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Interview: Jake Leeper

first_imgMost students don’t seem to care about OUSU why should they?The student union should be there to support students, it should be providing information for them whether it’s academic problems or a welfare issue, it should be there. I think that when students feel that their student union isn’t doing anything for them, too often these are the issues being focused on but we can look at other ways that OUSU can have a positive influence on students’ life, whether that’s saving them money or engagins students that just aren’t interested in the political side of it, that;s one way to move forward as well.How can OUSU go about involving more of the student body?This has been one of the areas that students have been most frustrated with with OUSU, that they feel like they have no role in it, they don’t get to say how it’s being directed or have the sort of influence that they should have and we really want to make a focus on it being a student-led organisation and I think this means that when OUSU goes to common rooms, it shouldn’t just be telling you what OUSU does, it should be asking you what you want OUSU to do. There should be forums of discussion, you can talk about the issues that are affecting you whether in your common room or in your community as a whole. We should follow up with things like annual surveys to get some feedback on the services that OUSU is providing for its students and use that to build a student union around the issues and areas that students want to focus on.How would you propose to carry out those forums of discussion?I think this is an area where we need to engage with the whole of the OUSU executive and not just rely on sabbatical officers. Between us there are over 20 individuals and with 30 common rooms its quite easy to make sure everyone is getting a common room visit. We’re there making sure there is a period of discussion, making sure that before we come to the common rooms are aware that they have an opportunity just to talk about the issue. Sometimes OUSU has already got an answer but is something where I would hope it bring up new areas for OUSU to pursue as well and really focus on the issues that are important to them. Every common room has its own issues and areas that it wants to focus on or its own particular problems, having discussions like this will hopefully pick up areas that haven’t been found before but also build links between different common rooms so they can work together on shared issues. You mentioned that you think that Stefan hasn’t used the mailing list effectively enough this year, what would you do that Stefan Baskerville hasn’t done, are there any mistakes that he’s made or anything you disagree with that you would change?I think an area, this is just from personal experience, is the Fresher’s Fair which I organised this year and worked with Stefan on that. I found it really frustrating as we were going through the summer trying to actually get definitive numbers on what the pricing was going to be for students to go to the Fresher’s Fair this year, it was something I had to push both him and other members of the OUSU team on. Saying, if I’m going to contact common room officers and contact presidents and different staff members to actually tell them what the price is, it’s really infuriating when you don’t have that number. I’m pleased that it came down. My own view is that I think it’s a core service and we shouldn’t be charging for students anyway. It was useful to get the move between charging for all the commercial activities as well, the commercial marquee is now supposed to cover itself. Unfortunately, Stefan then didn’t go through and look at the itemised costs, we never sat down and we never discussed every single cost that I could associate with it, so there were still areas that I felt where some of the cost should have been transferred to the commercial side. One example would be the laptops that are used to collect names to go on to the OSSL mailing list, so it’s not a direct service, not part of the core aspect of OUSU it’s part of the OSSL side and the extra side and that cost didn’t get transferred across in the price. Because there was a slight communiciation problem there. I know that the summer is a very busy time but a very short conversation and it would have gone thorugh and it would have solved that and would have helped again reduce the price of tickets for students, lower to where I believe it should be. I think if we can move towards that system it means we can have more positive debates about whether colleges want to disaffiliate or not, cos they can disaffiliate on services that OUSU are providing above and beyond the core services. I mean everyone expects that they should be provided, as soon as we can have a debate on those issues then we can be a bit more critical or a bit more positive on the areas that OUSU is either doing well or doing poorly on. As for, increasing extra funding, it’s a very tricky area I know that the new staffing structure is a positive move, I think having a full time business manager will help increase revenue there. Again, from the fresher’s fair you can see the difference between having someone who is roped in for a few months and someone who has been there for a while. You can see this when we’ve got companies already negotiating for contracts both for next year and contracts to last for five years so I think the sort of stability that we can offer to organisations there is useful. I think that an area of funding which is shockingly undervalued is the website and again this is because no one wants to use it at the moment, but if the website was redesigned and became this central, focal point for information where students could find out different issues that their student union are interested in, info about clubs and societies, a calendar of events and things that are going on in and around Oxford, you start increasing the students that are visiting that website and then it’s turnover potential increases as well and then you can start doing advertising offers where you can do a premium rate for the first few weeks of Michaelmas, a premium rate in the run up to Christmas and Valentine’s and target it to specific organisations who might want toadvertise at those times of year and then hopefully that will generate more revenue too. Cherwell reported last week that OUSU has made one of the biggest losses ever in the last year, how do you propose to increase the efficiency of OUSU funding?Yeh, I think this is a massive problem and one that has obviously been going on for a couple of years and is probably going to take a couple of yearsto solve. I’m really pleased with the sabbatical team’s progress on this and that right at the start of the year they probably expected that this sort of problem had been solved by last year’s administration. But they’ve brought it up, flagged it up, they’ve paid back bad debts which have been carried on for years and are actually getting to the point where the student union is actually recognising the financial situation that it’s in. I think that’s actually the first step. Moving on from that, I think that the ideas behind he proposal that was put forward last year are very strong and I would want to emphasise moving towards a system where core services are covered by colleges. I don’t think that any student should be affected on a welfare basis or have access to welfare, academics or sport depending on the college that they go to. Only four people turned up to the hust at Exeter last night, do you think OUSU has a problem with advertising and how do you propose to improve that?I think it’s quite clear that OUSU has a huge problem with advertising what it’s doing for students, when it’s holding meetings and how students can be engaged. There are quite varied levels at which you can work with OUSU or have some sort of role, from engaging with your common room executive and then going to OUSU meetings, to running for positions in elections or working on the behind scenes things like the website. I want to make a real focus on making sure that OUSU is there for its common room officers but also there for general students and helping students that have got other areas of interest. Lewis campaigned on introducing a CSV and then held a committee, mainly made up of JCR Presidents. I would want to make sure that we have students who want to do consultancy work or something like that so that we can then use their skills to develop a business plan or some sort of document so that they develop an area that they want to work in and OUSU gets something from it which is useful.David Barclay mentioned that he would like to use the student media more to publicise OUSU. Is that something you