at the time, eating all this food, drinking all this water, but I was basically passing out. I was just crashed out on the sofa for the rest of the day. So my mum thought there was something up.The pre-season blood test is just a standard thing, you do it every year. It’s more of a general check to make sure your cholesterol isn’t too high, that you’re basically healthy. So it wasn’t specifically to see if there was a scientific reason as to why I wasn’t gaining muscle mass, or any kind of mass, given the amount of food I was eating. But the results made everything else fall into place. It became apparent as to why I had been having these issues.Top finisher: scoring against Exeter Chiefs in 2014, a year that brought special memories (Getty Images)RW: Has diabetes been a minor hindrance to your career or rather more than that?CP: I think about this a lot. I wonder what could have been had I not been diagnosed with diabetes. But the flip side of that is that diabetes has taught me so much about looking after myself and about discipline. Without a doubt, it’s made me a better professional player.I’m incredibly lucky to have had a career as long as I have to date, and still feel like I’ve got a good few years left to offer at the highest level. The discipline that having diabetes has taught me has brought it up to the level that it needs to be in order to have a career of this length.RW: You set up a diabetes rugby academy in 2017. Can you tell us more about that?CP: It’s a weekly club, on Tuesday afternoons. The pilot we ran was the age of five to 16. And basically we’ve just extended the invite out to kids with type 1 diabetes who want to come to play some rugby. It’s been really well received. We get between 20 and 25 kids every week.The main thing I wanted to do was to give kids somewhere they can go where they’re around people that understand; they’re around people in the same position they’re in, somewhere where they’re not the odd one out like they are at school. And where they don’t have to be ashamed if they need to take five minutes to go and test their blood glucose or treat their diabetes. And without fear of being ridiculed, teased or judged in any shape or form.One to treasure: Pennell’s two penalties at Exeter in Feb 2018 earned Warriors a dream 6-5 upsetThe other element to it that is fantastic is that kids need the opportunity just to be kids, to charge around and go a bit crazy. That’s one thing they do and, trust me, they have a great time, they fly about the place, which is lovely to see. And the community we’ve created amongst the parents is one of the biggest unforeseen benefits to come from it.RW: You won an England cap in New Zealand in 2014. Do you think you were at the peak of your powers at that time?CP: I’d like to think I’ve still got my best rugby in me. But I was playing really well at that point, in a team that was struggling. I felt that I deserved my opportunity with England, but there were an awful lot of things that fell into place to end up on that plane.It was a whirlwind few weeks because I finished the season having been relegated and with no conversations with any England coaches. Dean Ryan, my director of rugby at the time, was in charge of the Barbarians side that was playing England. And he had said he wanted me to play for the Barbarians, so I was going to be the uncapped player at Twickenham.Chris cross: the full-back goes over for a try v Crusaders on England’s 2014 tour of New Zealand (Getty)That was the most exciting thing I could possibly think about at that time. I was going to get my taste of what it would be like to play at that level, albeit that it would be bittersweet to play against England.And very quickly it went from that to England wanting me to play for them against the Barbarians, which is a step up because it’s one step closer to the ultimate dream. But the way the fixtures fell at that time of year, if I’d played against the Barbarians that would have ruled me out of going on tour.As so often happens in rugby, it was someone else’s misfortune that created the opportunity. Anthony Watson had pulled his hamstring, which meant I was taken out of the squad to play against the Barbarians and added to the training squad to tour New Zealand. It was made clear to me that ‘you’re here just in case, don’t get your hopes up too much’.Head boy: Pennell receives his test cap from Bob Reeves, then RFU president, in Hamilton (Getty Images)It was a bit of a whirlwind of emotions: playing for the Barbarians, then playing for England, then training with the touring squad but not going on tour. And it wasn’t until the night before we left that I was told that I was on the plane. Even to the point that we were sat alphabetically on the plane and I was with the W’s – I was literally in Anthony’s seat. Worcester legend Chris Pennell moves onChris Pennell’s playing career with Worcester concludes this season after 253 appearances spread across 14 years. Sadly, the cancellation of the Warriors’ Gallagher Premiership match with Gloucester on Saturday denies him a farewell appearance at Sixways.The 34-year-old full-back, who was capped by England on their 2014 summer tour of New Zealand, bows out with 43 tries and 426 points to his name. Along the way, Pennell has become a much-loved figure in the game.Married to Jo, and a father to Harla and Tristan, Pennell departs as a Warriors legend, one of the club’s best-ever players and an outstanding ambassador for the club. No one has played more Premiership games for the Worcestershire club. There aren’t many like @chris_pennell in rugby anymore. An inspirational bloke, an outstanding mate and a phenomenal player. It’s been an honour to share the pitch with a @WorcsWarriors legend.— Ethan Waller (@beef324) June 10, 2021Pennell adds now: “The romantic in me thinks it would be nice to finish my playing career at Sixways but it’s also exciting for me to explore other opportunities. It has been a good number of years since there was any consideration of playing for another team and with my body but, more importantly, my head in a really good place, now is the time to move on.“Although my playing career is moving away from Worcester, Worcester is still my home, and I will maintain many of those friendships for life.“I will be continuing in my role as a trustee of the Warriors Community Foundation, which is something very close to my heart.” Chris Pennell gives Wasps’ Matteo Minozzi the slip during a league match for Worcester (Getty Images) TAGS: Worcester Warriors LATEST RUGBY WORLD MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION DEALS Can’t get to the shops? You can download the digital edition of Rugby World straight to your tablet or subscribe to the print edition to get the magazine delivered to your door.Follow Rugby World on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.last_img read more

