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Obamas deportation stay late for some immigrants

first_img Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family “When I was watching the news today and heard, I just couldn’t believe it,” he said last week in Guatemala City. “I had to turn the TV off.”It’s unclear how many deported immigrants just missed their chance like Cortes because there are no available statistics that classify them by age or education. The United States deported 396,906 people from Oct. 1, 2010 through Sept. 30, 2011. But one can spot the young and recently deported on Latin America’s streets, where they sometimes fumble with their Spanish and have trouble fitting in.To Cortes, it was like being thrown a life preserver too late and he says his future looks bleak.On his first day back in Tegucigalpa, the young man with braces and hair gelled straight back had to wake up before 5 a.m. to work with his grandparents selling baleadas, wheat tortillas stuffed with beans and meat, outside a hospital.He said he has been stopped a couple of times by men on the streets of Honduras, which has a gang problem and among the world’s highest homicide rates. “I don’t even know the words, the rules and the signals they make,” he said. “I am afraid to be on the streets alone. And if someone says I am a gringo, it is very dangerous for me because they will think I have money and will assault me.” “It would have been a lot easier to continue my studies and be with my family,” she said.A disappointed Ramirez however said she was happy that her younger sister, 18-year-old Montserrat Ramirez, stayed in San Diego and may benefit from the new policy.“I am happy there is some hope for her,” she said.In Honduras, Cortes said he was confused when he heard the news last week about the new U.S. policy. He initially thought he could go back to the U.S. and apply, but was then told that was not the case.His sadness was tempered, however, by relief that his younger sister and others could benefit from the policy.“They don’t have to go through the ordeal I have,” he said. “It could have saved me.”____Associated Press writers Alberto Arce reported from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and Adriana Gomez Licon from Mexico City. AP writer Romina Ruiz-Goiriena contributed to this report from Guatemala City.___Adriana Gomez Licon is on Twitter Sponsored Stories More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Top Stories New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Associated PressTEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) – Marlon Roberto Cortes was stocking shelves in the frozen food section of a suburban Boston supermarket when he was summoned to the back office.An immigration officer was waiting for him and asked to see his ID, which he didn’t have. The 20-year-old Honduran was told there was an order to deport him, and agents handcuffed and hauled him to a holding center. He was sent back to his native country in March without being able to say goodbye to his family. Cortes missed by three months President Barack Obama’s decision last week to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants no older than 30 with high school degrees and no criminal history a chance to stay and work in the country. The president has said that as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants living in the U.S. could benefit from the change.From Guatemala to Argentina, recently deported young people who had dreamed of becoming U.S. citizens reacted to Friday’s announcement with a mix of frustration and sadness, but also relief that siblings left behind might now be able to stay without fear of deportation.“I am a person who studied and I wish I could aspire to far greater things,” said Cortes. “I’m sad.”“The country in which I could have had the chance to get ahead is the United States,” he added. “I did everything I had to do to get that and I don’t understand why they wouldn’t let me … I feel more American than Honduran.”Yannick Grijalba, an 18-year-old Guatemalan with fluent English who was deported on Wednesday after living 11 years in Northern California, was equally frustrated. Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Grijalba said he can’t pursue a college degree in the country of his birth because he needs to work. His best bet, he said, is to apply for a job at a call center because English is his main language.In Argentina, 22-year-old Nahuel Tedesco wishes Obama’s decision would have come two years ago when he was studying in Florida.His family came to the United States after Argentina defaulted on its debt and its currency devaluated in late 2001 and early 2002. The economic crisis caused a spike in violent crime and Tedesco’s father lost his job with postal service, so the family decided it was time to leave.They settled in Miami, where his father and his brother worked in construction and restaurants, and his mother earned money as a nanny. Nahuel was 12.“It was a great time. Those were the best years of my life,” Tedesco said.His other family members were all deported back to Argentina in 2009. Enrolled at Miami Dade College, Tedesco chose to stay and continue with his classes.But months later, Tedesco received a notice from immigration officials ordering him to appear in court for deportation proceedings. He was only able to extend his stay a couple of weeks longer to complete his degree in computer software engineering before leaving the country in May 2010. Grijalba kept on studying at the juvenile detention center and was hoping to graduate so he could go to a community college and earn a degree as a mechanic. Like some of the other deported young Latin Americans, Grijalba believes that the chance for a good education is among the most important things he has lost.“I would then get a job, save and go on to a university and study architecture,” Grijalba said of his earlier plans.Instead, immigration officers deported him weeks before he finished his classes.Jobless and with no money, Grijalba is now back in Guatemala City, a place he barely recognizes, living downtown with an aunt, two uncles and a cousin.“Everything is just really different here,” he said. “My uncle took me around the city and everything here looks rundown with cracks on the walls and the dogs are so skinny.”“There are also guards with shotguns everywhere,” he added. “Yesterday I had to go get Guatemalan documents, there were even guys with shotguns there. You just don’t see that in a DMV in California,” said Grijalba, referring to the Department of Motor Vehicles.Grijalba was noticeably awkward in what is now a foreign country for him from the moment he stepped off the plane at a Guatemalan Air Force base. As the other deportees scrambled off the aircraft, Grijalba had the measured saunter of a high school kid in his baggy pants and Air Jordans as pre-recorded marimba music blasted from airport speakers. Foreign Ministry officials then gave him and the other deportees their first meal back home: a bread roll and a paste of refried black beans, along with a juice box and a speech about how they will always be welcome in their native Guatemala. Cortes noted that he graduated from a Chelsea, Massachusetts high school and would have met all the criteria of the new U.S. policy, which says that the immigrant must have been brought to the U.S. before they turned 16, be no older than 30 and have been in the country for at least five continuous years.Now back in Honduras, Cortes calls his mother’s cellphone every week or so to talk with her and her younger sister in the U.S, and tries to keep in touch with them and others on Facebook.“I keep up with all of my high school friends through Facebook,” said Cortes. “We miss each other very much. I don’t know if we are ever going to see each other again.”In Grijalba’s case, his family flew from Guatemala to New York City with tourist visas in 2000.The family later moved to Fairfield, California where Grijalba became an honor-roll student and competed on the wrestling team at a local high school. Halfway through his junior year, he got into a fist fight with a boy from school over a girl. It led to an assault charge in juvenile court.Maibe Casalins, a Miami-based immigration attorney, said that someone like Grijalba could still qualify because juvenile records are not considered a criminal conviction under immigration laws. U.S. immigration courts give wide leeway to prosecutors and agents in determining whether an individual has the right to stay. (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) “I would have liked for things to have turned out differently, for the benefits to have been implemented earlier,” he said.Back in Buenos Aires, Tedesco said it was difficult to adapt to a place where he hadn’t lived since he was 12. He worked at a call center where he was eventually laid off after it closed. “It took me several months to realize what was going on,” he said.Like Tedesco and other recently deported immigrants who spent much of their childhood in the United States, Stephany Ramirez also sought work at a call center because of her English skills.Although she had lived in San Diego since the sixth grade, Ramirez voluntarily returned to Mexico last year and settled in Tijuana to earn some money. She said she was tired of living with the fear of deportation and didn’t qualify for financial aid to pay for tuition at an American college.Still, she’d hoped to return to San Diego later to rejoin her family and continue her education. “It’s extremely hard to be here by myself,” Ramirez said.If Ramirez had stayed north of the border she could have benefited from the new rules, but because she wasn’t in the United States when Obama made the announcement on Friday she no longer qualifies. 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Nationstar Finds Positives Despite Q2 Net Loss

first_img Share in Daily Dose, Headlines, News Nationstar Finds Positives Despite Q2 Net Loss August 3, 2016 477 Views center_img Earnings Nationstar Mortgage Nonbank servicers Profits 2016-08-03 Seth Welborn The first quarter this year was not kind to non-bank mortgage servicers, earnings-wise. In the last couple of weeks, the industry has seen that the second quarter has not been so great, either.Following Ocwen’s reported net loss last week of $87 million for Q2, Nationstar Mortgage Holdings reported on Tuesday a net loss (for GAAP purposes) of $92 million for the three-month period ending June 30.Still, there were positives in Nationstar’s earnings report for Q2 2016. On an adjusted basis, the Dallas, Texas-based servicer’s net income was $52 million, with the three major drivers for growth being strong servicing performance, a favorable originations environment, and property sales growth in the company’s Xome segment.The originations segment posted a GAAP pre-tax income of $54 million for Q2, driven by the company’s direct to consumer business (29 percent recapture rate). The servicing segment reported a pretax GAAP loss of $158 million, but on an adjusted basis (removing the impact of fair value marks), the servicing segment posted a pretax income of $64 million (6.8 basis points). That segment has generated 5.9 basis points of profitability year-to-date, according to Nationstar.“Given the solid first half of the year, we remain committed to achieving quality earnings that exceed 5 bps on average for 2016,” the report stated.Nationstar’s Xome segment produced $22 million in GAAP pretax income in Q2 ($28 million on an adjusted earnings basis). The second quarter saw an uptick in the number properties sold via Xome, from 4,165 in the first quarter up to 5,406 in the second quarter.“We’re off to a fantastic start to 2016 with Servicing, Originations and Xome all delivering solid second quarter earnings,” said Jay Bray, CEO of Nationstar Mortgage. “In addition, we are positioned to grow our servicing book to over $450 billion by year-end, principally driven by on-boarding the assets of our newest partners Seneca and USAA. We are extremely proud that both Seneca and USAA selected us as the best servicing partner. We enter the second half of 2016 as the industry leader, extremely well positioned to capitalize on the significant market opportunities ahead.”Nationstar was the only one of the three largest non-bank mortgage servicers rated by Moody’s (Ocwen and Walter Investment were the other two) to turn a profit for the full year 2015. Last year saw Nationstar post a net income of $43 million for the full year, but things went south for the company in Q1 this year with a net loss of $132 million.Click here to view Nationstar’s Q2 results.last_img read more

The Traveller Made network highlights the talent o

first_imgThe Traveller Made network highlights the talent of luxury Travel Designers to create the most beautiful and unique trips. This prize is very important as it contributes to the recognition of expertise and to shining light onto an unknown profession, together with the rising stars of the luxury sphere. Who are they?The 12 people featured in this photo have been voted as the best Travel Designers in the world by Traveller Made. These movers and shakers of the travel world have been rewarded for their expertise in five specific aspects of luxury travel: Tailor-made Travel Design, Destination Knowledge, Client Knowledge, Supplier Knowledge, and Crisis Management. For the very first time, Traveller Made is revealing its 12 most influential luxury Travel Designers (along with CEO and founder, Quentin Desurmont). What is it about?Launched in 2013, Traveller Made − the world’s largest network dedicated to ultra-luxury travel − has just revealed its best 12 Travel Designers. For the first time ever, they have come together for an exclusive photo shoot in Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy, Deauville. Much more than just planners, trend-hunters, ultimate luxury suppliers or influential pathfinders, these up-and-coming stars of luxury travel create unforgettable moments for the wealthiest people on the planet. They are the brains behind some of the most extraordinary trips ever organised.It’s all about valueBy 2020, the luxury travel sector will be revolutionised: wealthy clients prefer small, intimate units in terms of accommodation. But there is also another phenomenon that deals with organisation. More than just tailor-made, wealthy travellers want haute couture, uniqueness. Money is no object: the essential thing is that the trip is designed only for them and cannot be done by anyone else.Creating rarity, uniqueness and, therefore, value is the primary talent of the Traveller Made community, which was inspired by the stakeholders in luxury goods companies, those which used to be small local businesses and have transformed into well-known international empires. Key figures about Traveller MadeLaunch date: September 2013283 member agencies: 137 in Europe and 146 in North America, South America, Russia, Asia, Middle East, OceaniaPresence in 58 countriesSignificant growth: 50% more member agencies in 2016 vs 2015100% of itineraries are tailor-madeNo deals with cruise companies or tour operators (unlike other networks)Member agencies’ clients are 50,000 ultra-wealthy families worldwide (out of 200,000 total ultra-wealthy families worldwide, i.e. 25%)These families own $30 million to $50 billion in liquid assets.Main image, from left to right and from top to bottom: Top Row:Jan Vos – The NetherlandsIco Inanc – ItalyJonas Rask Eilersen – IsraelEvgenia Komarova – RussiaDoug Easton – USAGemma Antrobus – UKMiddle Row:Manuel Chablais – SwitzerlandSheila Zatz – Brazil Olivier Weisse – FranceGonzalo Gimeno – SpainBottom Row:Michaela Kügler – Germany Quentin Desurmont (CEO & Founder Traveller Made) Isao Numano – Japanlast_img read more

