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70 Percent of Americans Dont Like Their Jobs –The Reasons are Not

first_img LinkedIn Google+ By CBN In the most recent State of the American Workplace Report by Gallup, just 30 percent of employees are engaged and inspired at work. The other 70 percent are either not engaged or “actively disengaged” – meaning they are unhappy about work conditions and will even influence their co-workers negatively, drive away customers or express their displeasure openly.There are companies who have gotten on the trend of increasing office perks with improved staff amenities.However, experts have observed that in the long term, even with increased pay, workers are not necessary kept happy if there are underlying problems such as communication issues between management and the workforce.Bestselling author and management consultant and trainer Hellen Chen shares her views, “I see all the discussion pointing towards what company leaders can do to increase the job satisfaction level of their employees. But that still does not help an individual.”Having trained and worked with CEOs, managers and individuals in 3 continents, Chen found that the lack of non-job related skills is often the cause of conflicts and unhappiness in one’s career.“For example, you can be a doctor who has the license to practice medicine. But as you start working with patients, you find out your diploma has not equipped you with interaction skills which helps you get through your day with less stress upon dealing with different patients.” said Chen.Chen pointed out how our young generation was educated to think a diploma can pave the way to success and yet they have a rude awakening when they step into the workforce.“Communication skills, interaction skills and even having the discipline to take and finish unpleasant tasks are all ‘skills’ to be learned.” Chen added, “You can have your dream job. But you must first learn the skill of how to combine your interest and make a living at the same time. Those skills can and should be learned.”Chen also gave the analogy of marriage relations whom she had been most known as an expert in.“Most happily married couples know there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ partner but one must constant work together to make the love deep and satisfying for both sides. The day which one gives up on the relationship is the day where divorce is inevitable,” said Chen. “It is the same for having a ‘dream’ job. If one does not work hard to patch up the skills which one may be missing to make job enjoyable in the first place, a dream job cannot last,” Chen said further.Chen has written 22 books on the subject of career success, personal success, plus marriage and family success. As a consultant, she has been on over 200 media interviews in 20 countries interviewed on life issues.Chen’s new book titled What Schools Don’t Teach You: 10 Most Important Lessons For Life will be released in May on Barnes and Noble. This book is an in-depth guideline to the skill set one needs to have in order to succeed and be happy. Chen provides the formula to life’s success.As a speaker, Chen has been invited in Asia and in America to conduct seminars about productivity, life success and relationship success.www.HellenChen.com E-Headlines Facebook 70 Percent of Americans Don’t Like Their Jobs –The Reasons are Not Necessary Poor Work Conditions Twittercenter_img on April 22, 2014 Pinterest Tumblr 0 Email Share.last_img read more