Biden says VTS COVID-19 vaccine clinic is example of ‘America…

first_imgBiden says VTS COVID-19 vaccine clinic is example of ‘America at its finest’ By Adelle M. BanksPosted Apr 8, 2021 Associate Priest for Pastoral Care New York, NY President Joe Biden visited Virginia Theological Seminary on April 6, 2021, to celebrate the seminary’s provision of COVID-19 vaccines. Photo: Elizabeth Panox-Leach/Virginia Theological Seminary[Religion News Service] President Joe Biden visited a Virginia seminary chapel that is being used as a COVID-19 vaccination clinic as his administration moved up the date when he hopes all Americans will be eligible to get a vaccine.“We’re in a situation where we — I believe, by the end of this summer, we’ll have a significant portion of the American public vaccinated,” the president said on April 6 at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria.“I think before another 25 days, we’ll probably have somewhere in excess of 200 million shots that have been administered.”Since early February, the Episcopal seminary has worked with Neighborhood Health, a nonprofit organization focused on health equity in Northern Virginia, to use the school’s Immanuel Chapel as a clinic for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to patients and family members.“Our chapel is continuing to share the gospel in this season, although it is taking a slightly different form,” said the Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, dean and president of VTS, in a statement. “The president’s visit to the campus is a celebration of a faith-based organization working in partnership with a neighborhood health association to ensure that people stay well and safe during this pandemic.”The chapel-turned-clinic has provided an average of 300 vaccinations twice a week.In remarks from the State Dining Room later in the day, Biden noted that the partnership is one of many such alliances between faith and medical institutions happening across the nation. Two-thirds of patients at such centers live below or at the poverty level, he said, and 60% are ethnic and racial minorities.“People are coming together across the different faiths to serve those most in need, with a special focus on vaccinating seniors from all races, backgrounds, and walks of life,” he said. ”It’s an example of America at its finest.”From Oklahoma to North Carolina to Washington, D.C., vaccination clinics have been hosted by houses of worship in conjunction with health professionals to inoculate older adults and others.Biden said his visit to the seminary coincided with “an important milestone”: The previous day “we crossed 150 million shots in 75 days” — his tenure in office to that date.But with the country reaching more than 554,000 COVID-19 deaths, Biden urged seniors in particular to “get vaccinated now,” as his new date of April 19 approaches of having all American adults eligible to register for vaccinations. The previous date was May 1.