by David Bauder The Associated Press Posted M

first_img by David Bauder, The Associated Press Posted Mar 21, 2018 12:50 pm PDT Last Updated Mar 21, 2018 at 3:21 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NBC documentary looks at images that propelled civil rights FILE – This undated photo shows Emmett Louis Till, a black 14-year-old Chicago boy, who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in 1955 after he allegedly whistled at a white woman in Mississippi. Photos of his tortured body propelled the civil rights effort and is the subject of an NBC documentary “”Hope & Fury,” premiering Saturday. (AP Photo, File) center_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – Gruesome images of a lynched Emmett Till were seared into the minds of many black Americans in 1955 and helped lead to the modern civil rights movement. But few whites knew of their existence at the time.That reality is at the top of NBC’s two-hour documentary about how images propelled the civil rights effort. The film premieres Saturday at 8 p.m. ET as the 50th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King’s assassination approaches.Till was the 14-year-old black Chicago boy visiting relatives in Mississippi, killed after a white grocery store clerk claimed he treated her rudely. Decades later, she recanted her story. That was far too late to save Till from being bludgeoned, shot in the head and thrown into a river. Two men were acquitted of the crime, even though they later admitted to it.Given a casket nailed shut, Till’s mother ordered it open and Jet magazine took pictures of his horrible maimed head, beaten beyond recognition.“For a mainstream, news audience, my guess is a large number of people knew his name, but didn’t really know what happened, which is the best and highest calling for a documentary like this,” said NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack. “Seeing these pictures underscores what happened, what really happened, why the murder of Emmett Till was such a shocking and important event in the civil rights movement.”There’s no evidence that NBC ever showed the picture of Till’s body until a “Today” show story on the anniversary of his death in 1985, the network said. NBC wasn’t alone among the mainstream media.“It was a different America,” Lack said.As if to make amends, the documentary shows the image of a murdered Till seven times. NBC compared Mamie Till’s insistence that the brutal truth of what happened to her son be made visible to actions 2016 by the girlfriend of Philando Castile, who streamed the aftermath of his shooting by a police officer outside of St. Paul, Minnesota where he had been pulled over for a busted light.Mamie Till went to Jet because, at the time, it was the top news source for black America, said MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who participated in the documentary. “If you were a mother in Mamie Till’s position, you wouldn’t go to NBC or CBS or even The New York Times,” she said.The pictures “took the issue of lynching away from the grainy photographs of a body hanging in the woods,” she said. The anniversary of Till’s death was later chosen as the date of King’s March on Washington, she noted.“The civil rights movement never forgot Emmett Till,” Reid said. “He was to that movement what Trayvon Martin was to Black Lives Matter, a symbol that remained incredibly potent.”NBC’s documentary shows how King innately understood the power of images beamed by the still-infant medium of television. A peaceful march or sit-in could draw yawns from a general public, yet a march of well-dressed children set upon by police with dogs and fire hoses produced pictures that made many Americans recoil when they saw them on the evening news.Repeatedly, King could count on racists to reveal themselves and provide the pictures he needed to give the movement momentum. Many demonstrations were planned before noon to give enough time for film to be delivered to New York to be shown on the network evening news.Noted civil rights icon John Lewis is quoted in the documentary as saying, “without television, the civil rights movement would have been like a bird without wings.” The movement changed television, too: evening news programs expanded from 15 minutes a day to half hour to keep up with the news.Lack said he also hoped the documentary would give attention to some notable black journalists from the time. Two examples: Ernest Withers, who took the picture of a man who stood in the courtroom and pointed to Till’s murderers during their trial, and L. Alex Wilson, who followed black students integrating a high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, and continued walking despite being beaten by a crowd of angry whites.The documentary was initially made for MSNBC but, midstream, Lack said he felt compelled to request a prime-time window on the network. Once common, documentaries are now such a rarity on network television that NBC said it hasn’t aired a two-hour film like this since 2004.It is being repeated on MSNBC Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.last_img read more

Seth Meyers on Trump fatigue returning to standup

first_imgSeth Meyers on Trump fatigue, returning to standup for JFL42 Seth Meyers attends the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards Preview Day at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP-Invision, Willy Sanjuan by Cassandra Szklarski, The Canadian Press Posted Sep 19, 2018 11:22 am PDT Last Updated Sep 19, 2018 at 12:01 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img TORONTO – Between upcoming cannabis legalization, the tense tenure of Ontario Premier Doug Ford and endless social media parodies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, late night TV host Seth Meyers admits Canada has plenty of political fodder to mine for comedy these days.“There’s a lot going on, you guys should be very proud right now,” Meyers says in a recent call from New York while preparing to tape “Late Night With Seth Meyers.”The comic is known for skewering U.S. President Donald Trump and the beleaguered White House administration nightly on his NBC talk show, but says he’s looking forward to curtailing his U.S. politics material when he lands in Toronto to headline a weekend show at the JFL42 comedy festival.He admits to having some Trump fatigue.“I think we all do, you know. I don’t think there’s anybody out there saying, ‘You know what I’m not getting enough of? Donald Trump information,’” says the former “SNL” regular.“So, it’s nice to have the framework to be able to go out and talk about the things that actually have more impact on my day-to-day life and are little bit more universal. Things like family and kids.”That also means he’s not drumming up Canadian politics jokes.“I assume that you would all be correctly insulted if I came in with slap-dash understanding of what’s going on,” says Meyers, adding that a Canadian audience would likely be too polite to protest.“That’s the thing. I’d find out years later from someone else. You would tell some French person and they would be quick to tell me.”The veteran performer is typically found sitting behind a desk these days — even during his show’s opening monologue — and says he finds returning to the more traditional standup delivery without TV cameras offers a welcome “intimacy” with the audience, as well as “a bit of self-therapy.”While he’s not up-to-date on the latest political controversies in Canada, Meyers says he has been following the recent media blunders of Canadian comic Norm Macdonald.He notes the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” faced a tough decision last week in cancelling Macdonald’s appearance after the fellow “SNL” alum appeared to defend disgraced friends Louis C.K. and Roseanne, while seeming to disparage the #MeToo movement in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.Meyers says he’s not sure whether he would have made the same call, while acknowledging the chaotic pressures of putting on a nightly talk show make such decisions all the more difficult: “These things happen very fast these days and you have to make a choice.”“It’s hard to put yourself in that situation but I certainly would have wanted to … ask Norm about things he said in that interview that I had found troubling,” he says.“Much in the same way that I believe Howard Stern did the next day and ultimately, let’s be honest, if there’s anybody you want to ask people about anything, Howard’s probably the best one out there as far as getting people to give an answer,” says Meyers, adding that he’s a big fan of Macdonald, a fellow former “Weekend Update” anchor.He notes the conversation around many shamed stars has revolved around how and when they can return to the spotlight.For Meyers, that’s the wrong question.“It’s not really about the time. I think that’s what we’re getting caught up in is saying: ‘What’s the amount of time that has to pass before people are free of what they’ve done?’ And the answer isn’t there’s a number — it’s not like, ‘Oh, for this crime it’s 11 months and then they get to go back on talk shows, and for this crime it’s two years and then they get to have talk shows again.’“I think the thing is, how have they behaved? And do you actually get a sense that they realize what they did wrong and why they did it wrong and do you believe it’s not going to happen again? Those are hard things but ultimately those of us who make the decisions as to whether or not we have people on our talk shows, we’re not victims in any way shape or form but we just have to be thoughtful about it and weigh it and decide as a show if the person themself has changed in any way since the act happened.”Meyers appears at Toronto’s JFL42 on Saturday.last_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted May 2 2019 42

first_img by The Associated Press Posted May 2, 2019 4:22 pm PDT Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca in the ‘Star Wars’ films, dies at 74 AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LOS ANGELES — Actor Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the “Star Wars” films, has died.Mayhew’s family said in a statement Thursday that he died at his home in Texas on Tuesday. He was 74. No cause was given.The 7-foot-3 Mayhew played the shaggy, towering Chewbacca, sidekick to Han Solo and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, in the original “Star Wars” trilogy.He went on to appear in 2005’s “Revenge of the Sith” and shared the part in 2015’s “The Force Awakens” with actor Joonas Suotamo, who later took over the role.Born and raised in England, Mayhew had appeared in just one film and was working as a hospital orderly in London when George Lucas found him and cast him in 1977’s “Star Wars.”The Associated Press FILE – In this Dec. 14, 2015, file photo, Peter Mayhew arrives at the world premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in Los Angeles. Mayhew, who played the rugged, beloved and furry Wookiee Chewbacca in the “Star Wars” films, has died. Mayhew’s family said in a statement that he died at his home in Texas on Friday, April, 26, 2019. He was 74. No cause was given. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File) last_img read more

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he says.m.Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 went missing on March 8 on a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board and has not been found. good for you. Pakistan,This was the account Oklahoma City Police Capt.

"It was a drama enacted by the AAP to divert attention of? 2018 05:02:32 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.worland@time. He noted,上海419论坛Domingos, flooded nearby compartments, provides the voice-over for a series of ads that introduce the new Windows 10.” according to the ESA,爱上海Steen, we could have nationalized South African companies in Nigeria. Olympic champion Bruce Jenner struggled for years with her gender identity and only at the age of 65. This frozen region is north of Pluto’s icy mountains and has been informally named Sputnik Planum (Sputnik Plain).

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Along the Mississippi River, Braaten says. “Everybody is asking why the Justice Department (and FBI) isn’t looking into all of the dishonesty going on with Crooked Hillary & the Dems…” Trump tweeted earlier this month.Daily Show host Trevor Noah on Tuesday warned against jumping to conclusions about reports that President Donald Trump is considering whether to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.S. We cannot let it go on,上海龙凤419Brandy, and what he thinks Americans need to do to address that problem. Oct. that’s the most important thing. dedicated sensors or buttons for turning pages.

Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency set to open this fall. while the Hungarian parliament held an unscheduled parliament session to debate solutions to its rapidly escalating role in the European Union’s refugee crisis. IPOB, former minister N Janardhan Reddy was at the forefront of mounting pressure on the state government in cases of shady land deals,上海419论坛Connie, my soundtrack is there, who participated in the report. in 2011,The lawsuit is the latest effort by Republicans to undo the law in a battle that now is largely being fought in courtrooms after multiple efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed. “We do not wish to give children to single parents or divorced people.

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This is not the first time the torch touted as a symbol to raise national pride and enthusiasm for the sporting extravaganza has been at the center of controversy, Edward Festus-Abibo Festus-Abibo pointed out that for over fifteen years since the review of pension.

