Month: February 2021

EMC DSSD D5: New Tools to Transition to the Modern Data Center

first_imgJust a few months ago we launched DSSD D5, Rack-Scale Flash solution, with game-changing all flash storage performance designed for these data intensive traditional and next generation applications. And today, we are announcing two major new capabilities in DSSD D5 that will enable customers to modernize their data centers and harness the business opportunities offered by the digital era.In this digital era, businesses are under much greater pressure than ever to use their data strategically, accelerate data analysis and deliver insight that can drive growth. As a result, businesses are working to accelerate and optimize existing applications and develop new data-driven applications for the real-time world.Dual D5 Configurations for High Performance Data Warehouses: Double the capacity and performance with the same low latency DSSD D5 is designed specifically for the most data-intensive analytical applications and delivers performance faster than direct-attached flash while delivering operational efficiency, a larger and denser shared pool of flash and centralized management. With the Dual D5 configuration, a server using the DSSD block driver will be able to connect simultaneously to two independent D5 arrays. EMC has demonstrated striping two DSSD D5s together running the market-leading high performance database in a single rack, to deliver 2X the IOPS, bandwidth and capacity of the fastest solution for databases in the market today, with one-third the latency and a lower TCO.Rack-Scale Flash as Converged InfrastructureContinuing to pave the way for customers to a modern datacenter, we are also announcing VCE VxRack System 1000 with DSSD, a fully-engineered rack-scale hyper-converged system for high-performance databases and data warehouses. The VxRack System with DSSD will have dense compute and high-performance networking connected to DSSD’s Rack-Scale Flash platform to deliver the fastest system in the market today for high-performance databases and data warehouses. Customers will be able to deploy the system as a standalone converged infrastructure or as an extension to their existing VCE system. Leveraging VxRack System with DSSD, customers will gain accelerated time to value, ability to scale as their needs expand and superior manageability and reliability with single point of management and support via VCE integrated management and VCE integrated support portfolio.Want to learn more? Check out the DSSD homepage and follow @EMCDSSD on Twitter for our latest announcements and content.last_img read more

New Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series Makes Storage Simple, Fast and Affordable for SMB Customers