“To make it easier, my administration is sending aid to community groups to drive seniors to vaccination sites,” he said. “We’re incredibly grateful to all the volunteers, houses of worship, and the civic groups that are helping us in this effort.”Biden added that his staffers also will continue to link with faith-based and community groups as vaccinations become available to all adults — registering people for appointments, hosting clinics and transporting people to get their shots.This story was originally published by Religion News Service and is republished here with permission. Youth Minister Lorton, VA Curate Diocese of Nebraska Rector/Priest in Charge (PT) Lisbon, ME Rector and Chaplain Eugene, OR This Summer’s Anti-Racism Training Online Course (Diocese of New Jersey) June 18-July 16 Rector Pittsburgh, PA Bishop Diocesan Springfield, IL Rector Collierville, TN Ya no son extranjeros: Un diálogo acerca de inmigración Una conversación de Zoom June 22 @ 7 p.m. ET Curate (Associate & Priest-in-Charge) Traverse City, MI Seminary of the Southwest announces appointment of two new full time faculty members Seminary of the Southwest Associate Rector Columbus, GA Course Director Jerusalem, Israel Submit a Press Release Assistant/Associate Rector Morristown, NJ Rector Hopkinsville, KY Assistant/Associate Rector Washington, DC Cathedral Dean Boise, ID Priest-in-Charge Lebanon, OH Rector Albany, NY The Church Pension Fund Invests $20 Million in Impact Investment Fund Designed to Preserve Workforce Housing Communities Nationwide Church Pension Group Join the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in Celebrating the Pauli Murray Feast Online Worship Service June 27 Submit a Job Listing COVID-19 Family Ministry Coordinator Baton Rouge, LA In-person Retreat: Thanksgiving Trinity Retreat Center (West Cornwall, CT) Nov. 24-28 Assistant/Associate Priest Scottsdale, AZ Priest Associate or Director of Adult Ministries Greenville, SC An Evening with Presiding Bishop Curry and Iconographer Kelly Latimore Episcopal Migration Ministries via Zoom June 23 @ 6 p.m. ET Tags Rector Martinsville, VA Rector Bath, NC Submit an Event Listing Featured Events AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to PrintFriendlyPrintFriendlyShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThis Missioner for Disaster Resilience Sacramento, CA Associate Rector for Family Ministries Anchorage, AK New Berrigan Book With Episcopal Roots Cascade Books Virtual Celebration of the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center Zoom Conversation June 19 @ 12 p.m. ET Rector Washington, DC Featured Jobs & Calls Canon for Family Ministry Jackson, MS Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York Hires Reverend Kevin W. VanHook, II as Executive Director Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York Remember Holy Land Christians on Jerusalem Sunday, June 20 American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem Episcopal Migration Ministries’ Virtual Prayer Vigil for World Refugee Day Facebook Live Prayer Vigil June 20 @ 7 p.m. ET Inaugural Diocesan Feast Day Celebrating Juneteenth San Francisco, CA (and livestream) June 19 @ 2 p.m. PT Rector Shreveport, LA Rector Knoxville, TN Director of Administration & Finance Atlanta, GA Rector Belleville, IL Rector (FT or PT) Indian River, MI TryTank Experimental Lab and York St. John University of England Launch Survey to Study the Impact of Covid-19 on the Episcopal Church TryTank Experimental Lab Press Release Service Rector Tampa, FL The Church Investment Group Commends the Taskforce on the Theology of Money on its report, The Theology of Money and Investing as Doing Theology Church Investment Group Director of Music Morristown, NJ Rector Smithfield, NClast_img read more