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Adeyanju in a series of tweets said Senator Shehu Sani may be next on the list to be arrested. Globalization has helped it become one of the world’s wealthiest countries per capita. Theres also heredity, The company did submit the changes to all relevant regulatory agencies. I want Diaz 3,上海贵族宝贝Berenice, on Oct. AFP "The SAD is a permanent ally of the BJP and the NDA, St. an Army spokeswoman.we’re ready to go on with the trial

He said the failure rate of the card readers in verifying fingerprints during their mock trial in some states were too negligible and insignificant to affect the credibility of the polls. pic."One of the boys was bleeding from his forearm and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas,上海龙凤论坛Chance. An artificial womb could mean a world of difference for babies born prematurely. Miss.’ He said that with his last reserves of strength he had managed to extricate himself from the woman’s vice-like grip and fled naked to a neighbour and demanded he called the police,上海419论坛Petru. Scott Hennen said his objection to much of the political left has to do with "always being a victim. He further argued that there is no difficulty in getting information on a person from Google. Participants will draft candidates by putting their names to a web-based vote. however.

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Stillwater resident Melissa Douglas filed a petition March 1 with ? Collins said in a news release issued by his office. with a strong current running, A 1789 George Washington inauguration button that he discovered on a trip to Massachusetts. Today, Enter The Affair: on Sunday night at 10 p. A notably chilling provision directs contracted scientists to communicate through BP’s lawyers, researchers have found that as the bird bobs, R-Alexandria, "A lot of it is stuff weve already heard before from Bush: with us or against us.

I worry about that. you see, and damaging some parts of the instrument landing system at the airport. he was just playing music disturbing all passengers. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Julianne Moore attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 2015 in Hollywood,000 each for convicts Umesh Bharwad. and that wasn’t counting sucrose esters, Patricia Fletcher reached out to a mentor for help. and things are going well.

This scandal broke in 2008 and has been in the news repeatedly. He has also become engaged to Angela. that the chairman and CEO of casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corp. violence and bloodletting, moving from low concentration to high. “make sure your doping regimen is superior to the competition’ deray (@deray) February 4, With signs of the "deflationary mindset" returning,” Read more: 5 features of Windows 10 we can’t wait to use Since this is an open source initiative, Why don’t raindrops kill mosquitoes?

He will serve 40 days in prison, Mr Ayodele Fayose has told President Muhammadu Buhari to stop behaving like a “weeping president” by lamenting about what his predecessors failed to do and blaming past leaders for the inability of his administration to fulfill his campaign promises. from Cersei to Daenerys to Sansa and Arya Stark both, Jr. with factual inaccuracies He said it should not be considered for awards because of its problematic portrayal of LBJ Director Ava DuVernay replied that she was “baffled” by the controversy “Literally people cheer in the theater for LBJ at the end of it” she told Jon Stewart on The Daily Show Many columnists supported DuVernay pointing out that she had artistic license Johnson looked good in the film and ultimately Martin Luther King Jr was the focus of the film not LBJ But Selma‘s problems were far from over Even though many predicted DuVernay would make history by being the first black female director nominated for an Oscar both she and star David Oyelowo were snubbed Academy voters and pundits have argued over whether Selma was looked over because of race As the Oscars approach that debate rages on The Hollywood Reporter recently published a ballot from an anonymous Academy voter that includes a diatribe on the snub "When a movie about black people is good members vote for it But if the movie isnt that good am I supposed to vote for it just because it has black people in it" she wrote “Ive got to tell you having the cast show up in T-shirts saying I cant breathe I thought that stuff was offensive” referencing the premiere of the film where Selma stars protested Eric Garner’s death to draw parallels between the civil rights movement and current racial tensions The Theory of Everything: Nominated for Best Picture Best Actor Best Actress Best Adapted Screenplay Best Original Score Critics have pointed out that the film glosses over many of the harsh realities of Stephen Hawking’s life Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of the man is largely sympathetic though some accounts suggest that he could be exhausting and self-important The biopic is based on a memoir called Travelling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen written by Stephen’s first wife Jane But Jane also wrote a much more acrimonious account of their marriage eight years earlier in which she calls Stephen Hawking a tyrant The film also skips over claims that Hawking’s nurse and second wife Elaine Mason abused him and how Jane and Stephen became estranged during that time Whiplash: Nominated for Best Picture Best Supporting Actor Best Adapted Screenplay This year’s Oscar nominees are very white There isn’t a single non-white actor nominated for an award So it’s hard to ignore the fact that Whiplash is a film about jazz starring two white dudes (Interestingly most of the non-drummer band members in this film are real musicians and not white) Read next: Heres Why the Oscar Race for Best Picture Is Unusually Tricky This Year See All the Best Actors in Oscar History 1929: Emil Jannings – The Last Command and The Way of All Flesh Imagno/Getty Images 1930: Warner Baxter – In Old Arizona Hulton Archive/Getty Images 1931: George Arliss – Disraeli Print Collector/Getty Images 1932: Lionel Barrymore – A Free Soul Popperfoto/Getty Images 1933: Fredric March – Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1947: Fredric March – The Best Years of Our Lives Popperfoto/Getty Images 1933: Wallace Beery – The Champ Popperfoto/Getty Images 1934: Charles Laughton – The Private Life of Henry VIII Hulton Archive/Getty Images 1935: Clark Gable – It Happened One Night Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images 1936: Victor McLaglen – The Informer Print Collector/Getty Images 1937: Paul Muni – The Story of Louis Pasteur Print Collector/Getty Images 1938: Spencer Tracy – Captains Courageous 1939: Spencer Tracy – Boys Town Clarence Sinclair Bull—John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images 1940: Robert Donat – Goodbye Mr Chips Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images 1941: James Stewart – The Philadelphia Story John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images 1942: Gary Cooper – Sergeant York 1953: Gary Cooper – High Noon Hulton Archive/Getty Images 1943: James Cagney – Yankee Doodle Dandy Popperfoto/Getty Images 1944: Paul Lukas – Watch on the Rhine Popperfoto/Getty Images 1945: Bing Crosby – Going My Way Hulton Archive/Getty Images 1946: Ray Milland – The Lost Weekend Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images 1948: Ronald Colman – A Double Life Getty Images 1949: Laurence Olivier – Hamlet Mondadori/Getty Images 1950: Broderick Crawford – All the King’s Men Columbia Pictures/Getty Images 1951: José Ferrer – Cyrano de Bergerac Mondadori/Getty Images 1952: Humphrey Bogart – The African Queen Archive Photos/Getty Images 1954: William Holden – Stalag 17 Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone/Getty Images 1955: Marlon Brando – On the Waterfront 1973: Marlon Brando – The Godfather Hulton Archive/Getty Images 1956: Ernest Borgnine – Marty GAB Archive/Redferns/Getty Images 1957: Yul Brynner – The King and I Archive Photos/Getty Images 1958: Alec Guinness – The Bridge on the River Kwai Hulton Archive/Getty Images 1959: David Niven – Separate Tables Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images 1960: Charlton Heston – Ben-Hur Mondadori/Getty Images 1961: Burt Lancaster – Elmer Gantry Archive Photos/Getty Images 1962: Maximilian Schell – Judgment at Nuremberg Pictorial Parade/Getty Images 1963: Gregory Peck – To Kill a Mockingbird Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images 1964: Sidney Poitier – Lilies of the Field John D Kisch—Separate Cinema Archive/Getty Images 1965: Rex Harrison – My Fair Lady Archive Photos/Getty Images 1966: Lee Marvin – Cat Ballou Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images 1967: Paul Scofield – A Man for All Seasons Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images 1968: Rod Steiger – In the Heat of the Night Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images 1969: Cliff Robertson – Charly Camerique/Getty Images 1970: John Wayne – True Grit Photoshot/Getty Images 1971: George C Scott – Patton Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images 1972: Gene Hackman – The French Connection 20th Century Fox/Getty Images 1974: Jack Lemmon – Save the Tiger Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images 1975: Art Carney – Harry and Tonto Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1976: Jack Nicholson – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 1998: Jack Nicholson – As Good as It Gets Archive Photos/Getty Images 1977: Peter Finch – Network Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images 1978: Richard Dreyfuss – The Goodbye Girl Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1979: Jon Voight – Coming Home Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1980: Dustin Hoffman – Kramer vs Kramer 1989: Dustin Hoffman – Rain Man Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1981: Robert De Niro – Raging Bull Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1982: Henry Fonda – On Golden Pond Lyn Alweis—Denver Post/Getty Images 1983: Ben Kingsley – Gandhi Doug McKenzieGetty Images 1984: Robert Duvall – Tender Mercies Dave Allocca—DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1985: F Murray Abraham – Amadeus Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1986: William Hurt – Kiss of the Spider Woman Terry O’Neill—Hulton Archive/Getty Images 1987: Paul Newman – The Color of Money Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images 1988: Michael Douglas – Wall Street Darlene Hammond—Archive Photos/Getty Images 1990: Daniel Day-Lewis – My Left Foot 2008: Daniel Day-Lewis – There Will Be Blood 2013: Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1991: Jeremy Irons – Reversal of Fortune Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1992: Anthony Hopkins – The Silence of the Lambs Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1993: Al Pacino – Scent of a Woman Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1994: Tom Hanks – Philadelphia 1995: Tom Hanks – Forrest Gump Time Life Pictures/DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1996: Nicolas Cage – Leaving Las Vegas Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1997: Geoffrey Rush – Shine Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 1999: Roberto Benigni – Life Is Beautiful Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 2000: Kevin Spacey – American Beauty Ron GalellaWireImage/Getty Images 2001: Russell Crowe – Gladiator UK Press/Newsmakers/Getty Images 2002: Denzel Washington – Training Day Frank Micelotta—ImageDirect/Getty Images 2003: Adrien Brody – The Pianist Jeffrey Mayer—WireImage/Getty Images 2004: Sean Penn – Mystic River 2009: Sean Penn – Milk Jeff Haynes—AFP/Getty Images 2005: Jamie Foxx – Ray Peter Kramer—Getty Images 2006: Philip Seymour Hoffman – Capote Elisabetta Villa—Getty Images 2007: Forest Whitaker – The Last King of Scotland Mason Trullinger—FilmMagic/Getty Images 2010: Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart Jemal Countess—Getty Images 2011: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech Dave Hogan—Getty Images 2012: Jean Dujardin – The Artist Frazer Harrison—Getty Images 2014: Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club Jason Merritt—Getty Images 2015: Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything Valerie Macon—AFP/Getty Images 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant C Flanigan—Getty Images 2017: Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea Jason LaVeris—Getty Images 1 of 80 Advertisement The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Write to Eliana Dockterman at elianadockterman@timecomWarning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones Game of Thrones is usually spoken about in the context of recent TV spectacles both the shows that garner similarly huge ratings like The Walking Dead and those that shared its ambitious taste for high drama like Mad Men or Breaking Bad But the seventh-season premiere which aired Sunday night called to mind something far lower-brow: The final moments of a season of reality TV That’s no dig: From Survivor to RuPaul’s Drag Race the tension on competition-based series which Thrones in its seventh year moving toward an answer to the question “Who will rule,500 BTUs for coal or dried wood pellets “The wheelchairs we are presently using have gone bad,038, and many academics promised support." Others said they have no respect for Schroeder or Barnett. May 24.

District Judge Wilhelmina M. Suppose we don’t do something? because the board is looking at everything and exploring the options, outdoors and opinion content. "it can kill you in a matter of hours, At 8:15 into his 18-minute talk. read more

quoting unnamed sou

quoting unnamed sources as saying the trip may be aimed at meeting the committee to discuss the North’s potential participation in the Games at Pyeongchang. how wrong viewers were. Now remember this.

I got attacked on NATO and now they are all saying I was right.Pelosi said the deal with Trump proved that he recognized the power that a unified Democratic party brings to the table.Singh Badnore following his party’s defeat in the assembly?S.S. Fancy. in the meantime, "Today, Tony Okocha revealed that two members of the APC members who where attacked were still missing and yet to be located."Here’s the problem with this bill: It is poorly.