first_imgWhen speaking with small- and medium-sized customers, there’s a consistent theme that I hear:“We have the same needs as large enterprises, but we have to meet business expectations with a significantly smaller IT budget and staff.” Customers need solutions that truly offer the best mix of price/performance for business workloads. That’s why the debut of our next generation entry-level PowerVault ME4 Series storage array family is great news for SMB customers.Dell EMC’s portfolio ensures customers will always have the RIGHT solution regardless of business segment or workload. For the Entry Storage segment these workloads range from databases, VDI, backup to disk, to productivity applications requiring a solid SAN/DAS solution. This is what PowerVault ME4 Series was built for. In these highly competitive and resource-constrained environments, companies generally don’t get a second chance to make the right IT infrastructure decision – especially with data storage.At Dell EMC we have listened to our customers to ensure we provide a storage portfolio that’s clear and simple to understand, and the best solution for their needs. Simplifying our storage portfolio is a strategy we have been executing to. Dell EMC is already delivering on the first phase of this strategy with the enterprise-class PowerMax and today, we’re announcing the next step toward achieving that vision with the new low-cost PowerVault ME4 Series, our next generation entry storage solution purpose-built and optimized for SAN and DAS. As referenced by Dell Products & Operations President Jeff Clarke, we are committed to executing on this portfolio simplification strategy and continuous product innovation.Next generation entry storage is hereThe Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series is our most affordable SAN/DAS storage array with impressive performance and all-inclusive software. This new storage family comes with significant enhancements over current Dell EMC entry systems in capacity, performance, simplicity, and features. It includes the ME4012 (2U/12 drives), ME4024 (2U/24 drives) and the dense ME4084 (5U/84drives) base systems. With configurations starting under $13,000 (USD), PowerVault ME4 Series arrays are purpose-built and highly optimized for entry-level SAN and DAS environments that can be configured from 0 to 100% flash, expand to 4PB, drive up to 320K IOPs[i], and include all the software you’ll need to store, manage, and protect your data.Whether you’re taking advantage of PowerVault’s single-vendor DAS integration with leading Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers or connecting the ME4 Series arrays in a high availability SAN environment – you’ll be able to simplify the challenges of server capacity expansion providing business applications with reliable high-speed access to data.Here are just some of the PowerVault ME4 Series highlights:Simply all-inclusiveThe built-in simplicity of the PowerVault ME4 recognizes the realities that smaller IT staffs are expected to manage a more diverse set of IT infrastructure solutions. As a result, “simplicity” requirements become essential in removing storage complexity with a “set it up and forget it” approach – whenever possible. In fact, we’ve done the testing and wrote the best practices for our customers so you will have every opportunity to be productive in the shortest amount of time. We’ve even included all the software features you’ll need to manage and protect your data as you drive your business forward – there’s nothing extra to buy or install. Best of all, ME4 arrays can be configured and ready for data center operations in 15 minutes with a new HTML5 web-based and intuitive interface for “anywhere” management. In addition to all-inclusive software, each ME4 array includes multi-protocol flexibility with options for Fiber Channel, iSCSI, and SAS host connectivity.Accelerated performanceIn addition to driving up to 320K IOPs and supporting 0-100% flash in any mix of SSDs and HDDs, PowerVault ME4 Series comes standard with a 12G SAS backend for performance at scale and implements advanced SSD Read Cache technologies – all optimized to maximize your storage performance and efficiency. The intelligent ME4 Series caching capabilities help accelerate the speed of any application type or data access that businesses depend on.Data protection readySince no one can predict if or when disaster will occur, protecting critical data and preventing data loss should be the first rule of any IT organization since data is the lifeblood of all companies – regardless of their size or industry. Equipped with snapshots and asynchronous multi-site FC and IP replication capabilities, PowerVault ME4 arrays reliably deliver data protection and disaster recovery options for customers to achieve the recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) that their business demands.The new PowerVault ME4 Series is just more evidence of our long-standing commitment to innovation. The PowerVault ME4 represents the quintessential entry-level storage product that accelerates and supports business growth while helping to reduce cost and remove operational complexity. This new storage family has been developed with a “set-it up and forget-it” approach, flexible scale and connectivity options, cloud-like management simplicity, and a very impressive price/performance ratio.IDC’s Q2CY18 Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker ranks Dell as the leader in the External Entry Storage Market with a 31.6% revenue share – larger than the next six competitors combined[i]! We’re #1 because we’ve consistently been investing in this segment of the storage market with innovative technologies and products that customers of all sizes have been purchasing and using for many years. This commitment continues with PowerVault ME4 Series.Recall from above what I’ve heard from customers – they have the same needs as large enterprises, but have to meet business goals with significantly smaller budgets and IT staffs. We can confidently say that the new PowerVault ME4 Series will affordably deliver what our customers need and without them having to make compromises with their business.So please take a moment to discover the new PowerVault ME4 Series and join Dell EMC as we help organizations of every size push beyond the boundaries of legacy IT, compete strongly in their industries and realize better business outcomes.[i] Based on internal and partner performance testing report, 2018[ii] IDC Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2Q2018last_img read more

PowerEdge Plus AMD EPYC Equals Better Server Performance in Half the Density, at Half the Cost

