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first_imgI think most serious mountain bikers have an old separated shoulder injury. It’s that wreck where you crash sideways, or even over the handlebars attempting the tuck and roll, when the clips are a little slow in unclipping, and the deltoids are the first to take the hit.Then again, sometimes the arm is outstretched and then wrenched backward in a very unnatural way as the body’s momentum continues forward.I don’t even remember the exact wreck in which my shoulder was initially wrenched. It was probably in those first formative years of riding Pisgah where I crashed just about every time I rode. There were so many “endos” it’s hard to distinguish between them.The separated shoulder is kind of gross, the way I can feel it jostling about as I run up and down the stairs. It was actually gymnastics class that put it over the edge this last time. I spent a week “fixing” the flare-up. Generally it gets a little tweaked when I’m not careful, but rest, hot packs and working deep into trigger points, followed by yoga can relieve it all. It felt better after a week of me digging into it with a massage cane and getting three massages.In fact, it felt so good that I hit Dupont for another 25-miler. Mistake. The throbbing slowly returned after the technical climbing where I was constantly yanking the handlebars up. Even the slow steady climbs must have been keeping my shoulder joint as open as possible. By the last two miles of fire road all I could do was fold my arm close into my belly and ride with one hand. I stayed off of the bike the rest of the week, running instead, each time wishing that I were wearing a sling. Instead I kept my hand in my jacket pocket so I wouldn‘t have to feel all of the bouncing. At least the cold air was good for the swelling?I taped it with Kinesiotape, which is an excellent way to pretend you have ligaments. I taped across wherever I wished they were, imagining my humerus being truly attached to my collar bone the way it’s supposed to be like a well-behaved rotator cuff.I believe it’s going to be yoga that saves me and my ability to ride. Yoga classes have brought my attention to every one of my injuries – old and new. Injuries that I thought had been long gone reared their ugly heads as I struggled to twist my body into crazy poses that seemed effortless to the non-athletes as well as yogis. It helped me realize what needed strengthening, where I was lacking balance, and what needed to be more flexible.It helped me so much over the last five years that I’ve decided to go to yoga teacher training. I look forward to the meditation behind it and hope that it teaches me how to balance my spirit as well as learn more about how heal myself. I can’t wait to help you, too.last_img read more

£2bn DC scheme selects ESG strategies for default option

first_imgDavid Bird, head of proposition development for LifeSight, said the shift had been “in our thinking for some time”.“The construction of these two vehicles has enabled us to confidently make this substantial change to the default fund’s asset allocation, and keep LifeSight’s investment approach ahead of the curve and still offering great value for members,” he said.“The DC investment world faces a range of challenges. Adding ESG’s risk profile to our investment mix supports the growing member and employer appetite for sustainable investment, while maintaining the returns they need for retirement. “ESG factors have increasingly been on the investment agenda for DC trustees, so they need to be thinking about where it fits into their scheme’s glidepath, assessing member demand and developing the right strategies to deliver for them.”Willis Towers Watson claimed that LifeSight was the “first master trust of its kind” to have made ESG-related investments a “major” part of the default option for members, although NEST last year allocated money from its default option to a “climate aware” fund run by UBS Asset Management.NEST also applied an ethical screen to its commodity fund, launched earlier this year.HSBC’s UK DC scheme – a single-employer fund rather than a master trust – adopted an ESG fund for its default in 2016.Earlier this month, Schroders launched a sustainable equity factor-based fund targeting the UK DC sector. One of the UK’s biggest defined contribution (DC) master trusts is to migrate part of its default investment option to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) focused strategies by the end of the year.The £2bn (€2.3bn) LifeSight scheme, run by Willis Towers Watson, will reallocate roughly half of its equity holdings in its default fund to track the MSCI Adaptive Capped ESG Universal index and the Robeco Global Sustainable Multi-Factor Equities index.The MSCI benchmark was developed by Willis Towers Watson and MSCI. The consulting giant said this index “spreads capital and risk more evenly between stocks compared to a traditional index strategy”, while backing companies with strong or improving ESG scores in developed and emerging markets.The Robeco strategy was systematic and based on an assessment of the valuation, quality, momentum and volatility of stocks as well as their ESG attributes.last_img read more