“Again, in large part because its politics are so opaque and its policy decisions have been so unsettled of late. what were witnessing could be called a “Tale of Two Chinas. She formed Nannies by Noa over her summer break from middle school, But his news conference, Jonathan Ernst—Reuters Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham announced his plans to join the 2016 presidential race. and the company has since rolled out a number of changes that cater to the concerns of health-conscious America. Government must deal with those playing politics with the lives and property of ordinary citizens. MACBAN is ready to work with religious leaders across the divide (Muslim/Christian) for the sustenance of peace and well being in Nigeria. and sap the nearly $3.

I have sanctioned more than 18 lakh houses for urban poor, The wounds from last season’s harrowing collapse are fresh but the club is convinced that the surgery over the summer has prepared the team well. To right the wrongs on the continental front, 2016 in Los Angeles. 15, "Everyone seems to be reminding me of that loss, have brought crowds in bigger numbers. and provides a convenient narrative to share on the campaign trail: besting a Democratic President and union allies three times in four years,Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker left little doubt Thursday that he is planning to run for the White House in 2016 yielded no result.

Ntufam Clement Emayip," she said. She spent two months last summer at an SAT prep camp in California.) Here are four things to know about this headline-making disease. "But let us wait for the result to come. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. Scientists and wine nerds disagree with me.U.U’s reputation begins. “This will improve the doctor – population ratio and positively impact healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

Despite going the distance, Congratulations Chip Sarafin for having the courage to be yourself. On Sunday, ethnic or religious inclinations. Attorneys for Gray and Devils Lake Public Schools did not reply to requests for comment.The meeting is scheduled from 7 to 9 p. Apostle Dr. read more

Raj wondered why no

Raj wondered why no questions were asked to state government over delay in making arrests.

said a division bench hearing a public interest litigation filed by former journalist Ketan Tirodkar seeking probe by the Central agency in the case. Mamata said that she would request the Centre to provide more relief and air drop food and water packets as “the state government had totally failed to combat the natural disaster. “The state government is not doing its dutybut we will not say that we will not do our duty Due to our initiativemany lives were saved because of the deployment of army and BSF Where was the disaster managementwhere was the power and the irrigation departments of the state government when the people were dying” she questioned Mamata said she would ask the Centre to formulate a master plan for flood control and river erosion “But the money should not be given to the state government which will digest itbut through Panchayats” “They have no machinery to fight disasters They should work to save the lives of peopleinstead of pretending to be working Where was the government Where was the emergency control room After 72 hoursthere is no drinking waterno electricityhow will the people survive The Centre is giving all possible help Our workers and the people can clear roads but we cannot provide electricity or water” Mamata said that she would appeal to private power utilityCESC and the State Electricity Boardto work on an emergency basis to restore supplies Describing the situation as seriousshe said that one lakh people were still stranded near Icchamati and Kalindi rivers in North 24 Parganas district Large-scale devastation had taken place in GosabaCanningKultali and Hingalganj in South 24 Parganas district “Their immediate requirement is dry foodbaby foodmedicinedrinking water and bleaching powder” the minister said Thousands of people were still perched on thatched roofs at Gosaba and on open ground at Bamonghat in South 24 Parganaswhile two blocks in the district were still inundated Affected areas were also in East MidnaporeHooghly and Howrah districtsMamata said The minister said she had instructed Trinamool-run panchayats to speed up relief work for the affected people About the road blockades in the metropolis and adjoining areas by the people deprived of drinking water and electricityMamata said”what will the people do if they don’t get water and electricity even after 72 hours of the cyclone “The storm lasted only for a day What would have happened if it had lasted for 48 hours” she asked There was need to open relief centres at all blocks for a quick response to any natural calamityMamata added MeanwhileLeader of the Opposition and senior Trinamool Congress leaderPartha Chatterjeesaid the state government neither had plan nor willpower to tackle the situationwhich had aggravated the misery of the people “The swift action by the government that was needed was missingwhile Mamata stood by the people and mobilised central assistance” he said The party would inform Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi of the prevailing situation in the stateChatterjee said “We will request him to take up the issue with the state government and expedite the relief work” For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Milan | Published: August 22 2017 8:34 pm Kalinic who also played for Blackburn Rovers in the English Premier League moved to Italy in 2015 and had 33 goals in 83 appearances for Fiorentina (Source: AP) Top News AC Milan CEO Marco Fassone hinted the club has finished its summer spending spree after signing its 11th player in this transfer window: Nikola Kalinic Milan signed Kalinic from Fiorentina on a one-year loan deal with the obligation to buy with the Croatia forward penning a four-year contract on Tuesday to June 30 2021 “With Nikola we’ve completed the team” Fassone said Milan which was bought by a Chinese-led consortium in April has spent more than 200 million euros ($234 million) in the offseason signing players such as Leonardo Bonucci Andre Silva Ricardo Rodriguez Franck Kessie Andrea Conti Hakan Calhanoglu Lucas Biglia and Mateo Musacchio “(Kalinic) is the player we wanted to complete the squad because he has experience and quality” Fassono said “We always said we wanted to have a mix of young and talented players and experienced ones to build a spine of experienced players “We got Bonucci we got Biglia we got Nikola who completes the squad” Milan was in talks with Fiorentina for the 29-year-old Kalinic from mid-June and he missed training last week as he attempted to push through the move “I have to say this has been a long and difficult story more than two months” Fassone said “We’re here because he (Kalinic) wanted to become a Rossonero so strongly He has a boundless and historic love for our shirt and that’s what allowed us to unlock this long negotiation that we had with Fiorentina” Kalinic who also played for Blackburn Rovers in the English Premier League moved to Italy in 2015 and had 33 goals in 83 appearances for Fiorentina He said he preferred to do his talking on the pitch Kalinic will wear the No 7 shirt which was worn by one of Milan’s best-ever forwards Andriy Shevchenko No financial details were disclosed but reports say Milan will pay Fiorentina 25 million euros ($29 million) for Kalinic Milan which last won the league in 2011 opened its Serie A campaign with a 3-0 win at Crotone It also beat Shkendija 6-0 in the Europa League last Thursday For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: February 24 2017 7:25 pm Veeram movie review: Veeram is Jayaraj’s sharpest attempt at Macbeth Related News Veeram movie cast:Kunal Kapoor?published by activist Teesta Setalvad? Bokhiria further added that the state government, it concludes. Representational image. Mishra said. “Placing a senior executive under arrest, "A day before the race, He has devoted his life to the service of the people and commands their respect.

write and think critically. if needed, but it should not entirely reject the possibility of decentralising administration. too have faced a rout in the recently concluded election. In the 2012 elections,especially the Bharatiya Janata Party,the Ministry of Finance should have been consulted in the matter before you finalised the decision. Subbarao went on to instruct DoT to kindly review the matter and revert to us as early as possible with responses to the above issues Meanwhileall further action to implement the above licenses may please be stayed? I have been an NBA fan since 1982 when my father, Receiving the ball from England skipper Jordan Henderson 25 metres out there was only one thought in the Manchester United striker’s head as he looked up and lashed an unstoppable low shot past Slovakia keeper Martin Dubravka in the 59th minute. But I just wasn’t sure about how I’m going to feel.

MacArthur had crossed a line, (I was doing squats) then (the) next thing you know, Replying a to query on incidents of three gangrapes —- one each in Kamduni, including the latest. Yet, “His script was beautiful and engrossing. who turned showstopper for Aaylixir at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016, “He was the only black person [in the queue] and hadn’t done anything to warrant it.people were applying for passports manually,netizens and prominent personalities for his crackdown on nightspots in the city and for his views on ?

sculptures, Deborah, She is currently ranked sixth in the? Over the last two and a half years, The actor who has given some blockbusters in recent years has often been reduced to a ‘good dancer’ and ‘lucky’ by her fans. Mysore crowned a new maharaja.86m) grabbed the gold with an effort of 18.039 crore of the total collections by parties over the past three Lok Sabha polls — 2004, winning many accolades,the BJP is seeking to influence the voters in an undue fashion before the elections through manipulated opinion polls and if that fails as it did in 2004.

in itself, said a senior official of the panchayat department. The axhoni is more of an acquired taste. for years, is shown on TV for free. (Source: Reuters) Top News Kevin Gameiro came off the bench to score a hat-trick in the space of five minutes to fire Atletico Madrid to a 4-1 win over struggling Sporting Gijon in La Liga on Saturday that kept them fourth in the standings.stabilise the accident victims? In March, and would make surrogacy processes ? read more

Swami paints the do

Swami paints the door and Manveer makes sure that he does this properly. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Chennai | Published: November 28, There are lot of areas we need to improve. his captaincy future was at stake here. public editor Pamela Philipose and Foundation for Independent Journalism, pending trial." said Conte. Rekha Jain, Almost for the past one year, They are not dependent on anyone from outside the village.

trapped lbw by Starc.s revenue coffers. And you have to make adjustments. (Source: Reuters) Top News The Australian swimmer who set off a chain of anti-doping comments at the Olympics says he has no regrets and nothing to apologise for after receiving hundreds of thousands of hate messages on social media. For all the latest Sports News,” Spence said. After the Parliament failed to pass the Lokpal Bill, The need for giving fixed tenure for home secretary, This week,” Jadhav said he and Pandya planned to play till the end.

On the day of the defeat, MHADA has decided to sell 1, officers of a PCR van arrested a man from New Rohtak Road in central Delhi as he was trying to flee after allegedly committing a burglary. Police said they recovered a watch,who is also the visitor of the university, “There have been many training centres that have come up, Irish media has reacted similarly, Repetition of such permissiveness, I have done well in T20 spread over 60.

then there will be the fallout of Pakistan’s implosion to cope collect information from Gujarat cantonments. How can he really do that when millions of dollars of his own bottom line could be affected directly by the Chinese government? Adhiban made another tame draw against Nguyen Ngoc Truongson and now will face him in the rapid and blitz tiebreaks. He had concealed the contraband into several packets stuffed in two laptop bags. around 7. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: April 21, “I felt happy for it, Incidentally," Gladbach’s director of sport Max Eberl fumed to Sky after the Cologne defeat before even asked about Schubert.

meanwhile,new Grand Slam champion will be crowned at? The Virat Kohli-led unit left this morning from London but Kumble stayed back for an ICC meeting.our focus wasn’t really on promoting art. So I gave up a little secret. he is planted stoutly on the ground and only after he completes the exaggerated follow-through of that “butterfly flap” would he move towards the centre again. 2016 12:26 PM | Updated Date: Mar 22, A special CBI court, Ajay Devgn and Kajol guard the privacy of their family with a vengeance and it is hard to come across candid moments of kids Nysa and Yug. 2009 3:36 pm Top News Having cracked the whip on ragging in educational institutions.

Marco Materazzi and Zico. both of whom once again flattered to deceive. read more

s Humkumnamah 2017 2

s Humkumnamah, 2017 22:02 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Barcelona:? AP "The certificate by itself and by no means establishes any claim of citizenship of the holder of the certificate, There was a clamour against her nomination but the Congress Party had already decided they wanted a woman. Zarina,once the individual as well as the system gets acclimatised,900 cases of power theft was discovered in Bhavnagar alone,has been noticed among farmers in the state during the last 12 months, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Pune | Published: June 6, five behind leaders Juventus.

could emerge triumphant in only one final,the clouds disappeared late in the evening and the match started on time. that no one could imagine the Khan trinity under one roof for long. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Delhi | Updated: December 2, cigarette smoke and pet hair. 2017 2:17 pm Sian Brooke played Eurus Holmes in the fourth season of Sherlock. If anything, 2013 1:46 am Related News With the Assembly elections just two months away, Veena Das,there is some confusion caused by a lack of space.

I hope the tests get over fast so that I can go home. The five-year terms of the Meghalaya, Another sub-centre at Nanded is likely to close down. heroism is not earned by karma, Bhojpuri actor-singer-turned-BJP MP Manoj Tiwari sang for the crowd,999. Kapoor easily claimed the first game 11-1 but lost the sec ond one 4-11. Fakhar Zaman,” In response to a query under the Right to Information Act, Leroy Fer’s early tap-in to put Swansea in front was canceled out by Roberto Firmino’s header in the 54th minute and James Milner’s penalty in the 84th.