would look at or would you choose other routes?I think, in particular, in the last couple of weeks we have seen how the student media plays a really important role in holding OUSU to account. I think when you say that only four people went to a meeting for a hust, it shows there’s not a lot of student engagement there and I think that they’re relying on newspapers a lot to make sure they’re questioning OUSU, making sure they’ve got proper financial transparency and are printing the numbers that it should be and not running at a deficit which it is. So student media plays a critical role there but I would want to make sure they keep their independence. I would focus on information that could go out through the presidential email list, something that McClusky used very well, was underused last year and I don’t think has been used very effectively by Stefan this year. This doesn’t mean just spamming students with endless amounts of information, it means providing them with clear headers about what’s going into the email and where they can find more information. I think then that’s also starting to look to the website as well, for students who want to go and find out a little bit more you can put the bulk of the content up there and then you use the links through so its doesn’t feel like you’re getting a 1600-word email from Stefan every week.center_img What do you think of the student funding review that was launched on Monday and if you were to become president what would your position be on increasing university fees?I think this is a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with NUS and really see what Oxford students voices are on this. I was disappointed last year with the way that the motion about whether we go for a graduate tax or tuition fees was brought about I thought htat it was a very poorly-worded motion and it made discussions difficult in common rooms. I think there are a lot of students who probably aren’t aware that OUSU does have a policy in supporting graduate tax. I happen to think that the graduate tax is the best way forward, as soon as you have a tuition fee based system we’re already seeing at this round of negotiations that aas soon as you set it up one level the next step is always to increase it again, and then increase it again year on year, it’s never going to decrease.I think that if you have a graduate tax it’s the most fair system, it makes it easier to make sure that students aren’t inhibited when they’re applying and I think that’s the real area of the funding application that we can be working on, making sure that it’s used as a positive way to look at the way that bursaries are funded that scholarships are provided both for undergrads and grads. I don’t think that the way that the tuition system was brought in before, tuition fees, that it was done in a very clear manner. A lot of students still don’t know when they’re applying for bursaries what they can expect to get, that can create problems when you see that you have 3000 to pay now but then you have a loan coming in, but then a separate maintenance loan, then a grant and maybe something from your college or common room. If we talk about the difficulties that students are having with the current system then use that voice with NUS to hopefully communicate that ata national level to make sure we have a funding system that current students would have wanted to have so that students who come in the future can benefit from it. Who’s your role model for the position of president?It’s a fun question. I imagine it would probably be quite a similar answer on this, but it would have to be Martin McCluskky, he was seen by amny as being a very good OUSU President. I liked a lot fo the little things that Martin did, I mentioned before that he used the email system quite well, I felt when I was here that I was informed by OUSU and not spammed by OUSU because of him. He also did impressive things like when he came into a common room meeting, he came in and said right everyone get your mobile phones out and we did and he read out a number and he told us this was the safety bus number and he explained the system for that. I think that’s a fantastic way – he was very big on contact time and he recognised that talking to students was the most productive thing. Just putting up posters and a publicity campaing like that will only ever do so much but when see so many posters for plays or conferences or htinkgs like that around Oxford it doesn’t actually help. I think that when you can actually ask someone what the safety bus is or target schools, until you actually have a conversation about what target schools is it’s not necessarily clear that it’s an access scheme in Oxford for students to go back to their schools before and I think that he did that very well andit’s something I hope to emulate.What evidence is there that the future of OUSU is going to be different from the past?I think that the hard work of the sabbatical team right now, like I mentioned before, the fact that they’ve recognised the depth of the financial problems that OUSU’s in and are working towards that. It’ll be interesting to see the way they go about moving on from this. My own position is that you really have to work with bilateral relationships with common rooms on this area, to make sure that OUSU is financially secure and while it’s tyring to propose a new funding model you’ve got to make sure that that funding model has been discussed between each common room and their staff members so that you don’t get to a situation where you have a committee meeting with colleges and you put a paper in front of them which they’ve never read before and they’ve never had any input on. I think that’s the only kind of real way that OUSU can move forward, it means that common rooms can really hold OUSU to accountable and says if you want something from us you’ve got to make sure you’re providing the services that you said you would and hopefully that will create a positive bond there to move the institution forward. What makes you a better candidate for president than David Barclay?Again, good question. I think that this comes down to experience for me. David has spent a year as JCR President, obviously an excellent position. Myself, I’ve spent two years on my JCR executive, I was first welfare officer, I’ve then been VP. The VPs position at LMH is a lot higher that some others have been, I sat on governing body, I sit on buildings committee, I’ve negotiated accommodation rebates for students affected by building works,helped see the transition between two common rooms presidents as well , we’ve had overlapping policies that we’ve worked on, like producing an academic feedback system that supported students by showing them regardless of whether you’re on report or whether you thihnk you’re going on report the levels of support that you could have at any one time then the way that you can then move back up through the system as well once you’re on report. I think that then combined with my experience at the Oxford Hub which is the focal point for charitable activities at Oxford and is an organisation which is now only in its third year but has already shown a dramatic impact in really raising the profile of charitable activities in Oxford. My experience of managing a budget of 60,000, four staff members, we have 4500 members and we’ve organised national conferences that have been very high profile and had international speakers come to them. But, I think at the heart is still the Oxford Hub’s goal to connect students with causes and the way that we do that in the most primary way is supporting other charities, so it’s very much like a second tier organisation and when you’ve got groups like Amnesty or community volunteering projects in elderly centres or helping run projects for children reading after school, it’s a really diverse range and we’ve shown the way that we can work with different groups and actually provide a relevant service and help them achieve the things that they want to achieve as a second tier organisation.I see that’s very similar to the way OUSU needs to work, it should be there to support common rooms and working on the issues that they want to work on. When you’ve got someone who’s been elected as a rep or an officer or a president OUSU should be talking to them to find out the issues that they were elected on and working on them and helping them achieve the things that they want to achieve and that’s a very relevant way that OUSU can say that they’ve helped students or they’ve done something for you because they’ve done something that’s more personal, you’ve votted that person into a position and then the student union’s helped them to achieve the things which you were hoping they would do in their time in office.last_img read more