Viewpoint Studio / OficinaTransversal + EspacioPropio

first_imgSave this picture!© Pablo Belenguer Díaz+ 25 Share ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard CopyAbout this officeEspacioPropioOfficeFollowOficinaTransversal  OfficeFollowProductConcrete#TagsProjectsBuilt ProjectsSelected ProjectsResidential ArchitectureHousesMotrilSpainPublished on August 19, 2016Cite: “Viewpoint Studio / OficinaTransversal + EspacioPropio ” [Estúdio Mirante / OficinaTransversal   + EspacioPropio ] 19 Aug 2016. ArchDaily. Accessed 11 Jun 2021. ISSN 0719-8884Browse the CatalogPanels / Prefabricated AssembliesTechnowoodPanel Façade SystemRailing / BalustradesMitrexIntegrated Photovoltaic Railing – BIPV RailingMetal PanelsAurubisPatinated Copper: Nordic Green/Blue/Turquoise/SpecialPlastics / FibersRodecaTranslucent Building Elements in Downton Primary SchoolSkylightsVELUX CommercialModular Skylights – LonglightBathroom FurnitureBradley Corporation USAToilet Partition CubiclesSignage / Display SystemsGoppionDisplay Case – One-offAcousticFabriTRAK®FabriFELT™ for Walls and CeilingsBoardsStructureCraftStructural Panel – Dowel Laminated TimberThermalSchöckInsulation – Isokorb® Concrete to SteelDoorsJansenSmoke Control Door – Economy 60Louvers / ShuttersShade FactorExternal Venetian BlindsMore products »Save世界上最受欢迎的建筑网站现已推出你的母语版本!想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?是否翻译成中文现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?Take me there »✖You’ve started following your first account!Did you know?You’ll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.Go to my stream Houses ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard Area:  98 m² Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project Projects Manufacturers: Aislamientos Tabiplac, Lopez Soto, Jose Acosta Moral, Simón KalterSave this picture!© Pablo Belenguer DíazRecommended ProductsDoorsLonghiDoor – HeadlineWoodStructureCraftEngineering – Architectural & FreeformDoorsAir-LuxPivoting DoorDoorsdormakabaEntrance Doors – Revolving Door 4000 SeriesText description provided by the architects. Once again, landscape as a main theme of the project. This time, under our feet the fields, as an horizon the see and a vast changing  sky. We were asked to design the first floor extension of a country house, characterized by its random  openings configuration and the “gotelé” texture of the lime walls.Save this picture!© Pablo Belenguer DíazSave this picture!© Pablo Belenguer DíazThe requirement of a quick construction and the condition of a viewpoint guided the construction decisions. We looked for a clear relationship with the house and the new construction, not imitating but maintaining its own aesthetic and function.Save this picture!SectionJust one exterior access, through an sculptural exterior staircases made of rusted steel was planned. As we go up to the sky we have a first taste of the views that will be at the studio. Half original roof is used as a terrace, half as a studio. While the limits in between melt with 11 meter sliding windows and sliding timber blinds.Save this picture!© Pablo Belenguer DíazSave this picture!© Pablo Belenguer DíazThe rest of  smaller openings, strategically placed, create green leaves squares. The skin is made by Aquapanel boards outside and plasterboard inside, creating a air chamber to ensure thermal comfort and hide the monorail windows in their opened position. As sunscreen, the traditional timber blinds widely used in Mediterranean architecture but reinvented as sliding elements, combining tradition, contemporaneity and coherence with the rest of elements.Save this picture!© Pablo Belenguer DíazProject gallerySee allShow lessArchitects Construct Village of 14 Wooden Structures at Hello Wood 2016Architecture NewsGRAFT Designs WAVE, a Green Oasis Along the Berlin WaterfrontUnbuilt Project Share Copy•Motril, Spaincenter_img Architects: EspacioPropio , OficinaTransversal   Area Area of this architecture project ArchDaily Spain “COPY” Viewpoint Studio / OficinaTransversal + EspacioPropioSave this projectSaveViewpoint Studio / OficinaTransversal + EspacioPropio “COPY” Viewpoint Studio / OficinaTransversal + EspacioPropio last_img read more