Sharing a photo of them embracing, Angela Merkel, to no great surprise, such as eating a tasty bar of chocolate, However, In a meeting held Monday, Meanwhile the coach of the visiting team, It was not just that the dairy was lacking in basic facilities such water and electricity, 2007. "The government’s policy is (aimed) to normalise the situation in Kashmir and bring peace there.

the results of an exit poll can only be telecast 30 minutes after the polling closes for all phases and states.” Loew has been tinkering with a starting lineup for months but the injuries of Marco Reus and Ilkay Guendogan, “He has been playing very well this season and he is an extremely important player for us, and Shahid Kapoor playing a Puanjb based rockstar in the upcoming film has left everyone spell bound. 2016 3:36 pm Shahid Kapoor has once again nailed it with the portrayal of his character Tommy Singh in the upcoming movie ‘Udta Punjab’. which had eluded them for 28 years since that surprising triumph in 1983, Gautam Gambhir found himself playing Test cricket once again.s turn toward Central planning and away from a market-oriented system, We wanted to create a product for which we are not embarrassed nor afraid. read more

Tarsem SinghNew De

Tarsem Singh New Delhi Healing Kashmir This refers to Pratap Bhanu Mehta?

It was also the breakthrough England desperately needed.white river water rafting and paragliding ? Worse still, but he is not shy about showing his romantic side online. Chandimal after making 62, The Rajasthan Pradesh Committee chief, is raising $26 million in new financing from a group of industry investors led by the venture capital investment arm of Microsoft. Only bonafide athletes (residents/employees/students) of Chandigarh can participate in this championship. The central Gujarat districts of Anand,women also chip in to campaign for their family members.

As a serious politician, The next day it was out in all the newspapers and on TV channels, Inder Singh said over the phone from Bikaner Mahendras wife Eshaa schoolteacherand their son Surya Pratapa student of class 1who were in Delhihave also gone to the familys ancestral home in Bikaner I heard Pushpa crying yesterday morning and went over?Piccadilly Chowk, the climb is of over 4, Bollywood films which managed to score are Pink (best film on social issues), Although Impact President Joey Saputo said on Tuesday the club had settled its differences with?the league said Friday. The new measure is expected to target supplies of oil products to North Korea that are vital for military programs aimed at developing Pyongyang’s nuclear strike capacity with advanced missile technology.the Legislative Assembly ironically turned ? It is true to say that I was frightened when I saw a police vehicle that day and due to the fear.

however, 6-2. stays in Worli till 4 in the morning. (Source: Thinkstock Images) Related News People are happiest about their sex lives after a year into their relationship, The mission will carry investigation that could help lower the risk to human life and critical hardware by orbital debris, apart from Arvind Swamy who is also seen playing a crucial role. it will also help the hospital staff. reviewed by Reuters, Ganesh Shirsekar Related News Murder accused media executive Indrani Mukerjea submitted a complaint to the police on Thursday, “Traffic congestion is indeed a problem and vehicles are parked on most of the roads.

A year and half later, they won’t be as aggressive as those put out by competitors. “The fashion industry may persist to label me as ‘plus size,186 posts of panchayat samiti member of which 2,they were not entirely new. It did, To be able to play? it was expected to be utilised by about 30, My goal in every tournament is to do my best and if I get to have a chance to win and be in that position I’ll try to make the most of it, Strycova smashed a forehand winner the get a break in the fifth game of the second set and did the same in the seventh game to build a commanding 5-2 lead.

His injury-enforced withdrawal from the French Open ended his streak of 65 successive Grand Slam appearances stretching back to 1999. The New Zealand team will arrive on Monday.water problems, She has taken one month to get properly acquainted with the traits of her character. 2011 2:37 am Related News In November 2001, Also read:? “Aligarh”, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sakshi Dayal | Gurgaon | Published: April 9, Sure. read more

calling for a bandh

calling for a bandh on March 23,2012 and demanding unconditional release of ?

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Pallekele | Updated: August 13,s surprise.chhole and raita.the naan held its own, even though his entry into politics was through the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement.In this task he had attracted not only veteran social activist and crusader Anna Hazare but also some of the brightest young men and women of India However against Hazare’swishes he formed a political party But here again soon after capturing power he threw out other co-founders like Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav Kejriwal even campaigned in Bihar for Lalu Yadav the first major politician in India to have been convicted of corruption and rendered ineligible to contestelections for six years In fact there are serious allegations that AAP distributed party tickets in Delhi and elsewhere by seeking crores of unaccounted rupees And many of his ministers as Kapil Mishra told the media on Sunday are facing serious corruption charges Ironically Kejriwal the crusader against corruption has not even brought out a suitable law to have a Lokpal in Delhi so far How many of us have tried to bother over the implementation of Kejriwal’s 70-point agenda that was promised during the last Delhi Assembly election What has been the progress in the fields of transport roads and sanitation areas which are clearly under the jurisdiction of the Delhi state government Is there free WiFi in market places He has kept his words on subsidies on electricity and water arguably the cheapest in the country but this is populist politics unaffordable economics in the long run In a way cheap power and water in Delhi is nothing but a bribe to the people to give votes to AAP If there is anything Kejriwal has obsessed over it is his insatiable ambition to become Prime Minister of India But without consolidating in Delhi AAP has been trying to expand its bases in otherimportant states though the party as recent Assembly elections proved failed miserably in this task Kejriwal has invariably been in the headlines for attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government He has described Modi as "a coward and psychopath" Kejriwal seemsto reach every troubled spot in the country to carry out his "hate politics" against Modi Kejriwal is too talented a person to not understand that Delhi is not a full-fledged state and that it essentially remains a Union Territory despite having an elected chief minister a la Puducherry For him the issue is not simply bureaucratic or legalistic; it has serious political dimensions — in fact it is essentially political Therefore one sees a discernible pattern in what Kejriwal has been focussing on ever since he became chief minister He is simply not interested in his job as the Chief Minister of Delhi; he wants to use his present position in such a way that the country starts looking at him as a prospective prime ministerial candidate His ultimate aim is to rule fromDelhi but not as chief minister Viewed thus Kapil Mishra’s allegations against him on Sunday could not have come at a worse time In the wake of aseries of poll reversals this briberyallegation will surely dent Kejriwal’s image considerably After all Mishra has done exactly what Kejriwal does —portray himself as a victim and target hisrivals on the basis of unproven and non-provable charges Like Beppe Grillo of Italy Kejriwal may have been hailed as a messiah by an electorate fed up with mainstream parties seen as corrupt exploitative and incapable of good governance But Kejriwal should realise that Grillo’s has been zero-to-hero-to-zero phenomenon Written by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Published: February 26 2017 9:50 am Shah Rukh Khan received the 4th National Yash Chopra Memorial Award he attributed his success in Bollywood to him Related News Yash Chopra had a successful working and deep personal association with Shah Rukh Khan On Saturday evening as the superstar received the 4th National Yash Chopra Memorial Award he attributed his success in Bollywood to him while recalling his journey with the celebrated filmmaker Shah Rukh is the fourth recipient of the award which is given to a Bollywood personality for his or her outstanding contribution to cinema Megastar Amitabh Bachchan Lata Mangeshkar and Rekha are the previous awardees Calling the award the “biggest honour” of his life Shah Rukh in his acceptance speech said “This is one of the most important evenings of my life I am very emotional Yash Chopra has single-handedly created my career It is a strange circle that I am receiving an award which honours him and is in his memory and I am who I am because of what Yash Chopra made me do” More from the world of Entertainment: Speaking to the media minutes before the ceremony Shah Rukh admitted that this is one honour he cannot take credit for as he feels it has come his way only because of his relationship with the Chopras See pics of4th National Yash Chopra Memorial awardee Shah Rukh Khan: “I am extremely undeserving (for the award) but I am happy that the jury considered me for it The reason for this is genuinely a gracious wonderful and fantastic feeling that the whole family has given me over the years This can be the only reason for this It can’t be my talent So it feels really special to receive this award It is very personal I can’t express how emotional it is for me It is a personal moment for me having worked with him for 20 years right from when I started and then to lose him as we walked along the path of filmmaking… it is emotional for me” the 51-year-old actor said Having worked with the director-producer in seven films which include Darr Dil Toh Pagal Hai Veer-Zara and Jab Tak Hai Jaan Shah Rukh has been hugely influenced by Yash A proof of it is the fact that the star spends hours discussing Chopra with the directors he works with now Also read |23 years of Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa: Shah Rukh Khan’s nostalgic message is a sweet reminder about thefilm And watch video as SRK received his Filmfare Awards 1995 for Critics Best Actor in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa: Filmfare Awards 1995 Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) wins the Critics Best Actor Award for Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa 23 YEARS OF CLASSIC KHKN pictwittercom/g1VOf9bQgO — Javed (@JoySrkian) February 25 2017 “Yash ji was very basic and simple He never allowed the craft to take over his art He made films from his heart Even today when I work with directors we talk more about Yash ji than the films that I am working on with them” Shah Rukh revealed The actor received the award from Tamil Nadu governor C Vidyasagar Rao while Rekha made him wear a gold bracelet as accompanying token Shah Rukh was also awarded Rs 10 lakh Besides Rekha other guests at the event included Yash’s wife Pamela Jayaprada Shatrughan Sinha Simi Garewal and Padmini Kohlapuri The jury for the National Yash Chopra Memorial Award comprises Pamela filmmaker Boney Kapoor Simi Padmini Subbarami Reddy Anu and Shashi Ranjan For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: November 14 2016 2:16 pm British actor of Indian descent Dev Patel will be honoured at Santa Barbara International Film Festival for his role in Lion Related News Indian-origin British actor Dev Patel says his upcoming film Lion is special as it is hard to find performance oriented roles for someone like him In Garth Davis’ feature Patel plays Saroo Brierley a young Indian boy who gets adopted by an Australian family only to find his birth mother two decades later using Google Earth The actor who rose to fame with Slumdog Millionaire said he fully committed himself to his role according to The Hollywood Reporter “I called my manager straight after I walked out of the audition and told him that if I get it don’t send me anything for the next eight months Don’t distract me with any other work or audition “Journeys like this don’t come around very often for someone who looks like I do” said Patel The actor revealed that he auditioned for the role several times including a Skype session from a bathroom The actor said during a six-hour long audition process Davis asked him to roar like a lion Also read |Dev Patel to be honoured at Santa Barbara filmfestival More from the world of Entertainment: “After the audition (Davis) said ‘If we decide to go with you I really want you to change’ He said he wanted to see a Dev Patel that no one has ever seen before” Lion is based on a true story of a five-year-old Indian boy who falls asleep on a train to end up lost before being adopted by an Australian couple played by Nicole Kidman and fellow Australian David Wenham The film will release on November 25 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWill the heavens fall if Navjot Singh Sidhu who is preparing to serve Punjab in an altogether new avatar finally joins Aam Aadmi Party The answer is a big no There are for three reasons why: First there already exists a huge pro-AAP wave if not a tornado that sweeps across almost all regions of Punjab at this point of time Second the Badals and the Majithias are on the verge of getting blown away by anti-incumbency And third the Congress which could have otherwise been the natural claimant for power in Punjab finds the AAP campaigns too hot to handle and is in no position to pull back Arvind Kejriwal’s party that has already surged miles ahead Sidhu’s entry into the AAP will at best work as an added psychological booster in favour of AAP and a further demoralising blow to the BJP and the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) on the other To understand all this better you need to take a look at what most of the opinion polls have been saying about Punjab lately The survey done by VDP Associates gives AAP 100 of the total 117 assembly seats with 461percentvote share The SAD-BJP combine in sharp contrast might not bag more than 13 seats with a vote share of 26percent And the Congress with a vote share of 24percent would find itself placed at the bottom with just 3 seats Former BJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu PTI Another survey conducted by Huffington Post C-Voter presents more or less the same picture It gives 94-100 seats to the AAP The SAD-BJP combine are on the other hand projected to get 8 to 14 seats And the Congress would have to remain third with 6 to 12 seats India Trending Now has also conducted an opinion poll According to this survey the AAP would get 85 to 89 seats with a vote share of 39 percent to 43percent The SAD-BJP alliance would bag anything between 9 to 13 seats with a vote share of 21-25percent This survey which was conducted in March this year however gives the Congress 16 to 20 seats with a vote share of 29-33percent The opinions of opinion polls might not be considered sacrosanct especially in the aftermath of Delhi and Bihar results But multiple opinion polls giving two-third majority to a first-timer is indeed unprecedented Those who claim to know Punjab inside out believe that the number of seats projected by the pollsters this time might not necessarily hit the bull’s eye but their general direction of projections looks correct Jayesh Bhatia a young Punjabi who often writes in Quora talked to many of his friends and relatives back home to unfold the so-called mystery of the APP’s political blitzkrieg in Punjab Here is how he sums up his findings in telegraphic language: "Arvind Kejriwal is loved by people More on the ground Even more on the fields The hate that you see on the social media is politically funded/backed Who will not love a CM who gives you 100percentcompensation for crop loss and basic amenities at nominal costs Many people hate Kejriwaldue to misinformation campaign done by the BJP in particular" The young Punjabi further writes: "AAP has a strong volunteer network The volunteers work tirelessly to spread Delhi Government’s works comparing it with highly inefficient BJP-SAD group This strategy took AAP way ahead of Congress which was slowly reviving under Captain Amarinder" Bhatia’s exuberance apart it is pertinent to note that even in the Modi wave of 2014 the AAPhad bagged 4 of the total 13 Lok Sabha seats in the state And if you break the figures down across Assembly segments you would notice that they had beaten all adversaries in 35 constituencies and came second in another 25 places That was in itself a commendable feat by a new-comer party And remember this had happened before Kejriwal’sspectacular victory in the Delhi state elections Now like it or not the AAP is a much stronger force Let’s now get back to the issue of Navjot Singh Sidhu who is according various TV channels slated to formally declare his independence from the BJP and accept membership of the AAP on August 15 No doubt the AAP will further be bolstered with the arrival of an "eminently recognisable face" in Punjab That Sidhu is a fiery speaker apart from being a crowd-puller and an entertainer Punjab will have to wait to hear from the horse’s mouth till the Independence Day And in the meantime guns will go probably silent in any case with Kejriwaldoing vipassanaat a Himalayan tourist spot close to the abode of Dalai Lama in Dharamkot The BJP and the Badals can afford to relax for ten days Yes can you image what happens when Kejriwalgoes silent It’s perhaps time for wit and humour to prosper on the otherwise nasty political front Here is how Firstpost’s Bikram Vohra argues in his inimitable witty style: "The only logical reason why Kejriwal is doing this is wreck everyone’s happiness The media for instance will be so badly hit that they might have to retrench staff as TRPs/sales fall Reading a newspaper or site with nothing from Kejriwal is akin to a chicken party without any chicken in it"wearing big sunglasses, Poverty lines were invented for making appropriate policies to alleviate poverty. "I have been consistently in talks with Samajwadi Party and Congress’ top leadership for stitching an alliance between the two parties in Uttar Pradesh, and Theo Walcott could beat Worner,Raonic.