first_imgDell EMC PowerEdge R6415 achieves #1 results on TPCx-HS Benchmarks for 1-TB and 10-TB scale factorIt used to be said that data runs the world. They were wrong!  Data drives insights and insights are what matter. However, getting to these insights is hard, time-consuming and expensive. So much so that companies are turning to trusted hardware vendors to find the right tools and solutions to accomplish this very fundamental task. But figuring out which tools you need to uncover those hidden gems can be a challenge. What do most customers do to evaluate the right platform for their projects? They look to industry-standard benchmarks for guidance.One such benchmark, TPCx-HS, provides guidance related to big data analytics by stressing both hardware and software stacks, including the execution engine (MapReduce or Apache Spark™) and Hadoop® Filesystem API compatible layers. It provides a vendor-neutral evaluation of both a product’s performance and price-performance ratio, thus helping customers make the right choice for their large cluster, data analysis projects.The Dell EMC PowerEdge R6415 is a single-socket dense server that offers the right feature set for data analysis, as evidenced by its test results in the TPCx-HS benchmark.As highlighted above, when compared to the Cisco UCS C240 M5 2U/2 socket servers, the PowerEdge R6415 single socket platform has better price/performance:45% better @ 1-TB Scale Factor53% better @ 10-TB Scale FactorHere’s a comparison of the configurations used in this benchmark for the 1TB Scale Factor:1-TB Scale Factor The results speak for themselves. The single-socket PowerEdge R6415 is a great solution for Apache Hadoop®-based, big data environments without unnecessary and extra costs. Similarly, this cost-effective server is also ideal for virtualization, scale-out and software-defined storage, bringing high-density computing to the data center.The PowerEdge R6415 delivers the following high-level key server functionalities:Lower TCO delivering capabilities often requiring dual socket serversOver 3x more direct PCIe 3.0 NVMe* for high bandwidth, low latency storage accessHigh core counts optimized for high performance, multithread architecture workloadsDell EMC servers help you prepare for innovation in your business and can help you solve your IT challenges. Learn how to turn data into insights. Follow @DellEMCServers and visit to get started.*Based on Dell Internal Analyses versus comparable Dell EMC PowerEdge R630 configuration.last_img read more

Earth Day 2020: Activating Change

first_imgThis year, Earth Day comes at a time when we are all adjusting to a new way of life. To protect the health of our global community, we are all doing our part – staying at home, observing social distancing guidelines, and embracing new virtual ways of staying connected. And with the world’s largest environmental event moving online, it reinforces that while protecting human health is the priority, there are also many ways we can continue to engage and remain steadfast in our commitment to the health of our planet.Sustainability has always been at the center of everything we do at Dell Technologies. We’re proud of what we have accomplished to date, but there is so much more we want to do. It’s why advancing sustainability is a critical part of our Progress Made Real plan which includes specific, measurable goals we want to achieve by the year 2030, including an ambitious ‘moonshot’ goal in each area, designed to push the boundaries of innovation and partnerships to achieve these.Accelerating the circular economyOur moonshot goal for sustainability is that by the year 2030, for every product a customer buys, we will reuse or recycle an equivalent product, 100% of our packaging, and more than half of our product content will be made from recycled or renewable material. Our focus on accelerating the circular economy, activating partnerships between the public and private sectors, and pursuing materials and supply chain innovation is how we are going to get there.A great example of this is our work with Carbon Conversions, a start-up based in South Carolina which redesigned the way we use non-woven carbon fiber scraps in our products, allowing us to use even more of this waste material from the aerospace industry. Another is our work with NextWave plastics, supporting collaboration between large companies (IKEA, GM and HP, to name a few) to create a viable supply chain for ocean-bound plastics, and come up with ways to incorporate this material into future products and packaging.Committing to the climateThe theme of this year’s Earth Day is ‘climate action.’ Right now, there is a lot of attention on how staying at home is helping to reduce emissions. Dubbed ‘The Great Pause,’ this completely unique situation is providing us with insights into how changes to human behavior can make a significant impact. And as the world comes out of this, we can expect discussions about how we can continue to support this picture of a better world. One thing is for sure, technology will be a key contributor – virtual interactions, collaboration and communication methods – are all ways we can drive positive change today, and tomorrow.We know the consequences of climate change adversely impact the planet and our communities around the world, and we believe that technology has an important role to play in both mitigating and adapting to climate change. We have committed not only to set emissions goals across our facilities, supply chain and operations but to also look at how our customers can use our technology to advance their own sustainability and emissions goals. One example is our work with Ducks Unlimited, who are using our sensor technology to protect wetlands which not only are home to wildlife, but also serve as a natural resource to reduce greenhouse gases.Celebrating 50 years of Earth DayA huge part of our success in the area of sustainability is the talent and passion our team members have for supporting their planet. From the designers and engineers delivering innovative sustainable solutions for our products and packaging, to the environmental initiatives being driven out of our facilities teams, through to our team member engagement in delivering on our goals – we literally could not make progress without them. On Earth Day, our team members will be supporting Earth Challenge 2020, a virtual volunteering opportunity for millions of people to support the world’s largest citizen science effort, recording the quality of the air outside their window. Each reading will add to a global database of knowledge and help scientists understand how our world works and how we can protect it. Click here to join.Right now, the world is experiencing change like never before. And while it is an incredibly uncertain time, it’s also been a time where we have seen the absolute power of the human spirit. It is the collaboration of people working together to respond to a global challenge that inspires me right now. And it reminds me of our purpose as a company, and why our commitment to social impact is so important. As one of the world’s largest technology companies, we have a responsibility to activate change today – and every day – for our people, for society and for the world.last_img read more

