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Blackfish uplifts University of Southampton’s wave tank

first_imgBristol-based engineering design and product development services provider Blackfish has won a contract to supply a lifting platform for the University of Southampton’s new wave tank facility.Under the contract, Blackfish will design, manufacture, install and commission a lifting platform in the Boldrewood wave tank.The 138-meter-long towing tank, with the depth of 3.5 meters and width of 6 meters, will be used to investigate the power requirements of high speed vessels, assess safe limits in extreme waves, study marine renewables, examine the fluid-structure interaction of moorings for offshore structures and study the energy efficiency of hull designs, according to the University of Southampton.The lifting platform, to be supplied by Blackfish, will be used to lift test models in and out of the water as well as providing a point on which devices can be moored, the company said.Moored devices may be on the surface for testing in waves, such as ships and wave energy devices, or they could be lower in the water column such as submarines or submerged wave energy devices, according to Blackfish.“The Blackfish team are thoroughly looking forward to another design and make project due to the gratification we get from seeing a project go all the way from a concept on a computer screen, to an installed piece of hardware, working as the customer desires,” Blackfish said.last_img read more

Oldenburg Academy Boys 7th & 8th Grade Hoops Tourney

first_imgThe St. Louis Seventh Grade Cardinals basketball team was crowned Oldenburg Academy Basketball Tournament champions Saturday, November 16.The Cardinals defeated St. Michael’s of Brookville 52-8 in the opener. The Cardinals were led in scoring by Robert Raver and Charlie Prickel while George Ritter led the team in rebounding. Sam Giesting, Alex Geers, Nathan Eckstein, Aiden Hornbach, Gus Cooper, and George Ritter all entered the scoring column.The Cardinals defeated St. John’s of Harrison, Ohio in a well-contested battle in the second game of the tournament by the score of 32-23. Again, Robert Raver led the Cardinals in scoring. The Cardinals played superb defense which helped to secure the victory.The Cardinals defeated St. Mary’s of Larenceburg 40-15 in the championship game. The Cardinals played without Robert Raver in the championship game due to illness. George Ritter and Sam Giesting stepped-up and led the team in scoring while Kevin Salatin dominated the boards and was the leading shot blocker. Alex Geers took charge of the team at the point guard position and played extremely well at both ends of the floor to help the Cardinals win the championship.Submitted by STL Coach Dale Amrhein.The St Louis 8th grade boys basketball team fell short in theirbid to win this years Oldenburg Academy 8th grade Boys Basketball Classicloosing to St. Michael in the first round by a final score of 36 to 26.A slow start by the Cardinals in the 3rd quarter was the turningpoint of the game. St Louis was outscored 14 to 6.Stuart Lamping led the Cardinals offensively scoring 8 points.Chandler Meyers followed with 5 points. Will Harmeyer & JackKellerman chipped in 4 points each. Kyle Siefert added 3 & Ian Dickey 2 points.Baird Tuveson, Gavin Koester & Ridge Douglas played significant minutesbut did not make it into the scoring column.Scoring by Quarters.1st   SLS 3 St Michael 6.  2nd  SLS 8 St Michael 11.Half SLS 11 St Michael 17. 3rd  SLS 6 St Michael 14. 4th  SLS 9 St Michael 5.Submitted by STL Coach Mike Burkhart.last_img read more

Senate approves pandemic-related liability protection for businesses

first_imgSenate Republicans have sent the governor a bill that will shield health care facilities, businesses and other organizations from most lawsuits over conditions related to COVID-19.Senate Republican Leader Jack Whitver of Ankeny said “bad actors” won’t get liability protection if they’ve failed to follow public health guidelines.“We believe as long as these entities have used a good faith effort to keep up with the recommendations, the requirements of the government, that it’s important for us to get our economy back open,” Whitver said last Friday on Iowa PBS, “and what we’re hearing from Iowans is in order to do that, they needed some sort of assurance that if they’re following the rules, they’re not going to be hit with lawsuit after lawsuit.”Democrats like Senator Nate Boulton of Des Moines say the move is a slap at essential workers, especially those who work at packing plants.“I get as I walk into this chamber and I see I have colleagues that are wearing masks and some colleagues who aren’t wearing masks that there’s a difference in our opinions on how we respond to this, but separate from the opinions are the facts,” Boulton said during last night’s debate. “People are dying. They’re dying because they go to work in places that aren’t protecting them. Some are. Some aren’t.”Senator Dan Zumbach, a Republican from Ryan, said the state’s meatpacking industry needs liability protection because no matter what is done inside the plant, workers who fall ill could be contracting the virus from their family and social networks during off-work hours.“This is about ensuring that those folks have a place to work long term, ensuring the people who bring the animals into the plants have a place to bring them to,” Zumbach said las tonight. “This is way bigger than just the workers, than just the employees. It’s about all of Iowa.”Senator Jackie Smith, a Democrat from Sioux City, said due to the presence of meatpacking plants in her area, residents fearfully watched as COVID-19 outbreaks were reported at packing plants to the east, then weeks later Woodbury County became a hot spot.“Those brown and black workers, Asian workers — people that don’t speak our language, they need us to protect them and if we don’t do it, I don’t see the company voluntarily doing it either,” Smith said last night. “If there is one issue that gets me hot, this is it.”The Senate voted on the bill shortly before midnight. The bill won approval in the Iowa House late last Friday night and the governor is expected to sign it into law.last_img read more