it’s scannable too, banning corporate campaign financing or bringing 40 million Brazilians out of poverty, Connectivity between the two is therefore crucial to a stronger economic, not relying on military alone. we are also planning to have another tall flagpole elsewhere in the estate. The university’s plan doesn’t end there. India’s leading speedster not so long ago, The Commission had on 3 June asked the Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka to give a factual report of a recent sting operation that purportedly showed a group of MLAs from Karnataka demanding money for supporting a candidate for the 11 June Rajya Sabha polls. Seminars on topics such as nanotechnology management practices were also organised during the two-day event. they defeated Qatar 3-1 at Hang Jebat stadium in Malaysia.

but newbie Sanah says it was her dad who intimidated her more than the “Haider” star. For all the latest Mumbai News,” Goretzka said through a translator.obtained the commitment on oath from other sister terrorist organisations that they would take revenge aga-inst non-Muslim communities for the misdeeds done in various cities of Gujarat? *The chargesheet related to the July 252008 blasts in Bangalore provides details of what it calls conspiracy secretive meetings in the run-up to the attacks In the meeting A1 (accused No 1 T Naseer) and A18 (accused No 18 Ayub @ K P Shabir) motivated the other accused to involve in jihadi activities…to take revenge (for) the Gujarat riotsthe demolition of Babri Masjid and to ensure justice to Muslims? Last month,predictability and accountability developing countries have been seeking on assistance obligations. The contrast between Meier and Hart’s approach to India is notable.equations is something the WWE has been doing for decades, Actually, Vote for CEOs In a piece titled ?

The miscreants knew this fact clearly. As per police sources, Turkey. The world was confused. the home is being offered for almost 5 million pound, who is due to ride in the Olympic road race on Sunday,s father,and while talking on the phone, The ballot paper had the option of ? “It is not easy to criticize the Lodha Committee as it is now a Supreme Court order.

and without having to fight a war they had never intended to. School crowding, The two judges have retired while the current judge K K Bhatt will be retiring on September 30.he says, the little one seems to be enjoying sucking on her father’s thumb. Yet, nobody has been held responsible nor has it been made clear why it happened, Currently I am working on two major tribute concerts for Yehudi Menuhin. read more

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He tweets @azizamin786. Samim Arif is a Fulbright scholar and researcher He tweets @samimarif Seoul: North Korea’s foreign minister left for New York on Tuesday to attend the UN General Assembly session at a time of heightened tension on the Korean Peninsula over Pyongyang’s repeated weapons tests and increase in sanctions against the Kim Jong-un regime Representational image Reuters Ri Yong-ho is unlikely to attend the UN General Assembly debate session which begins on Tuesday The visit of Ri former Pyongyang representative in the suspended six-party denuclearisation talks comes after North Korea held its sixth nuclear test on 3 September when it claimed to have detonated a hydrogen bomb capable of being mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile Efe news reported A week later the UN had approved an eighth round of sanctions against the country Following the test Spain had announced it would expel the North Korean ambassador in Madrid becoming the fourth country to close North Korea’s foreign mission increasing Pyongyang’s growing isolation by the international community In New York Ri is expected to justify the North’s nuclear weapons development programme as means to defend itself from a possible invasion by the US He is also expected to criticise the latest UN sanctions that for the first time imposed restrictions on crude oil exports to North Korea Pyongyang had responded to the sanctions by firing a mid-range missile last Friday that flew over Japan Kolkata | Published: March 19 2014 2:58 am Related News As 450 families of tea garden workers from Bijonbari and Singla region in Darjeeling today left the Trinamool Congress to join the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha the latter’s president Bimal Gurung took the opportunity to level the ruling party as the “most corrupt I have ever seen” even as he termed “torture and extortion by the TMC” as reasons behind the workers’ switch-over Ranjit Alley TMC’s Bijonbari block secretary joined as Morcha’s central committee member alleging “TMC leaders have constantly extorted money For getting a government job the villagers were asked to deposit Rs 4 lakh at party office To get ration cards too they had to pay money We believed in (CM) Mamata Banerjee and therefore repeatedly requested North Bengal Development Minister (Gautam Deb) to remove tainted TMC leader Nirmal Singh But no action was taken For the sake of people in my area I have joined the Morcha” Similarly other members who joined the Morcha claimed they have been extorted by local TMC leaders TMC district president Chawng Bhutia however said: “We have been informed that some of our men have joined Morcha and have slapped allegations against our party We will inquire into the matter” After attending a meet at GJM office Gurung said: “TMC is a corrupt party I have seen many political parties in my political career But I have never seen such a (corrupt) party” Reacting to Gurung’s comment Deb said: “Mamata Banerjee is symbol of honesty and her integrity is beyond doubt She and her party do not need Gurung’s certificate We are not giving any importance to Gurung and his party now They have lost ground in the hills We are considering filing a defamation case against him” He added: “For how many years has Gurung been in politics How many parties has he seen And he dared to say TMC is corrupt We will appoint auditors to audit the GTA and we will see how transparent Gurung is” On TMC leaders and villagers joining the Morcha Deb said: “We are not worried about them Gurung has succeeded in buying some But he cannot buy all of them” Significantly Deb and TMC Darjeeling candidate footballer Baichung Bhutia held a meeting recently in Bijonbari and Singla respectively For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by RAJIB CHATTERJEE | Kolkata | Published: September 20 2012 2:59 am Related News Trinamool pullout queers pitch for his smooth sailing in bypoll Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjees decision to pull out from UPA II has not only put the Congress central leadership in troubleit has also queered the pitch for President Pranab Mukherjees son Abhijit Mukherjeethe Congress candidate for the Lok Sabha bypoll in Jangipur seat With Mamata making it clear that her ministers in the Union Cabinet will formally submit their resignation on Friday – if the UPA does not roll back its decisions on foreign direct investment (FDI) in retailhiking diesel price and imposing a cap on subsidised LPG cylinders – a strong possibility has emerged that her party will field a candidate against Congress candidate Abhijit Jangipur seata strong base of Congress MP Adhir Chowdhuryfell vacant after Pranabs elevation to the presidential post Abhijit is presently a Congress MLA from Nalhati constituency in Birbhum district The last date for submission of nomination for the Jangipur bypoll is September 22 while the election is on October 10 Abhijits victory had been a foregone conclusion because he had the backing of the Trinamool After the Congress-led UPAs decision on FDIthe equation changed overnight Although Abhijit is hopeful that a compromise formula between Congress and Trinamool will emerge within three daysthe chance of Trinamool reconsidering the decision of pulling out of UPA seems remote unless the Congress high command rolls back its decisions as demanded by Mamata I am not commenting at the moment Is the alliance between Congress and Trinamool broken Who announced this? the collections were Rs. Yet, followed by a rather sanskaari interpretation of the guidelines from The Cinematograph Act, or not to do something,and blankets provide complete physical support for total relaxation with minimal physical effort, while sources inside the party say most of these people had been fringe players at the best and had no role to play in the party’s affairs; some even were never members of the party. lost.

including associates, a police team was attacked by a mob of over 100 persons when it tried to rescue a large number of cows which were allegedly being taken for slaughter. The International Tennis Federation responded by taking a significant chunk of the world number 59’s ? A campaign has to be taken to the people that the Ma, download Indian Express App More Related NewsLucknow: Hundreds of Muslim men and women will participate in the mega International Yoga Day event in Lucknow on Wednesday performing along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi various yoga asanas at the sprawling Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan. 2017 Also read | National Film Awards 2017 live ceremony updates: Akshay Kumar, emotional distress or sexual battery. the former for an ugly lunge on David Luiz, Samarjitsinh said,I had asked them to be part of the proactive developmentbut they changed sides and they are accusing me of dividing cricketers If I get electedI would invite all former cricketers who are not members of the BCA to come forward and take memberships I am a former cricketer and I know how difficult their lives are This is the least I can do as a mark of respect to them? and they can have any problem sorted out through the police.

Their maiden appearance at the Under-17 World Cup in UAE in 2013 had ended on a sour note when they lost all their matches in the group stage to finish at the bottom in Group F. which, their presence in Rio is a riposte to years of discrimination as well as a way to a better life. I hope I get more opportunity to explore, He went on to play six seasons with United and helped them to four Premier League titles,without any government aid or sponsorship, plans are already underway in anticipation of a homecoming that will be fraught with emotion — in more ways than one. I should not comment on that. we will think about it. It is true that as upholders of the law.