first_imgI think most serious mountain bikers have an old separated shoulder injury. It’s that wreck where you crash sideways, or even over the handlebars attempting the tuck and roll, when the clips are a little slow in unclipping, and the deltoids are the first to take the hit.Then again, sometimes the arm is outstretched and then wrenched backward in a very unnatural way as the body’s momentum continues forward.I don’t even remember the exact wreck in which my shoulder was initially wrenched. It was probably in those first formative years of riding Pisgah where I crashed just about every time I rode. There were so many “endos” it’s hard to distinguish between them.The separated shoulder is kind of gross, the way I can feel it jostling about as I run up and down the stairs. It was actually gymnastics class that put it over the edge this last time. I spent a week “fixing” the flare-up. Generally it gets a little tweaked when I’m not careful, but rest, hot packs and working deep into trigger points, followed by yoga can relieve it all. It felt better after a week of me digging into it with a massage cane and getting three massages.In fact, it felt so good that I hit Dupont for another 25-miler. Mistake. The throbbing slowly returned after the technical climbing where I was constantly yanking the handlebars up. Even the slow steady climbs must have been keeping my shoulder joint as open as possible. By the last two miles of fire road all I could do was fold my arm close into my belly and ride with one hand. I stayed off of the bike the rest of the week, running instead, each time wishing that I were wearing a sling. Instead I kept my hand in my jacket pocket so I wouldn‘t have to feel all of the bouncing. At least the cold air was good for the swelling?I taped it with Kinesiotape, which is an excellent way to pretend you have ligaments. I taped across wherever I wished they were, imagining my humerus being truly attached to my collar bone the way it’s supposed to be like a well-behaved rotator cuff.I believe it’s going to be yoga that saves me and my ability to ride. Yoga classes have brought my attention to every one of my injuries – old and new. Injuries that I thought had been long gone reared their ugly heads as I struggled to twist my body into crazy poses that seemed effortless to the non-athletes as well as yogis. It helped me realize what needed strengthening, where I was lacking balance, and what needed to be more flexible.It helped me so much over the last five years that I’ve decided to go to yoga teacher training. I look forward to the meditation behind it and hope that it teaches me how to balance my spirit as well as learn more about how heal myself. I can’t wait to help you, too.last_img read more