RIKAS / 3DM Architecture

first_imgShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard Houses RIKAS / 3DM Architecture Lead Architect: Projects RIKAS / 3DM ArchitectureSave this projectSaveRIKAS / 3DM ArchitectureSave this picture!© Miguel Petrovic+ 52Curated by Fernanda Castro Share CopyAbout this office3DM ArchitectureOfficeFollowProductsGlassConcrete#TagsProjectsBuilt ProjectsSelected ProjectsResidential ArchitectureHousesInterior DesignResidential InteriorsHouse InteriorsSwieqiMaltaPublished on February 01, 2019Cite: “RIKAS / 3DM Architecture” 31 Jan 2019. ArchDaily. Accessed 11 Jun 2021. ISSN 0719-8884Browse the CatalogPartitionsSkyfoldChoosing the Skyfold Wall for Your SpaceGlass3MSun Control Window Film in MarkthalBathroom AccessorieshansgroheBath & Shower ThermostatsCabinetsFlorenseCabinet – FloAirWood Boards / HPL PanelsBruagStair Railing – CELLON®LightsLouis PoulsenOutdoor Lighting – Flindt GardenBathroom AccessoriesBradley Corporation USAHigh Speed Hand Dryers – Aerix+BoardsForestOneLaminate – EGGER laminatesAcousticSchöckStaircase Insulation – Tronsole®Metal PanelsRHEINZINKPanel Systems – Horizontal PanelWall / Ceiling LightsA-LightAccolade Wall Light at River Dental OfficeBricksStröherClinker Brick Slips – StiltreuMore products »Save世界上最受欢迎的建筑网站现已推出你的母语版本!想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?是否翻译成中文现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?Take me there »✖You’ve started following your first account!Did you know?You’ll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.Go to my stream Design Team:Rebecca Vella, Miguel PetrovicCollaborators:ICI LtdCity:SwieqiCountry:MaltaMore SpecsLess SpecsSave this picture!© Miguel PetrovicRecommended ProductsLightsLouis PoulsenLamps – AJ CollectionDoorsVEKADoors – VEKAMOTION 82WindowsRodecaAluminium WindowsDoorsSky-FrameInsulated Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame ArcText description provided by the architects. RIKAS, placed on a site of nine hundred square meters in Madliena, is home to a lively young couple and two children. The concept from the very initial stages revolved around purity and boldness in design. The form of the building is essentially a reaction to the site on which it is situated, whereas the interiors were the tool used to bridge the gap between the aesthetic and function of the different spaces within the building.Save this picture!© Miguel PetrovicSave this picture!Ground floor planSave this picture!© Miguel PetrovicThis design is a means through which one may investigate the importance of natural factors – such as creating interesting spaces using light and shadow: a concept reminiscent of the Renaissance period and the ‘Chiaroscuro’ technique. At ground floor, the interior is flooded with natural light, entering through the floor-to-ceiling apertures – with the idea of the inside and outside merging to become one space. However a degree of flexibility was allowed for, through the use of controllable fabric screens which, when lowered, change the space into one which is more intimate and private. Natural Light infiltrates all four levels of the house, through two courtyards, which also serve to passively ventilate the house.Save this picture!© Miguel PetrovicThe different spaces within this family home were designed with the client – each and every intervention aimed at giving them full ownership and comfort within the property. Using materials and lighting, for example, to differentiate between areas of the house, a coherent design was maintained all throughout, while securing a balance between aesthetic design and the clients’ daily needs.Save this picture!© Miguel PetrovicSave this picture!SectionSave this picture!© Miguel PetrovicArchitectural Detailing, was considered as a means to subconsciously affect the way the space is perceived and, thus, subtly determining activities. Ultimately the design of the house was approached, in such a way to find a balance, and define the functions, of the house and its atmospheres.Save this picture!© Miguel PetrovicProject gallerySee allShow lessDrop-in Building Challenge: Designing Boston with LEGOⒸ BricksWorkshop10SPACE, The Future Hall / SpaceStationSelected Projects Share Photographs 2018 Maurizio Ascione Year: center_img Photographs:  Miguel Petrovic Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project Area:  2000 m² Year Completion year of this architecture project Architects: 3DM Architecture Area Area of this architecture project Manufacturers: 10deka, Cesar Cucine, Flos, Laminam, Panzeri, Rimadesio CopyHouses, Houses Interiors•Swieqi, Malta “COPY” “COPY” ArchDaily Malta ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboardlast_img read more

Trust helps cut cost of acquiring donated goods in Scotland

first_img Tagged with: Trading  21 total views,  1 views today AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis Howard Lake | 13 October 2004 | News A grant from Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland will help small drug misuse charities access donated goods from In Kind Direct at a reduced rate.charities which help children and young people whose lives are affected by drug misuse and have incomes below £500,000, can register with InKind Direct for a subsidised rate of £30 plus VAT. The grant enables Scottish voluntary sector organisations working with vulnerable children affected by drug misuse and with an annual income of under £500,000 to register with In Kind Direct for a subsidised rate of £30 plus VAT. They will also receive £75 of discount vouchers, which can be exchanged for around £750 worth of goods. Advertisementcenter_img In Kind Direct’s network of charities can choose from hundreds of essential everyday items, available at savings of up to 90% of their usual cost. Trust helps cut cost of acquiring donated goods in Scotland About Howard Lake Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world’s first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp and co-founder of Researching massive growth in giving.last_img read more

