Month: September 2017

Satisfactory advertisement myiee launches RSS announcement subscription service9 months the number

Wu Xinhong said that she was a "Mensao pseudo geek", love racing, is the first BMW I8 owners, see the shlf1314 Glass will be thrilled, but not very good at speaking female colleagues in the company. But the painting expert who has received the qualifications of the Tsinghua Academy of fine arts at least understands the beauty of women.

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seems to be always good at grasping the most common subtle needs – perhaps less advanced, but accurate.

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The love of Shanghai K station where the station in Taobao analysis

The first time ?

we saw the Taobao station point? We analyze some small details about the website

1: the most common QQ group promotion


toolsThe is expected to flow

tool is not difficult to see, the station also almost two years, all the same as my station is more than a year of time domain, a few days ago I had a few stand full to the K, read the LEE article, it is Taobao brain fire station will be in K? Here you can clearly tell you, no, do not believe the so-called love at Taobao K station. Love is any K station in Shanghai. Is to see your site is not what the quality of the website, we say, is the user experience to say. Oh, and then fell in love with the sea to make the final judgment. We look at several Taobao railway station, you will know why he does not love Shanghai K as the following figure read more

How to go beyond the station optimization and stood outside optimization promotion website ranking f

The In fact, now

visible if you do not do anything, it is very difficult to realize the optimization of Shanghai dragon, but we should know is exactly what is to do the content? Is very simple is the publication of the article, generally every day 3-5 article is completely can achieve our objective optimization. This is for the new site, we can use the optimization easily, but if it is to stop updating it, then the new site may have great ranking drop, it is precisely because of such a reason so that we do the optimization for the new site when the first concern is what should be how to do stable quality improvement, rather than how fast the optimization process of Shanghai dragon, but we should be assured of this optimization is very fast. read more

To broaden the horizon of Shanghai dragon service windfall Road

5 tools, site

of course, in addition to the above points, there are more service related projects such as the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training, Taobao Shanghai Longfeng, high trans old domain name, free space and so on record, no longer repeat. People want to express.

2, the release of the soft

since the Shanghai dragon, what station group software, blog group software, combination marketing software, Shanghai Phoenix software tools, software and so on the first 3 even fall in love with the transgression. The development of software, after almost no longer need what cost. As long as they do sales, and also in Shanghai earn a lot of money dragon service. read more

How to use the anchor text link to improve the weight of their own website

.The weight of

kitten today to share some things about the anchor text, buddies know, anchor text plays an important role in the optimization of the keywords, anchor text links how to do these outside the station to your site with weight? The cat put some small experience to share, love the small partners can go to try, do not love the cat did not care, after all, is a cat to share it, and believe it or not, with or without that buddy my own things.

anchor text keywords set

The length of the anchor text control read more

Optimization on website home page outbound links of misunderstanding

a lot of people in the profit through the website home page outbound links at the same time, will not consciously ignore the construction of the site itself, or even ignore the security of your site, make your site be implanted Trojan, there is a site of open speed too slow, almost all of the web content is collected, is a complete according to the dumpster model to do, this way is very easy to your site to be punished, but because the home page outbound links more, so webmaster mistaken because outbound links too much, resulting in their website is love Shanghai read more

The snapshot to associate keywords

can be said to be the latest snapshot. Yesterday’s data records show

website optimization work every day is so general, every morning to check their website data record, such as the snapshot, included and so on, love Shanghai domain changes in the number, there is a ranking of keywords. But we love through the observation of Shanghai found that different keyword snapshot is not the same phenomenon, this is also very good, the love of Shanghai is a program, webmaster speculation: different keywords related data in different databases, such as the Ji’nan psoriasis hospital psoriasis hospital station I do, Shandong psoriasis hospital and other words, words that are respectively placed inside different databases, and compare with the industry website, in order to love Shanghai engine ranking. Each database update time is not the same, but generally not more than a week, so different words are not the same snapshot is excusable. But this morning when you observe the stone to optimize the site data, found the keyword snapshot phenomenon, through the site command their own website, snapshots normal, read more

Love Shanghai changes in the algorithm find the invariant is the key

the same thing?

(Shanghai 2012-2013 love of low quality page update algorithm)

two, outside the chain of high quality

now love Shanghai each of the basic algorithm, can be found in the content of a page, content is the fundamental information on the Internet, hoping to get the love of Shanghai is the high quality content, and the quality of resources available on the Internet to the user, so your site must be able to provide relevant content quality. As to how to build high quality content, here is not to say, only need to pay attention to quality content is not the original, the original is not own behind closed doors, pseudo original is not necessarily better than the original quality. Remember what we want is a high quality, as for what is good, you see read more

Why do Wangzhuan you still can’t make moneyHow to use clothing collocation keywords to do clothing T

specific how should I do it? Everyone has everyone’s method, SEO masters have their own unique way of optimization. Here is my advice to a SEO expert who gave me a rough idea:

rookie issued a document, I hope the master can point out.

1. domain name space: this needless to say, the domain name and keywords more in line with the better, the faster the space, the more stable the better.

2. program: recommend the use of blog program, first of all, because the blog is better, optimization, and secondly, such words, news is not much, to do a blog, as long as you can insist on updating every day, it is very good. read more

Knowledge of the Shanghai dragon dead link

since the dead link is caused by improper webmaster management, so webmaster will require good management of the site. For the webmaster, the first thing to do is to regularly check the site, with some useful links, check whether the site has the largest chain chain, check the tools I usually use is xenu. If you find the site are dead links, you need the fastest time to delete dead links or repair dead links, ensure smooth website. Of course, a common method of making 404 page links but also to deal with death. > read more