Your members are moving: Address change considerations

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr This is placeholder text continue reading » In honor of my husband and I finally closing on our home, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite activity: moving! First, you have to find a place to live that meets all your criteria, which may take weeks. Second, you have to box up everything you own, take apart all your furniture, and rent a truck to transport your items to the new house. Third, you have to unpack, figure out where everything belongs in the new house, and then buy new everything because your old stuff doesn’t match the aesthetic of your new home. Finally, the last and most difficult step is updating your address with every service, company, and website you use- including your credit union.Section 7 of Article XVI of NCUA model bylaws states that “members must keep the credit union informed of their current mailing address.” But what does the credit union need to consider when they receive notice of a change of address from a member? This blog addresses some considerations the credit union may want to review prior to updating a member’s address information.Identity TheftNCUA has issued guidance on identity theft and pretext calling in Letter to Credit Unions 01-CU-09, which includes steps credit unions should take to prevent fraud when processing address changes. This guidance indicates that credit unions should verify information prior to processing an address change, and send a confirmation of the address change to the member.center_img This post is currently collecting data…last_img read more

Maine-Endwell seniors acquire cap and gowns by drive-thru

first_imgFinally at the fourth station was a Maine-Endwell backdrop, here students could exit their cars and take a picture in their cap and gowns. At the third stations students had the opportunity to decorate a tile, these tiles will be used in an outside project to memorialize the class of 2020. The high school had a drive through set up that consisted of four stations. The first stop was a car decorating station, staffers of Maine-Endwell painted “Congrats Grad!” on students’ cars. The class of 2020 consists of 187 graduating seniors at Maine-Endwell High School. ENDWELL (WBNG) — Maine-Endwell class of 2020 seniors had a chance to get their caps and gowns on Tuesday. The next station was where they could pick up their caps and gowns and anything they may have ordered from Jostens, they also got their M-E senior T-shirts. “I just want to say that the students have been great and you dont realize how much we really miss our seniors until we see them face to face in person and its just so exciting, you can see the excitement between our volunteers and staff members as they get to interact with them.” said Burkhardt. Principal Tom Burkhardt says the drive-thru event was “fantastic.”last_img read more