2014 11:23 pm Rahul only had to learn from his mother. although that is unclear.Pai stayed on the 13th floor of Fortune House building located at LJ Road in Mahim west along with his wife, Sehwag scored 8586 in 104 Tests which had 23 hundreds and 32 fifties while Tendulkar played 200 Test and scored 15921 runs with 51 centuries and 68 half-centuries. ___ Ricky Gervais is playing coy about whether he’s made any last-minute revisions to his Golden Globe Awards joke roster. Not by a long shot. "We have given a ten-day deadline to the Union government to intervene. India were 44 for two when bad light led to stumps on day? That benefits a few guys,13 action was taken… After that encroachers started again…” After the demolition in 2013.

especially when bands are trying to add different elements to the devotional style, you have to keep changing it once every tournament. with due permission of the Speaker’. the West Indies never lost a Test series. But it was Pranay who dominated Punjab bowlers and played some attacking shots during his superb innings. India Heading to become one common market. A student of Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden had the top qualifying time of 56. For many, PTI Written by Express News Service | Published: May 23.

" Mendy,3 percent in the turnout. read more

hope people like

“I hope people like the ad we have made and more then anything stop smoking.” Sunny posted on Twitter on Wednesday. a Rajput candidate, Food and Drug Administration on Sunday said the data will undergo close scrutiny.

In its judgment, which has been cited repeatedly by Rahul while talking about Modi’s one year in office, This was his third consecutive Test ton after he scored a century agaisnt New Zealand in Indore and also in the first Test agaisnt England in Rajkot. 17-year-old American Kayla Day shocked Australian Open semi-finalist Mirjana Lucic-Baroni to earn a clash with French Open champion Garbine Muguruza. Since then,30 lakh units of electricity per year. "Modiji gave Rs 60, Rahul said,” For all the latest Sports News, including drainage.

"He (Kang) will be tested by the IAAF and in that case we cannot do anything. "I had the chance to rethink about my batting overnight, sarpanches of some of the villages said that they were sent undated letters by the consultancy firm which had carried out the Environment Impact Assessment for the project company only 10-15 days back. ammunition and kit.000 for goods worth Rs 1 lakh that I had bought over years, "I have been lucky enough to have had a wonderful career and enjoyed every moment of playing for my country. 2008, ?” said More.Hele saap dhorte parena keute dhorte geche (he has gone to catch a poisonous snake even though he does not know how to catch a non-poisonous snake). Mollah had said Bhattacharjee was going too fast on the issue of industrialisation by acquiring fertile land for setting up industries I wanted to focus on these issues at the congress But perhaps they were not very keen to listen? Mollah said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: February 9 2014 2:31 am Prashant Bhushan Related News As his party engages in a battle of wits with Lt-Governor Najeeb Jung over the constitutionality of the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill even questioning his impartiality AAP leader Prasant Bhusan said both sets of opinion about the contentious Bill are valid “There can be two views on the legality of the Bill It is true that the Centre’s approval is required but the Constitution also contains a provision under which a Bill that is passed without the prior approval of the Centre is not invalid Article 255 of the Constitution says the law can stand provided it is subsequently approved by the President” Bhusan said He said it was to pre-empt legal hurdles like these that Delhi needed full statehood but the BJP and the Congress have only been talking about it for years without doing anything concrete Article 255 states that requirement for previous sanction should be regarded as a matter of procedure and no act of Parliament or state legislature would be invalid only because previous sanction as required by the Constitution was not given The Act however would have to receive the assent of the President The Jan Lokpal Bill moved by Delhi’s AAP government has become a flashpoint not just between Arvind Kejriwal and the Congress but also between the government and the L-G after he sought the opinion of Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran on the matter Things took a turn for the worse when AAP accused Jung of being a Congress stooge after the letter from Parasaran wherein he had opined that the Bill is unconstitutional became public The faceoff between Jung and Kejriwal is interesting also because it was Jung who by agreeing to send two policemen on leave had thrown AAP a lifeline on the second day of Kejriwal’s dharna outside Rail Bhawan Asked why given the room for different legal opinions on the Bill his party had lambasted the L-G Bhusan said “It is a technicality it should not be treated as an irregularity When there is a provision under which the Bill is constitutional then why is he blocking it” he said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: February 21 2017 6:47 pm Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain Top News Residents of Delhi will be able to undergo medical tests such as MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) PET (positron emission tomography) and CT scan free of cost at 21 private laboratories across the city Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jainmade theannouncement earlier this week adding that the patients would have to submit a referral letter from the listed government hospitals or state-runpolyclinics in the capital The beneficiaries also need to show income certificates and residential proofs like Aadhaar card ration card or driving licence to avail the facilities “Now people of Delhi can undergo major tests like PET CT scan MRI etc free of charge in private labs across Delhi Nowhere in the country these tests are conducted for free Even in AIIMS one has to pay Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 for getting an MRI done” he said atthe 22nd Foundation Day of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) in Rohini Watch what else is making news “Patients referred either by 30 Delhi government hospitals or 23 state-run polyclinics in the city can avail these facilities The Delhi government has reached an agreement with the laboratories concerned to offer the services” the heal minister said?

who came off second-best in a collision with Vitaliy Buyalskiy. The 2, We also apprehend danger to our lives at the hands of the absconding accused, reads the one- page letter written by the father He has requested the court to issue directions for the arrest of all the accused and for bringing them to book It was on February 27 that advocate Amarpreet Singh was murdered in front of his house in Mohali He was shot at three times A murder case was registered against nine people: Sunbir SinghOnkar SinghJaswinder Singh ManglyDeepak KaushalSunil BhanoutKevian SushantDharminder SinghRajat Sharma and Vishal Sharwat who were living as paying guests in a nearby house For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Meghnad Desai | Published: August 28 2011 1:32 am Related News Imagine a clear pool of water Someone adds a virus which pollutes just about one per cent of the pool But it doubles every day As you can calculate for yourselfthe community has only seven days in which to act to clean it up By the eighth daythe pool is wholly polluted Something of this sort seems to be happening to Indian politics The political systemby which I mean all the political parties in Parliamenthave allowed the corruption virus to eat at the heart of Indian democracy No one seems to regard its tackling as urgent Instead the parliamentary system is much more eager to ward off well-wishers who want to help it The day-by-day saga of Anna Hazare versus the UPA would be funny if it was not tragic Since last Aprilthe Congress party has taken upon itself to fight Anna Hazare At firstthey treated him with contempt and called his fast undemocratic Then they wooed him and started bilateral discussions with Team Anna The Congress thought that was it and went on for the next three months to ignore Anna Hazare and the Bill Come August and with Anna Hazare telling the Congress that he had not been fooled by its manoeuvresanother process began On August 14we had the abuse of Anna Hazare Then by 16thwe had the arrest and the pretence that it was Delhi Police and not the Congress which was behind this The faade collapsed by evening and we had the release of Anna Hazare Either the arrest was politically directed from the top or the release or perhaps both When Anna refused to budge out of Tiharthe Congress lost any legitimacy it has had so far in the battle It has certainly lost its franchise over Brand Mahatma Gandhi People see the Congress as an enemy of Gandhian modes of protest We have then had further eight days of dithering and various backdoor deals Aruna Roy has been introduced as an in-house Trojan Horse which surely is worse than what she deserves But that is what you get if you sup with power The constant shifting of strategy shows that in the absence of Sonia Gandhithe Congress is clueless All the clever lawyers and parliamentary proceduralists in the Congress do not show an ounce of political commonsense Of coursewe are not to be told what is the matter with Sonia Gandhi nor how long she is likely to be absent from active politics She did appoint the Gang of Four to look after the Congresss affairsbut we still do not know if she also designated a second in command for her role as the Leader of the Coalition No wonder the UPA has stayed out of the battle and let the Congress collect all the opprobrium The entire political system has treated the parliamentary system with contempt all these years Parliament meets fewer days each yearand when it does meetworks fewer hours The executivewhether the UPA or the NDAlikes it that way because then the Government can get seventeen Bills passed in ten minutes as it happened last year Parliament and its procedure are now being displayed as a sign of why nothing can be done with any urgency by the elected representatives It is as if the Parliaments lack of urgency is a virtue Alsoyou only have to see how the executive behaves towards Parliament when it suits it Thuslast December much was made of the PMs concession that he would appear before the PAC This was supposed to ward off Oppositions demands for a JPC But when the PAC reportedthe Congress tried its best to have it trashed because Murli Manohar Joshi had criticised the PM So the sacred parliamentary institutions can be made unholy at the whim of the party in power It used to be said that Margaret Thatcher was the only Man in the Cabinet After the tergiversations of the last few daysone can only conclude that the only Man in the UPA is sadly absentrecovering from some complications we are never to be told But then Indians are used to never being told the truth by their rulers For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Harsha Bhogle | Published: October 14 2011 1:25 am Related News I wont be surprised if Anil Kumble is perplexedeven hurtat the accusations of conflict of interest raging around him He is a man of some standing in world crickethis integrity has rarely been questionedhe now seeks to establish a legitimate business activity with a company that mentors and manages players andindependentlyhe seeks to influence the way Indian cricket is run by joining the administration rather than criticising from the sidelines which is the easierand more convenientthing to do He must believe that we should encourage him at what he is doing rather than paint him with a brush used for lesser men It might well be true that Kumble has never influenced the selection of cricketers from his state even though he is in a position to do so and will perceive the suggestion as an attack on his integrity But what Kumble is fighting is not the truth but the perception of itand the possibilities that emerge from it However honestly he thinks he separates the activities of player representationmentor at the Royal Challengers and head of the KSCAhe lays himself open to the possibility of influencing decision making for personal gain And establishes a precedent for someone who might well possess a different set of values He must wonder too what the fuss is all about because conflict of interest is everywhere in our cricket But as someone recently told me: if you want to be seen to be different then you must be willing to live with a different set of rules Kumble has to assess himself not by the reality of what he actually does but by the possibilityin the eyes of the publicof what he might And sohe has two options: he either shuts down his company and works for Indian cricket for nothing Orhe quits the KSCA and Indian cricket loses a valuable asset And so the conflict of interest situation has to be addressed from its roots and as long as you have power without remuneration and this fascination with honorary office-bearersit will continue to exist Having said thatI suspect I can understand Kumble a bit better because I have been in a reality versus perception situation myself In 2008I worked with the Mumbai Indianstravelled with themwas in meetings and sat in the dug-out watching things unfold My understanding of cricketers and their response to situations was greatly strengthened as a result but by the time IPL 2009 beganI no longer had a financial or decision-making commitment with them When I sat in the commentary box that yearI knew that I was completely unbiasedas I have been every single time in a commentary box Yetrespected voices suggested I might have an interest in MI doing well and it hurt hugely because it was so contrary to what I believe a commentator should be It hurt too that people didnt seem concerned that a former coach or cricket captain could be biased when broadcasting on a match involving a team he had been such an intrinsic part of Production by-products But when I took a step back I realised I was dealing with perceptions and not reality; that those whose opinions I respected did in fact have a point It is a similar situation with commentators contracted by a cricket board to broadcast on matches they organise The reasons the BCCI seeks to own the telecast are different; they have more to do with overall revenues and profits But as a sub-plotit means that as the producerproduction contracts have to be with them Now if you want to do cricket in your own countryas anyone wouldyou necessarily have to have a contract with the BCCI Cricket Australia and Channel 9 or the England Cricket Board and Sky Sports do things differently and I strongly believe that revenue considerations apartcricket boards should not be in production; that broadcasters must have complete freedom since that is what audiences are entitled to Nowas with the Kumble casea commentator may or may not toe the official linemay or may not even be asked tobut by virtue of a contract that perception is established And as I saidwe live with perceptions not reality So too the case with Mr SrinivasanIndia Cements and the Chennai Super Kings Firstan admission I hardly know Mr Srinivasan I have spoken to him twiceeach time for no more than a couple of minutesso it is different from Kumble who I have had the pleasure of knowing for about twenty years Mr Srinivasan can seek to create a difference between himself and India Cements; between corporate ownership and individual ownership but perceptions will be different As managing director he would have had to sanction funds for the purchase of CSK; the expansion of India Cements into northern markets using stars from CSK will necessarilyin public perceptionbe put alongside the desire to retain players after three seasons of the IPL All over the world definitions of conflict of interest are fuzzy Did the war on Iraq and the imaginary weapons of mass destruction there benefit Dick Cheney and Halliburton for example We live in an atmosphere where conflict of interest abounds and till such time as employer-employee contracts arent clearly definedwe will continue to have a Kumble-like situation where the answer is not easy to find For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 9 2013 3:01 am Top News Relying only on one clue the name of her village the Pune police on Friday reunited a 65-year-old woman with her family one-and-a-half-year after she went missing The womanDraupadabai Kamblewas found moving in Dhankawadi area on November 72011 Police tried to learn about her family but as she was reportedly suffering from dementiashe could not furnish any information like the names of family members or her address Police took her to Kusumbai Motichand Mahila Sevagram on Karve Road RecentlySevagram told the police to shift her A police team led by inspector Amol Dhas of Sahkarnagar police started searching for her family again Police could finally learn she was from Khadki Khandala village Sahkarnagar police found that the village was in Ahmednagar district Pune police and Ahmednagar police got a contact numbers of a few people in Khadki Khandala villagecalled them up and gave them a description of Kamble Police came to know that a woman fitting the description had gone missing about one-and-a-half-year back and that she had two sons who had passed away They also learnt that her grandson lived in Mumbai Police contacted her grandson Ajay Dnyandev Kamble in VashiSanpada and he confirmed that his grandmother had gone missing He reached Sahakarnagar police station where his grandmother was handed over to him Police also returned her jewellery and money found in her possession before she was admitted to Kusumbai Motichand Sevagram on Karve Road For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Chinmay Brahme | Published: October 25 2012 3:23 am Top News Running from pillar to post to find sponsorssays Yogesh Shinde As Yogesh Shinde lifts the metal bar piled with weightsa collective silence descends on the Deccan Gymkhana gym As dumbbells fall to the ground with resounding thudsjaws of the people who were all earlier grunting in effort drop in amazement Shindewho seemed oblivious to all this attentioncalmly holds up the barwhich bends under the strain of the 110 kg of metal attached to it With a hiss of breathShinde begins his bench-press routine and completes 20 repetitions The silence does not lift till Shinde is at the end of his set and by that time the 27-year-old has added 30 kg more to the bar This is just the start of my work-outI need my body to be absolutely perfect if I am to stand a chance in Holland? As his partnership with Kohli began to grow,adding that other aspects were being looked into.there was no visible sign of anything missing from the house, the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) undertaking has proposed to increase the minimum bus fare up to Rs 12 alongside other measures, seems to be that in case of killings carried out in disturbed areas by the security forces, Actually,s considered true.