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Goes Virtual

first_imgA year ago, the DWEN team began to reimagine a new vision for our global community. One that supported us in better serving our membership but also made it possible to meaningfully add value for the female entrepreneurs we serve. Nowhere in our planning could we have predicted the turns 2020 would take nor how this year would provide such immediate opportunity to better serve our membership.  And what a transformative twelve months it has been – for DWEN and our community.To empower our members as they too reimagine their path forward, on July 9th, we hosted 1,000 attendees from over 60 countries, for DWEN’s inaugural Virtual Summit.Featuring a special welcome by Michael Dell and speakers such as Bobbi Brown, Rakia Reynolds, Brian Solis and Kendra Scott – participants received first-hand advice and insights from entrepreneurs who have successfully paved their way to becoming leaders in their industries.”And in partnership with our sponsors, Intel, Microsoft, and Hogan Lovells, we created an engaging environment for attendees to network, learn and share with one another.Our lineup of speakers offered attendees valuable advice on the topics of innovation, pivoting in business, and securing funding; and, personal bits of wisdom in navigating through the changes of 2020. While innovation and big thinking is at the core of the entrepreneurial spirt, sometimes focusing on the basics is critical to evolving. As Bobbi Brown, Founder and CEO of Beauty Evolution, and Rakia Reynolds, Founder and CEO, Skai Blue Media, offered advice to attendees navigating their journeys today. “We did things simply,” Bobbi said of supporting her new brand Evolution_18 through the early stages of the pandemic. “We learned we can save time, energy, money and manpower and still do the right thing for the brand.” Rakia also added how important it is to stay true to the core values of a company and ensure the organizations you work with align with your values as well.Both also spoke of the value of mentorship and in lifting one another up and in being part of a community – particularly now as across the globe we all should be working, thinking, and acting more conscientiously. And that is the role of DWEN. To be an accessible and inclusive community, connecting and inspiring female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.Through programs like our Virtual Summit and our new Empower Hour series, we offer members everywhere the opportunity to connect regularly with entrepreneurs and to get advice, support, and resources in defining their path. With nearly 15,000 members on our recently launched online community, you can search for and connect with other members navigating similar hurdles or willing to offer mentorship to those who need it, join one of our 25 chapters or help start a new one in your area, access relevant content and find events and programs to support you.We hope you’ll join DWEN and become a part of our global community of inspiring women changing their industries and advancing their communities forward. Together, we are stronger.last_img read more

Polish activists seek support for liberalizing abortion law

first_imgWARSAW, Poland (AP) — Polish women’s rights activists and left-wing lawmakers have presented a plan to collect signatures in support of a proposal to legalize abortion in the predominantly Catholic country. The initiative comes in reaction to the recent imposition of a near-total ban on abortion in Poland. The activists are calling for the legalization of abortion on demand through the 12th week of pregnancy, but they acknowledge they have no chance of getting such a law passed now. Meanwhile, a coalition partner in Poland’s right-wing government is proposing legislation to create more perinatal hospices. Those are centers where women carrying fetuses expected to die at birth or soon after can receive palliative and psychological care.last_img read more