Microsoft revenue up as remote work feeds cloud demand, boosts Teams

first_imgMicrosoft reported quarterly revenue above Wall Street estimates on Wednesday, boosted by higher demand for its cloud platform Azure and collaboration app Teams, and as people locked in their homes due to the pandemic played more games on Xbox consoles.The company’s shares, which rose over 12 percent this year, were up about 5 percent in extended trading.Microsoft said Windows benefited from increased demand to support remote work and learning scenarios, offset in part by supply chain constraints in China that improved late in the third quarter. Microsoft said on Wednesday that supply chain constraints due to the coronavirus pandemic had delayed some of its spending to build Azure data centers.Revenue was also helped by demand for the company’s cloud services. However growth in Azure slowed to 59 percent in the reported quarter, compared to a growth of 62 percent in the second quarter.Microsoft said revenue for its “commercial cloud”, a combination of Azure and the cloud-based versions of software such as Office, rose 39 percent to $13.3 billion.The business’ gross profit margin, a key measure of cloud profitability that Microsoft has told investors it expects to improve, was 67 percent versus 63 percent last year. Microsoft also said capital expenditure was $3.9 billion, up from $3.4 billion a year earlier and lower than the $4.5 billion the previous quarter as the company spends on data centers to support Azure.The coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent shift to work from home has boosted user engagement on Microsoft’s Teams app that saw video calls rocketing 1,000 percent in the month of March.Teams, which competes with Zoom Video Communications’s video conferencing app and Slack Technologies, has benefited from these measures in many countries, hitting 44 million users last month.Microsoft said revenue in its Intelligent Cloud segment, that includes Azure, rose 27 percent to $12.28 billion, beating analysts’ estimates of $11.87 billion, according to IBES data from Refinitiv.The tech giant’s revenue rose 15% to $35.02 billion in the third quarter ending March 31, beating estimates of $33.66 billion.Net income rose to $10.75 billion, or $1.40 per share, from $8.81 billion, or $1.14 per share, a year earlier.Topics :last_img read more