Indiana Wheat in Great Shape

first_imgHome Indiana Agriculture News Indiana Wheat in Great Shape SHARE SHARE Indiana Wheat in Great Shape Previous articleHolcomb joins ISDA in Saluting Indiana on National Agriculture DayNext articleMorning Outlook Gary Truitt Indiana Wheat in Great ShapeSome Southern Indiana farmers spent Tuesday, National Ag Day, walking their wheat fields. Last fall’s good weather let the wheat crop get planted. Steve Gauck, southern Indiana agronomist with Beck’s Hybrids, says the crop survived the winter well, “We had less ground heaving than anticipated, and the stands look very good.”In fact, the crop is looking so good that an early shot of nitrogen was not needed this year, “In Southern Indiana, we like to put on some nitrogen about farm show time, but most of the fields I have been in do not need any right now. We would be better off to wait and apply nitrogen later in April or May.”Gauck says, by delaying nitrogen application, growers will save money and get better yields, “The later application will help the plants produce larger heads and more grain.” Gauck is optimistic about a very good wheat crop this year. By Gary Truitt – Mar 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Agriculture Disappointed in EPA RIN Waivers

first_img By Hoosier Ag Today – Apr 4, 2018 SHARE Facebook Twitter SHARE Agriculture Disappointed in EPA RIN Waivers The National Corn Growers Association says reported Renewable Fuel Standard waivers granted to a large refiner undermine the RFS. NCGA President Kevin Skunes says the granting of the waivers significantly reduces the number of gallons of fuel blended with ethanol, “hurting rural economies and the nation’s corn farmers.” Reuters reported earlier this week that the Environmental Protection Agency granted RFS waivers to a large refining company, essentially letting the company ‘off the hook’ from its obligations to blend ethanol fuels.The reports also angered Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who says the waivers, intended for small, struggling refiners, would amount to “a massive government handout to a big corporation.” Andeavor owns the refineries that allegedly received the waivers, and the company made a profit of more than $1.5 billion last year. Grassley says the alleged secret waivers granted by the EPA are more than unfair, adding the practice “may be illegal.”Growth Energy sent a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt condemning the decision to award a small refinery waiver to one of the largest refiners in the U.S. and demanding a moratorium on waivers being issued by EPA. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor put out the following statement:“We ask that EPA immediately cease issuing waivers and pause any waiver applications being considered until the agency conducts a full, transparent public comment process to help assure all stakeholders that the new expansion of small refinery waivers are consistent with the goals of the RFS.“EPA appears to be operating under the cover of night in a secretive process where the agency acts as judge, jury, and executioner to effectively reduce the overall demand for biofuels in this country absent any public discourse.“These decisions appear to be timed so they do not require disclosure in the yearly RFS Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) rulemaking process, adding further suspicion that the EPA is pressing its thumb on the scale to grow oil industry profits.“Secret handouts to petroleum giants don’t just undermine the administration’s commitment to the RFS, they represent a very real threat to hard-pressed farmers and biofuel industry workers across the heartland. Every waiver represents a gallon of homegrown biofuel that can’t make its way to consumers, can’t contribute to U.S. energy security, and can’t grow the U.S. economy. The public deserves to know exactly to which companies Mr. Pruitt is awarding millions of dollars in handouts behind closed doors.”Growth Energy’s full letter can be found here. Home Energy Agriculture Disappointed in EPA RIN Waivers Facebook Twitter Previous articleUSDA Prioritizes Investments to Address Opioid Crisis in Rural AmericaNext articleIndiana Farmers Still on the Fence Over Corn/Soybean Mix Hoosier Ag Todaylast_img read more