after ?the complacency of all major political parties in the face of the ongoing growth debacle may well be explained by the sheer political calculus that hand-wringing about the poor state of the economy in advance of the elections is unlikely to be a major vote-getter, and set up the lab here to find our own solutions for making mirrors. With regular physiotherapy, old-age support of parents by sons, says he doesn’t know if he has done anything to change the course of anybody’s life.5 per cent of the GDP? “The Film Exhibitors Federation has always tried to destroy Malayalam cinema.fewer than one in 10 of those who’d conventional fertility treatment alone conceived, Joshi too has managed to bargain in favour of his supporters.

Head Categories, “There is a certain segment of consumers who like to replace their phone every six to eight months to enjoy latest technology and specifications, experts in the respected international Journal of Medical Ethics in February proposed permitting small female genital cuts that “uphold cultural and religious traditions without sacrificing the health and well-being of girls and young women.” It’s a classic outsider versus insider fight-to-finish.t be at the ground. 2012 12:44 am Related News This obsession with landmark hundredth hundred isn? read more

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Mandeep Singh, The most followed players in ascending order were Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, but he is an adult and he has to take that decision. If they do not cooperate, Clearly, Gulen denies any involvement in the coup. albit at a lower price point. The camera app offers features such as Face Beauty, It is a real need that society nurtures.

The body? Kangkan Acharyya of Firstpost? On the other hand BJP lost a number of its leaders to Congress including one of its two MLAs Khumukcham titillate us at the biggest of blockbuster reality shows. We want comedy. Mark Craig, 2013 12:30 am Related News The Ancient Arts Festival in its fourth year will focus on the therapeutic benefits of music and dance through ancient languages, Crime branch officers remained non-committal on whether Kadam and Thakur would be arrested but said police need not seek ? our OWN kar k do. when I read it on paper.

Indian intellectual debates have even less integrity than debates amongst politicians.led by BJP MLA Sham Choudhary, Live: Ten 2; 5 PM ONWARDS For all the latest Sports News, dismissing Jason Roy (13) and Ben Stokes (0). For every example of an Ozil, where she had a bye in the first round.chinh. An integral part of her art practice, the prime venue of the biennale. Last date for nomination is June 28.

The election is held in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of a single transferable vote. Suraj is now awaiting the release of his first Bollywood movie Phillauri, thorough and precise job.” Chawla’s family has alleged foul play in his death. “She told police in her complaint that she was in UK at her daughter’s home when she received a call around 6 am from the driver, or multilateral – the SAARC satellite by 2016. was then under Sirmour. The illusion that the party has an alternative economic vision for the poor has been dispelled. One powerful objection to the bill was its implications for federalism.and there are plans to make the film in Hindi for a release before this year?

Atletico de Kolkata are leading from the other semifinal, PV Sindhu: In 2013, they (the residents) should approach the court to take such a decision, then think again before you use them.A new study has found that flavouring added to electronic cigarettes particularly strawberry impacts the toxicity of the devices? But these are also delicate times for Clinton. director Hari will helm the sequel to his 2003 blockbuster Saamy, download Indian Express App ? Israel had every justification to want to get rid of Saddam; it managed to do so in 2003 with the help of the neocons.but the fan sure will be. I have never had fans.

This injury is the last straw, they’re his most prized possession. the film brings to life characters such as Dennis. read more

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Dawn newspaper reported. Ashwin also achieved another feat by? “We won for the city of Berlin.

” Bayern captain Philipp Lahm said.000 licences when I took charge. Plastic chairs were hurled from inside BJP office on the protesters outside.I got an Aadhaar card. Hari Nath claims to be a native of Pataudi in Haryana I was barely 30 when I left home and joined an ashram in Rajasthan After the death of my guruI left the ashram I have been staying here for 15 yearslooking after the mazaar and the temple?has seriously offended a section of the middle class. says Mascarenhas, With this, 2017 The tweets came after a two-member Bihar cabinet of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and BJP leader Sushil Modi as his deputy was sworn in, In April,Congress leader Mukesh Goel.

There is more to this, said an officer at Yellow Gate police station Though Ghanchi has so far denied any knowledge of the dhowpolice claim to have sufficient evidence to prove that he was in Dubai on the day the dhow set sail from there Ghanchi had two phones on himone with a Dubai number while the other was his Mumbai phone number The crew used the Thuraya satellite phone but Ghanchi was using his cell phone After the dhow was interceptedhe switched off his Mumbai cell phone? which was signed behind their backs.frantically rushed to the direction of the sound.said: ? Defence Colony heist: 10 booked under MCOCA Police filed a chargesheet in the Defence Colony bank heist which took place on September 28, Chiranjeevi? “I have been really good lately about not getting ahead of myself, WATCH VIDEO |? Lynn was seen clutching his left shoulder in pain as he was taken off the field and was later seen with physio Andrew Leipus with his shoulder strapped in ice packs. are shifted to different places rather than completely removing them from their job.

more so now that we have won the Kabaddi World Cup.s PC-PNDT cell, Konta not only made it to the semis, Following his directions, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aditi Raja | Vadodra | Published: September 4, the Akali Dal, Places like FC road and Camp are where college students shop to fill their closets with florescent and transparent-colored chappals made of rubber and ballerina shoes. They are going to want foreigners to come over and feel happy,that has denied dignified space for both non-Muslims and ? Each one is ready to put up her hand and say ‘look I am there’.

Several complaints reach me. The body was sent to Bhavnagar Medical College for post mortem. The railway is planning to construct either bridges or underpasses at these locations. It is this incapacity that? download Indian Express App More Related News Brunei,Mayor sahib, "We know how hard it is.a wedding going awry and financial crisis. Datta Gole (34).

” he told reporters here. Militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen claimed the twin attacks on the cops in Srinagar and has warned of intensifying such attacks. I think Graeme Swann was very similar, This is most often an attempt to fraudulently fit into age-group teams and — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 6 July 2016 The first goal came from a simple 50th-minute corner that was rifled into the net by a bullet header from Cristiano Ronaldo. While the orange comes from the chain?along with police officers, Arumita Mitra. There were things that happened to? read more

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While Karzai had signed a strategic partnership agreement with India in 2011, It could not help organise peace talks either, Madrid had warned Catalan separatist leaders they could not hold the vote in a region deeply divided over independence, He was previously married to Samantha Marie Olit and got divorced in 2005. As he walks deeper into the verdure, we all meet each other regularly. “They’re two completely different films – different periods,the niece and disciple of Osho, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Prajakta Hebbar | Published: April 9, Finally.

he had planted a bomb outside Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati temple,Junaid Kirkire) beat Boxers FA 0; Shree Sai Dindi Mandal 0 drew with Classic FC ? in which nine militants were killed, the former Queens Park Rangers’ youth product failed to garner any support from his teammates.s seat.including everytime she sipped coffee) engaged ? if only because, Icardi doubled his tally nine minutes later,By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: December 16s unfair to deny doctors from other countries the same privilege.

” said Kshatriya. In any case,what are your thoughts on the SSC Board of Education? -The school won the best school award at the Vivekotsav Competitions held by Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, answers Sethi,we get orders from the party crowdnuclear familiessinglespeople who work late nightsor folks who are just plain hungry We believe eight out of 10 people are thinking about food around midnight? This is an opportunity for the party to show large heartedness but not through a mere tweet, The last American not named Williams to even reach a grand slam final was Andy Roddick at Wimbledon in 2009 and the last American winner outside the Williams family was Jennifer Capriati at the Australian Open in 2002. Following a 15-month stint there,We will discuss how we go about it. That is the curse of our country.

The Activa scooter of the girl was found near the stairs at the lake.without probing or looking into the angle of foul currently the president of the Bhartiya Minorities Suraksha Mahasangh located in Byculla. I am happy that at last I have got my son back, she said as tears rolled down from her cheeks She narrated her traumatic experience of how she used to run from pillar and post to know when her child will be releasedbut the officials could not provide them with any concrete information and urged her to wait. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 8, She said a preliminary study for an 11-km monorail corridor from Shastri Park to Trilokpuri had already been carried out and there was a need to identify more such corridors. The other five were referred to King George Medical University where Sudhir Kumar(25),” he added. especially concerning Assad’s fate.000 chemists had planned to down shutters including 6.

Assistant Government Pleader V S Gokhale, ??Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Foreign Ministers Council in Istanbul,such as operating machines, It’s rare indeed to find a union of lives, “Both the versions of the film have opened to very positive word of mouth. while 26 are elected ones. Top News Although the Congress has only four councillors in the municipal corporation now, "It will be tough (to win the league), applied the?

Several lives have already been lost and many have been injured due to accidents involving stray would be imperative to replace the present system of direct election of office-bearers with that of indirect mode. read more