Update on the latest sports

first_imgUpdate on the latest sports May 1, 2020 — Major League Soccer is allowing players to return to outdoor team training fields for voluntary individual workouts starting next Wednesday. MLS suspended the season because of the coronavirus pandemic on March 12, closing all team facilities but asking players to remain in market with their teams. The league-wide moratorium on group and team training remains in effect through May 15. MLS says individual workouts must follow certain detailed health and safety protocols.— Three people at German soccer club Cologne have tested positive for the coronavirus in the latest blow to the league’s hopes of resuming games this month. Cologne didn’t name the people who tested positive and didn’t say whether they were players. Tests have been carried out this week on players, coaches and other staff at various clubs ahead of a planned return to full team training, then to competition.— Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque (zhorj luh-RAHK’) has tested positive for COVID-19. Laraque played 12 NHL seasons, including eight with the Edmonton Oilers and two with the Montreal Canadiens. He also suited up for the Phoenix Coyotes and Pittsburgh Penguins.— The European Masters golf tournament scheduled for late August in Switzerland has been canceled. Organizers say the decision came after the Swiss government extended a ban on gatherings of more than 1,000 people through August. However, organizers say the course at Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club will open to the public on May 11 as part of the easing of social restrictions.NFL-NEWS The Canadian-born Eversley becomes the Bulls’ first black general manager.COLLEGE BASKETBALL-NEWSNC State recruit to stay in NBA draftUNDATED (AP) — North Carolina State signee Josh Hall is staying in the NBA draft, announcing that he has hired an agent.Hall played at Moravian Prep in North Carolina for his senior season as well as an additional year of prep school. Prep players are eligible for the draft if they’re at least 19 years old during the calendar year of the draft and at least one NBA season has passed since their graduating class from high school. — A person familiar with the matter tells The Associated Press the Broncos have declined the fifth-year contract option on left tackle Garett Bolles. A fifth-year option for Bolles would have been worth about $11 million, guaranteed against injury. He has logged 46 holding penalties in 48 NFL games to earn the wrath of Denver fans.MLB-INDIANS-CLASE-DRUG SUSPENSIONIndians reliever Clase suspended 80 games for PED violationCLEVELAND (AP) — Cleveland Indians reliever Emmanuel Clase (klah-say) has been suspended 80 games by Major League Baseball for testing positive for a banned performance-enhancing drug.Clase was acquired from the Texas Rangers this winter in Cleveland’s trade of two-time Cy Young winner Corey Kluber. The hard-throwing right-hander was expected to have a major role at the back end of the Indians’ bullpen this season. Hall is a top-25 recruit for Rivals and a top-35 pick for 247sports.In other college basketball news:— Former tournament champion Notre Dame and Oregon headline the 2021 Maui Invitational field. The bracket was announced Friday and includes Butler, Houston, Saint Mary’s, Wisconsin, Texas A&M and host Chaminade. North Carolina, Indiana and Texas headline the 2020 Maui Invitational, scheduled for Nov. 23-25.DOPING-STEVENSAmerican sprinter Deajah Stevens suspended in doping case MONACO (AP) — American sprinter Deajah Stevens has been provisionally suspended for repeatedly being unavailable for doping tests.The Athletics Integrity Unit said Stevens amassed three whereabouts violations in a year.The AIU said similar suspensions were imposed on American sprinter Gabrielle Thomas and Kenyan distance runner Alex Korio Oliotiptip. It didn’t specify when or where the violations occurred.Athletes are required to provide regular updates on their whereabouts to make it possible for anti-doping authorities to carry out surprise testing outside of competition.,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 Clase was 2-3 with a 2.31 ERA in 21 games after making his debut with the Rangers in August.NBA-BULLS-EVERSLEYBills unveil EversleyCHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago Bulls have introduced new general manager Marc Eversley at a news conference Friday.Eversley agreed to take the job earlier in the week. He succeeds the fired Gar Forman and will work under new top executive Arturas Karnisovas. Eversley spent four years in Philadelphia’s front office — the past two as the 76ers’ senior vice president of player personnel. NFL owners to meet via video conferencesUNDATED (AP) — The NFL has switched its mid-May owners meeting to remote video conferencing because of the coronavirus pandemic.The league previously canceled its annual meeting in March in Florida, where owners would have voted on potential rules changes. Those votes were expected to occur at the California meeting in two weeks. Among the rules to be discussed is allowing pass interference to be part of the video review system. That rule was adopted for one year and has gotten poor reviews from coaches and players.The NFL continues to plan for a preseason and regular season as scheduled.In other NFL news: A federal court judge in California has dismissed the team’s claim of unequal pay in a lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation. However, U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner has ruled that claims of unequal travel and medical staff can go to trial.Players claim they have not been paid equally under their collective bargaining agreement to what the men’s national team receives under its labor deal. The women’s team filed suit in March 2019, asking for more than $66 million in damages under the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Klausner left intact claims the USSF discriminated in its use of charter flights, hotel accommodations, medical support services and training support services.A trial is scheduled for June 16 in federal court in Los Angeles.VIRUS OUTBREAK-SPORTS In other news related to the coronavirus pandemic:— The Oakland Athletics say former minor leaguer Miguel Marte died this week of complications from COVID-19. Marte was 30. The Dominican-born first baseman, catcher and right fielder played in the Oakland farm system from 2008-12, going as far as Class A.— Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller says he has tested negative for the coronavirus, two weeks after he said he had tested positive for COVID-19. The Super Bowl 50 MVP is an asthmatic and was under the care of team doctors and quarantined at his Denver area home over the last two weeks.— Indianapolis Motor Speedway could host the first major sporting venue to have fans back in the stands this summer. Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has announced a five-stage plan to reopen the state with the final phase tentatively scheduled to include a return to sporting venues on July 4. That’s the very day an IndyCar-NASCAR Xfinity Series doubleheader is scheduled to be run on the sprawling track.— The NBA has announced the postponement of its upcoming draft lottery and draft combine amid concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. Both events were scheduled to take place in Chicago this month. The NBA said it will provide more information on each event at a later date as the league continues to monitor the pandemic and consult with infectious disease specialists, public health experts and government officials. — The Jaguars have declined to pick up the fifth-year option in running back Leonard Fournette’s rookie contract. The decision was not surprising after the team tried to deal Fournette over the last month. The former LSU star is coming off a career year. He topped 1,600 yards from scrimmage in 15 games last season, carrying 265 times for 1,152 yards and catching 76 passes for 522 yards.— The Bears have signed veteran safety Tashaun Gipson to a one-year contract, three days after he was released by Houston. Gipson has intercepted 23 passes and returned three for touchdowns over eight seasons with Cleveland, Jacksonville and Houston. The 29-year-old Gipson had 55 tackles and three interceptions in his lone season with the Texans, starting 14 games before landing on injured reserve because of a back injury.— Backup quarterback Nick Mullens has signed his exclusive rights tender with the 49ers. He was tendered a one-year deal in March. Mullens showed promise in place of injured QB Jimmy Garoppolo in 2018 and is eligible to become a restricted free agent next offseason.— The Packers have signed well-traveled defensive lineman Treyvon Hester, who is joining his fourth time in as many seasons since being taking in the 2017 draft. Green Bay’s only draft addition on the defensive line last week was the seventh-round selection of Miami end Jonathan Garvin.— The Dolphins have traded former first-round draft pick Charles Harris to the Falcons for a seventh-round pick in next year’s draft. Harris was the 22nd player taken in the 2017 draft before recording just 3 ½ sacks for Miami, including a half-sack last year. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditSOCCER-US WOMEN’S TEAM LAWSUITJudge strikes down part of USNWT suitUNDATED (AP) — The US women’s soccer team has suffered a partial loss in court. Associated Press AP sources: MLB, umpires reach pay dealUNDATED (AP) — Major League Baseball and its umpires have worked out a salary restructure in a deal that could put instant replay on hold this season.Two people familiar with the agreement tell the Associated Press that the agreement includes a 50% cut in May and nothing more this year if no games are played. The deal covers a pay structure during a coronavirus pandemic that has delayed the start of the season.Umps generally make between $150,000 and $450,000. They already have been paid from January through April. If even one regular-season game is played this season, the umps are guaranteed about one-third of their salaries.As part of the deal, MLB has the right not to use instant replays of umpires’ decisions during the 2020 season. Most calls have been subject to video review since 2014, but MLB is considering playing regular-season games at spring training ballparks that are not wired for replay.last_img read more

