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Mobile App Store Pocketgear Rebrands as Appia, Goes White Label

first_imgPocketgear, a major name in mobile application stores, has today announced a rebranding and shift in focus. It will now become Appia, a company focused on offering a white label app store platform for mobile operators, handset manufacturers and other mobile portals.Already, Appia powers the app stores for over 40 industry partners, including 4 of the 5 top handset makers, one being the Samsung Widget Store, as well as stores for U.S. mobile carriers T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and AT&T. In total, Appia serves apps through its platform to over 3,200 mobile devices.For Developers: Access to Global Distribution ChannelsAppia’s developer community, which grew out of its Pocketgear days, now totals over 32, 000. The developers are heavily Android-focused right now, we’re told, with approximately half their offerings being built for Google’s Android mobile operating system. The other half are Symbian, BlackBerry, Java, Palm or Windows Mobile/Phone focused.With the new white label offering, Appia wants to help developers expand their reach to global application distribution markets. Through the updated developer portal at dev.appia.com, app developers can submit their apps for inclusion in the app stores that Appia supports.In total, these stores see a combined 500,000+ downloads per day, and that number is expected to double by mid-2011, says Dov Cohn, Appia’s VP of Marketing. And Appia has relationships with more than 50 top channel partners in place, including, as mentioned above, several of the top carriers in the U.S., plus three of the top 10 mobile operators globally. For Brands, Carriers, OEM and Handset Manufacturers: White Label StoresFor those interested in building a branded app store experience of their own, Appia’s white label service now wants to be that one-stop shop for launching a managed app store for any platforms or devices a brand, carrier, OEM or handset maker has in mind.In addition to powering the stores for major carriers and handset manufacturers like Samsung, Appia says it now has two more deals in place with “major brands,” but can’t disclose what those are at this time. It also is working to expand its carrier partner relationships in Latin America and Europe. The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Tags:#apps#mobile#news Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementcenter_img sarah perez What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Related Posts Why this Matters: 75% of Mobile App Revenue Comes from “On-Deck” AppsAlthough you may think that application stores like iTunes, the Android Market and others are the only places where developers are earning revenue, that’s not actually the case. These “off-deck” stores – the ones that sell directly to consumers – only account for a fourth of the global mobile application revenues. “On deck,” or carrier-managed, app stores actually account for 75% of the global app revenues. This is according to MarketsandMarkets’ World Mobile Applications Market Global Forecast, released in August 2010.That balance is changing, though. The same report notes that the number of off-deck app stores is growing rapidly, thanks to lowered entry barriers and the establishment of new stores. By the end of 2015, the off-deck app stores will just surpass the number of downloads from on-deck stores. However, even then, the on-deck app stores will be an important channel to address, for developers and store operators alike.last_img read more

The Mood Board: Set the Tone for Your Next Short Film

first_imgWhile there are no set rules for what goes in a mood board, I’m going to show you a few things you can include to help convey your film’s vision.The pre-production phase of a project is extremely important. In my last tutorial, I went over how to create a pitch deck, which is essentially a sales presentation of a film idea. I use this document to entice cast and crew members to join my team.One of the most important elements of my pitch deck is the mood board. A mood board helps convey the look and tone of the film. The visual language of film is all about framing and composition. It’s an important aspect of the filmmaking process that you’ll want to spend some time thinking about during pre-production. Putting a few ideas down on a mood board will help when it comes time to work with a DP.For my project, I want to use a lot of reflection shots. This’ll include a reflection shot of a car window, and several reflections from a mirror in an apartment. I also want to experiment with only showing the face of my main protagonist. I will capture all of the secondary characters with over-the-shoulder shots and wide shots when their faces are concealed.LightingLighting is another aspect of filmmaking that’ll significantly affect the tone of your project. Since I’ll be shooting most of my scenes in a small Parisian apartment, I won’t have the luxury of having a lot of lights on stands. To solve this problem, I’ll block my scenes to harness the power of the natural light coming from window sources.Color PaletteColors can evoke emotions and symbolize important themes and elements of a character or location. They’re another important part of the visual language, so you should include them in a mood board.Color palettes can help when you’re collaborating with the art director, costume designer, and cinematographer. For my mood board, I’ve taken color samples around Paris, including the metro and several cafes, just to give me a good starting point. My film touches on the themes of jealousy and truth, so I’m using colors that represent those themes, including mixtures of blues and greens. By mixing the blues and greens, I’ve come up with a few turquoise color palettes that’ll work well.Similar ProjectsEven with all of the categories above in my mood board, people still struggle to visualize the project. Sometimes it’s easier to just reference another film that inspired the look or idea of your project. For example, the various themes I’m exploring are very similar to an episode of Black Mirror called “The Entire History of You.” This is a popular show available on Netflix, so it’s a safe bet to throw this reference in the mood board.Again, the categories of your mood board will vary depending on the vision you’re trying to communicate. To get started on your mood board, head over to Shutterstock.com for some visual inspiration.Interested in the songs we used to make this video?“Powder” by Lewis UnoLooking for more tutorials on filmmaking and video production? Check these out.Top Equipment Investments for Working FilmmakersEasy Compositing Effects for Creating Professional-Looking TitlesLearn How to Speak Filmmaking: Formatting the ScreenplayTips for Making High-Quality Small-Budget Video TutorialsHow to Export with Transparency from Adobe After Effects CharactersStories focus on characters, so I definitely want to include this in my mood board. This’ll help drive casting decisions and bring people into the world I want to create. I’ll also throw in a brief description of the character. I don’t need to be exhaustive here, as I have a lot of additional character information in the full pitch deck. This’ll serve as a teaser.LocationsI have scenes taking place in a handful of locations, including an apartment in Paris, the metro, several streets, and the exterior of a cafe. Adding images here can help give references to the look of each location, as well as ideas for set design and props.Wardrobe and PropsWardrobe and props are important on-screen elements. My protagonist is a journalist who works from home, only going out for the occasional interview or meeting. At home, he’ll be casual. When he goes out, he’ll wear a trench coat, jeans, and tennis shoes. He’ll carry a messenger bag that has a notepad and a small laptop.A mobile phone will also serve as a key prop for the film. In several scenes, he uses a map application, tracking his fiancée’s location via a blinking marker. He also has a mirror in his apartment, which will play a key role in the cinematography of the film.Visual EffectsThe blinking marker in the maps application will be a visual effect, so I want to include reference images from Google Maps. This’ll make the process much easier for my visual effects artist so they won’t have to waste time finding their own reference images from scratch.Framing/Compositionlast_img read more

London Olympics: Germany retain team eventing gold in equestrian

first_imgGermany retained the gold in the Olympic equestrian’s team eventing on Tuesday, with Britain beating New Zealand to silver in an exciting finale. Michael Jung and Sandra Auffarth went clear to cap a confident performance and secure victory with 133.70.A single-penalty round by Tina Cook was enough to take silver for the British with 138.20, ahead of New Zealand, which managed only 144.40.New Zealand’s Mark Todd, competing in his seventh Olympics, knocked a fence down and registered three time penalties to allow Cook the luxury of a penalty.Zara Phillips, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, and teammate Nicola Wilson both had fences down in their runs for Britain.last_img read more