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The impact of coronavirus on Croatian tourism

first_imgBearing in mind that population mobility, in which tourist movements play a special role, is the main cause of the rapid spread of coronavirus in the world and especially in Europe, the question arises as to what will happen to Croatian tourism in the near future, Klarić said in his introduction. It should also be borne in mind that the coronavirus pandemic caused large shocks, a crisis in health systems and a halt in economic activity due to the high number of deaths in many countries. This means that even if the movement resumes soon, many people will not be able to take tourist trips, and those who are afraid of the possible re-spread of the virus and the deterioration of their property will be primarily oriented to travel around their country or possibly the nearest neighborhood. Although more accurate forecasts are very ungrateful given the many unknowns related to the spread of coronavirus, it is certain that even with the contagion of the infection in the coming months, the number of tourists in Croatia will be drastically lower than in 2019 and many years before. Until an effective vaccine is found, which according to current estimates will take at least half a year, or the virus will disappear completely, which is not likely according to current knowledge, significant growth in tourism cannot be expected, Klarić emphasizes. The third group includes countries that are least affected by the coronavirus and in which the infection is mostly contained, so most protective measures have begun to be lifted. This mostly applies to China, and to a lesser extent to South Korea and Japan. Although these markets could recover faster due to the epidemiological situation, these are remote air destinations that make up only about 2% of Croatian foreign demand. It is also realistic that restrictions on the arrival of tourists from these countries to the European Union or individual European countries could remain in force. In this context, Croatia is on the one hand at a disadvantage due to low domestic demand, but on the other hand it has the advantage of being close to major European markets easily accessible by car. The fact that these markets could be opened for Croatian tourism, even in special epidemiological conditions, is confirmed by the expressions of interest in coming to Croatia from the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. However, caution is also needed here, given the announcements of some countries for a longer-term closure of borders and a possible deterioration of the epidemiological situation. However, considering that these are the countries to which our sea is closest and most accessible, there are also the most realistic chances for the renewal of tourist movements. The first are the countries most affected by the coronavirus, which primarily refers to Italy as one of our most important markets, and to France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. These markets for Croatian tourism in 2020 are almost certainly lost, because the consequences of coronavirus in these countries due to the large number of deaths and overstrain of health systems were devastating not only economically but also psychologically. The second group are countries moderately affected by coronavirus, in which the health system is relatively well functioning and in which the percentage of deaths relative to the number of infected is relatively favorable. This primarily applies to our main markets Germany, Austria and Slovenia and the countries of the ‘Visegrad Group’ Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. center_img Although it is ungrateful to give more accurate forecasts due to too many unknowns, three groups of countries can be singled out with regard to the possible resumption of tourist trends: Attachment: “Spread of coronavirus in the world and Croatian tourism” – prof.dr.sc. Zoran Klarić, Scientific Adviser, Institute of Tourism Since domestic tourists make less than 8 percent of total overnight stays, a stronger focus on demand within Croatia can only partially help the recovery of our tourism, says Klarić, adding that therefore, under the condition of cessation of infection or at least significant easing of restrictions on movement across national borders. primarily focus on our traditional markets in the immediate environment. A particularly important role is played by guests who come to Croatia several times, boaters and owners of accommodation facilities in Croatia, who, given the relatively low exposure to epidemiological threats, could first decide to come to our country again. If their vacation in our country passes without a new infection, it could have a great effect on the return of Croatia and its tourism to the world tourist scene, concludes Klarić. Be sure to read the entire professional paper in the attachment. He wrote a new professional paper on the spread of coronavirus in the world and its impact on Croatian tourism prof.dr.sc. Zoran Klarić from the Institute of Tourism.last_img read more