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Hong Feida on Shanghai dragon opportunistic undesirable

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blog, BBS signature

four, micro-blog ranked by fast

I do not deny that now do this method for search engines still have the effect, but the search engine has been for such spam links down the right treatment before, many webmaster friends every day in the way of the chain is only a collection of a large number of signatures of the forum, then crazy top post, resulting in a large number of the chain.

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this is a new method recently, I think many webmaster friends have heard, I can’t deny that this method can also be used now, but I believe that it is difficult to search engine speech, search engine more clever than you. This method is mainly through the Sohu and micro-blog is not closed by the weight high, or keyword stuffing and other methods to achieve, and that many webmaster friends used to sell products, of course, is the choice of the long tail keywords not too hot, I also tried really can quickly realize the ranking. Even in a few hours, but I think it is absolutely not for a long time. read more

Google keyword optimization and what is the difference between the love of Shanghai

, a Google Shanghai express a lot of

is basically Google are included, the love of Shanghai will not do so, if the readability of your poor or not because the higher similarity included, my hand website is such, Google included far more than the love of Shanghai.

first I declare that this is just my guess, this point I am seeking the median. In the above mentioned my company website, I used a lot of forum signature chain, personalized signature role of the forum, I feel more useful, do not believe in Google, you > read more

The website data analysis papers Analysis of site navigation


before I wrote a "data analysis" is a required course for the future of Shanghai dragon, after someone asked the author to analysis of the small business website data? This is really not a good answer, can only give the general method of data analysis, the author also has several corporate website, usually idle will analysis on the 30 day of the data, looking for problem page, then modified. The following talk about site navigation. Based on user behavior based analysis of site navigation. read more

Analysis of small details the robot file on the QQ space

we’re pretty sure the QQ space in the last write robot file on the site map file is to enhance the search engine for the rate of crawl site. When the search engine spiders into QQ space, first find the robot file in the robot file, when you can find the site map file directly. In order to promote the spider through the map file on our site more deep and wide crawling and indexing.

in the above we can see the QQ space has lifted a shield for search engine. At present, all search engine spiders can crawl and crawl on the QQ space. A small detail was found in the Robot file of the last line of the author, the author found that write a line: sitemao:贵族宝贝XXX.xml. Obviously this is a map file. So why is QQ space why site map to write on the site in the last row? Want to know why we need to further understand the robot file. read more

An analysis from three aspects to make your travel site more user friendly

in the above example we can know that visitors don’t trust from the outside of the station, the same reason, since the external bad evaluation evaluation, then we can do. We can also use some publicity platform, SNS, forums and other questions existing in our realistic advantages of tourism, enhance the trust for our site visitors.

1) foreign

Trust a factor influencing

for our site to add some organization credit certificate, do not underestimate this little certificate, these small details will directly affect whether the visitors can be converted to your customers. In addition, as a tourism e-commerce site, the customer is to deal with a lot of problems, some sites directly hung up a simple QQ contact number > read more

More than half a year to build on the important technology ip800 website

to now, adhere to operate its own media website has more than half a year, and my website (in grass root) has now firmly every day is about 800IP, is a search engine and fixed number of visitors, the highest when the day reached more than 2000 IP, the site location is my personal blog. Not what too many fancy features, is my own writing website is not very small, small may be a name: no taste in grass root.

: No, we see from the net income of self-study.

that time really market is really a good, do three months, even with the deal, and access to the highest, it was 100IP, indicating that the flow is very valuable, then we say that one in 100 have a personal purchase. Also did not think too much, also do not have much technical content, is to find better goods, add the recommended, updated daily articles, adhere to the first half of the year, see from the union background, there have been more than 300 Commission, although not much, but really back to this, I also firmly believe that they can rely on the Internet to earn money, then the station also insisted for a year, for a period of time (Midway did move, can’t hold the broadband, because in rural areas). After no longer continue to renew, so lost, and now think of regret, because at that time is very relaxed, unlike now although the various aspects of technological progress, but the conditions are harsh, money is indeed not easy. read more

Mobile marketing and e commerce network marketing course gemini


in March 2013, and guest Network Marketing Institute (www.imakecollege贵族宝贝) network marketing course in the new upgrade, the new curriculum system, into the shop operators, e-commerce and mobile marketing etc., more professional system. The following is a guest teacher Li Xingang about network marketing course upgrade interview finishing record:


asked: This course also emphasize upgrading upgrade e-commerce and data analysis course, then it means that after our students out employment choice after work can have more read more

What is the long tail keywords and his characteristics



network promotion company to use search engines to find some information:

· commercial uses of


· is usually not competitive;

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


· an average of 3 ~ 5 words


network promotion company that long tail keywords is a very important part of Shanghai dragon strategy. Occupy a large component in their website clicks every day, not to mention the benefits and click on the long tail keywords. This chapter will discuss the details of these long tail keywords. read more

The traditional enterprise website as a method of the chain’s most effective analysis

"I’m really desperate, I really do not know how to do the chain, the enterprise web site keywords ranking is responsible for watching their every day in the fall, and I can only be silly to look, who can help me?" this paragraph is in a Q & a community to see the contents of the enterprise. The webmaster is confused by the construction of the chain enterprises, he has no idea how to do outside the chain, probably because of resources, can also be because there is no one to help him. read more

The URL specification of the website optimization

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

just saw a message in Google Webmaster Central blog: on their new label on the canonical link support.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap


optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure read more