BreastCheck extension a crucial step forward for Limerick

first_imgNewsLocal NewsBreastCheck extension a crucial step forward for LimerickBy Alan Jacques – August 21, 2014 620 Limerick Artist ‘Willzee’ releases new Music Video – “A Dream of Peace” Limerick’s National Camogie League double header to be streamed live Previous articleLimerick girl Rebekah is just potty about HarryNext articleArmed gardaí intervene in asylum row Alan Jacques Vanishing Ireland podcast documenting interviews with people over 70’s, looking for volunteers to share their stories Advertisement Twitter TAGSBreastCheckFine GaelHSEKieran O’Donnell TDlimerick RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Printcenter_img WhatsApp Email Predictions on the future of learning discussed at Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival Linkedin Deputy Kieran O’Donnell at the BreastCheck mobile unit in St Joseph’s HospitalA PROPOSAL by Limerick Fine Gael TD Kieran O’Donnell to extend free BreastCheck mammograms to women in the 65 to 69 age group will form part of the HSE’s budget process for next year.On foot of correspondence with HSE national director Tony O’Brien, Deputy O’Donnell has received formal confirmation from the health executive on his proposal. This follows a commitment previously given by former Health Minister James Reilly that free BreastCheck monitoring will be extended to women aged 65-69 during the lifetime of this government.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up The Limerick politician cited the latest development as a “crucial step” along the road to extending BreastCheck to women aged 65-69.“The HSE is now effectively saying is that it has made a business case to the Department of Health to extend BreastCheck to women aged 65-69 and the HSE has included the extension of BreastCheck in its budget preparations for next year,” Deputy O’Donnell explained.He added that he is hopeful the extension will happen as part of the HSE’s 2015 Service Plan and said that he is going to continue to work with the HSE and Department of Health to achieve this.“The effect of BreastCheck is measurable. It has saved lives since it was introduced, and with one in ten incidences of breast cancer occurring in women in the 65-69 age group, I believe that more lives can be saved once the scheme is extended.“Limerick women have benefitted since the introduction of Breastcheck here, and I firmly believe that the extension of the scheme will further extend the benefit of BreastCheck to Limerick women,” he concluded. Facebook WATCH: “Everyone is fighting so hard to get on” – Pat Ryan on competitive camogie squads Limerick Ladies National Football League opener to be streamed livelast_img read more

Anger at ‘racist’ graffati in the Twin Towns area

first_img Anger at ‘racist’ graffati in the Twin Towns area RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR 75 positive cases of Covid confirmed in North A County Councillor has called on those responsible for graffiti in the Twin Towns, which some have described as racist, to stop.Spray paint has been used to daub messages such as ‘Polish out’ and Foreigners out’ in a number of areas across Ballybofey and Stranorlar.Local Councillor Patrick McGowen says the graffiti does not represent the views of the majority of the community:[podcast][/podcast] Twitter Google+ Facebook WhatsApp Gardai continue to investigate Kilmacrennan fire Newsx Adverts Pinterest Google+center_img 365 additional cases of Covid-19 in Republic Man arrested on suspicion of drugs and criminal property offences in Derry WhatsApp Previous articleSignage to be made more affordable for Letterkenny businessesNext articleCouncillors debate revised Winter Maintenance Programme News Highland Facebook By News Highland – October 10, 2011 Main Evening News, Sport and Obituaries Tuesday May 25th Further drop in people receiving PUP in Donegal Twitter Pinterestlast_img read more

Marble Hill Beach Road closed for maintenance works

first_imgHomepage BannerNews RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR DL Debate – 24/05/21 By News Highland – June 22, 2020 Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Google+ WhatsApp Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA The Marble Hill Beach Road will be closed from today Monday 22 June to Wednesday 24 June 2020 each day from 8.00am to 6.00pm.Today, the exact location of the road closure will be between “The Shandon Hotel” Entrance and steps down to the Main Beach adjacent to “The Shack Coffee Shop”.Tomorrow and Wednesday, the exact location of the road closure will be between “The Shack Coffee Shop” and the Public Conveniences.The Diversion route for the duration of the works will be via the L-1272-2 Rockhill / Breaghy Road.Please allow extra time for your journeys. Twitter Pinterestcenter_img Pinterest Facebook WhatsApp Twitter Harps come back to win in Waterford Facebook Google+ Previous articleCoyle tipped to become new Mayor of Letterkenny/MilfordNext articlePandemic unemployment payment to stop for thousands tomorrow News Highland Marble Hill Beach Road closed for maintenance works Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic last_img read more