Anthony Joshua says ‘home calling’, likely to fight next at Tottenham’s new stadium

first_imgLast Updated: 9th December, 2019 17:49 IST Anthony Joshua Says ‘home Calling’, Likely To Fight Next At Tottenham’s New Stadium Anthony Joshua is set for a match in London to defend his heavyweight title against Andy Ruiz Jr, with the match likely to be fought at Tottenham’s new stadium. British professional boxer Anthony Joshua is all set for a match in London to begin his second stint as the World Heavyweight champion with reports suggesting that his next fight likely to be conducted at Premier League team Tottenham’s newly built stadium. Joshua won back his WBA, WBO and IBF titles on December 8 by beating Andy Ruiz Jr. in a match held in Saudi Arabia.’Home calling’According to reports, the professional boxer wants to defend his World Heavy champion title in front of the home crowd. Joshua said that London is the place where he will fight in his next match. He was born outside in the town of Watford. He said that Britishers have a huge role in his boxing career, adding that there was no question of him losing a match at home.Joshua has boxed twice at the 90,000 capacity Wembley stadium where he beat Alexander Povetkin and Wladimir Klitschko. However, Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn said that Wembley will not be an ideal choice for his client’s next fight as the dates did not work out in his favour.Read: Conor McGregor Mocked By Sugar Ray Leonard For His Boxing Skills; Watch VideoAccording to reports, Hearn has decided to conduct the match at Tottenham’s newly built stadium that has a capacity to accommodate 60,000 people. He said people are aware of what he has accomplished and there are a lot of other options in different countries but his client had set his sight on boxing in the United Kingdom. Hearn also said that they had spoken to the officials at Tottenham about hosting the fight against Andy Ruiz, adding that the club was keen on hosting the fight at their new stadium.Read: Indian Boxing League: Gujarat Giants Tame NE Rhinos In Close Contest For Second Win‘Clash on the Dunes’Anthony Joshua shut down all his critics by defeating Andy Ruiz Jr in their much-awaited re-match at ‘Clash on the Dunes’ on December 8. The British heavyweight came up strong from the initial rounds and no wonder, he successfully avenged his first and the only loss of his boxing career at the hands of Ruiz in the month of June.A major portion of the boxing community claimed that Anthony Joshua stands nohere in front of Andy Ruiz Jr but the Briton proved them wrong by regaining his WBA (super), WBO, IBF, IBA heavyweight titles.Joshua is a 2X World Champion now and it is set to bring up a million-dollar question in the mind of his future opponents. FOLLOW US Read: Boxing: Dillian Whyte Talks About Offering Deontay Wilder $50 Million+ Dollars For A FightRead: Anthony Joshua Believes Harry Kane Will Thrash Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang In Boxing(With inputs from agencies) Ruchit Rastogi Written By SUBSCRIBE TO US COMMENT WATCH US LIVE LIVE TV First Published: 9th December, 2019 17:49 ISTlast_img read more

LIVE: George Floyd Memorial Service

first_imgBlack man dies after encounter with Minneapolis police “I can’t breathe” The first in a series of memorial services honoring George Floyd is scheduled to begin at about 2 p.m. ET on Thursday.Friends, family, guests gather in North Central University in Minneapolis to honor him.Reverend Al Sharpton will deliver a eulogy at the service, while civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who is representing the Floyd family, will deliver a “National Statement” for loved ones.last_img