Month: May 2020

Angry Melchior: This was the confrontation of the Magician King in the ride

first_imgPicture: iStock -Would you like sweet? Take candies.Would you like too? Pos take, fuck.One other who desires sweet. Candies, candies, candies, I bury you in candies, josdeputas !!!– TodoJingles (@TodoJingles) January 5, 2020There have been few movies which were made viral by way of Twitter and in which we will see Melchor give attention to one of these teams of mother and father and youngsters. Melchor not solely throws sweet aggressively, but additionally threatens to level out a number of of the assistants to the ride of Tarrasa. The explanation for this anger? Apparently a number of spectators returned the candies to the float, impacting the Magician King. It could be that Melchor’s endurance ended at a sure level in the journey and he determined to take it with the individuals gathered in the road. I was slightly offended, proper? I throw them in my face and it virtually leaves me one-eyed however I nonetheless love him.– Candy Bussy (@MstaniaL) January 6, 2020King Melchior yesterday in the ride of my metropolis, I’m crying– Ricky (@Rickyexp) January 6, 2020 Twitter has proven all types of movies from completely different anglesApparently the Magician was throwing candies violentlycenter_img The arrival of the Magi is taken into account the final nice Christmas occasion. Earlier than the presents for the little ones in the home, at all times accompany the corresponding ride on responsibility. Yearly and all through Spain their majesties arrive accompanied by the pages, entering into floats to throw candies. Nothing out of the extraordinary, if it weren’t as a result of evidently Melchor has began 2020 considerably extra offended about the account.We journey to Tarrasa, the place the native ride has gone viral exactly as a result of it has the most annoying Magi of current years. Removed from throwing candies with love and for them to succeed in as many individuals as attainable, Melchor appears at occasions that focuses on ‘assaulting’ sure viewers. last_img read more

Do you know that the SAR also removes words from the dictionary? These are some of them

first_imgThe Royal Spanish Academy, better known as RAE, has been for years the cultural institution that is dedicated to the linguistic regularization of Spanish with different standards to ensure its proper use. His work also includes, in addition to creating linguistic regulations, updating the Spanish dictionary over time, including new words that have been created or have extended its popularity, and even removing words that are no longer used today.It can be difficult to think what words may be those that according to the Royal Spanish Academy, are no longer worthy of being in the Spanish dictionary, but we can assure you that some of them are so rare, that the strange thing is that once they had been included. To them: Keys Ahogaviejas: Quijones Asgo: Disgust Snails!: Caramba! Cadascuno: Each Camasquince: Melee Demoñejo: Demon Enguria: Wrinkle Bloodied: Distressed Galdrufa: Top Gelo: Ice Wink: He who beckons with his eyes Guzpatarero: Thief holing and drilling the walls Muhammad: Sloppy and lounging man Marcellin: Pertaining to march Mege: Doctor Mercadantesco: Mercantile Yoglar: Minstrel Xion: Yes Some of the words removed are frankly rare The Royal Spanish Academy is responsible for updating the dictionary from time to time Image: iStockcenter_img Castilian, although it is an official language, may sound differently depending on the area in which one is. For example, if in one area a small child eats potatoes, in another a small child eats potatoes. These small differences at the time of speaking although they are different, are totally correct and there is an institution in charge of verifying it: the Royal Spanish Academy.last_img read more

Budimir, at the casting of ‘9’

first_imgThe casting of possible signings of Barcelona to sign Ousman Dembélé is extended. The names of Angel, Lucas Pérez or Roger Martí have been added in the last hours of Ante Budimir, as AS has learned. The Croatian striker of Mallorca breaks into Barcelona’s radar and is another option that sounds in the offices of the Barca club in order to replace the injured Frenchman. Budimir is a ram of 28 years and 190 centimeters that this season has eight goals with Mallorca. The Croatian is an area forward who would fulfill the profile of being a different tip than what Barcelona has right now. Budimir arrived in Mallorca on loan from the Italian Crotone last January 2019. In June, the vermilion club acquired it in property for two million and in the first part of the championship it has exploded. Its termination clause is around 40 million.last_img read more

Good or bad GM? Scientists say they neither harm the health nor the environment

first_imgTo prepare their report they have examined 900 studies An ear of GM corn. Image: Pixabay The scientists, who presented the work on Tuesday, carefully looked for studies and evidence of the adverse health effects of the consumption of GMOs or derived foods, but found none. According to the work done with animals on the chemical composition of transgenic foods, the researchers reveal that there are no differences in the health risk between the consumption of transgenic and conventional foods. In addition, the report emphasizes that the available epidemiological data do not show associations between GMO consumption and any chronic disease or condition. In fact, there is evidence that insect-resistant transgenic crops have brought benefits to humans by reducing insecticide poisoning. To all this is added the fact that GM crops designed for the benefit of health are being developed, such as rice with higher beta-carotene content and thus avoid blindness and death caused by vitamin A deficits suffered by people who suffer They live in developing countries.Effects on the environment On the other hand, the use of this type of plants has not reduced the total diversity of the plants nor the life of the insects in the farms. The researchers point out in their report that even in some cases these insect resistant crops have allowed an increase in insect diversity.Thus, the scientists also found no conclusive cause-effect evidence on the environmental problems of transgenics, even in the transfer of genes between a transgenic plant and a wild relative species. However, given the complexity of assessing long-term environmental changes, experts say it is difficult to reach definitive conclusions. In agriculture, evidence indicates that genetically modified crops of soybeans, cotton and corn have generally allowed favorable economic results for farmers, but these have varied depending on the abundance of pests, agricultural practices and the infrastructure used. But on farms where management strategies to resist pests were not maintained, there are insects that are developing resistance to the type of pesticides. In addition, in many fields some weeds show resistance to glyphosate, the herbicide to which genetically engineered crops should be resistant. For the committee of experts, it is the product and not the process to improve the genetics of the plant that should be regulated, as previous reports from the Academy show.center_img Genetically modified organisms have been cultivated for more than 30 years, but their use has not been without controversy. Now, an exhaustive report by US scientists confirms that these transgenic plants show no health or environmental risks, although their resistance to herbicides could pose a serious agricultural problem.Since the 80s, biologists have used genetic engineering to create specific characteristics in plants and that they achieve, for example, lengthen the shelf life of fruits, include greater vitamin content and have a greater resistance to diseases. However, it was this last aspect that had the greatest commercial use. In the fields, the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) capable of supporting the use of herbicides or of being toxic to insect pests has been extended. But the benefits and risks of these plants were still uncertain. After examining in depth about 900 studies and other publications on the development, use and effects of the characteristics of corn, soy and cotton, genetically modified organisms for 30 years, the expert committee of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine The US found no evidence on the differences in health risk between transgenic and conventional plants. last_img read more

Malaga continues to breathe. The shadow of the Al Thani is no longer elongated

first_imgA growing Malaga. Málaga have only lost one of their last 14 games since they were defeated on November 17 (2019) by Alcorcón in Santo Domingo. Since then, five victories (four of them with Sergio Pellicer and one with Victor), eight draws (three with Pellicer and five with Victor) and the only defeat that, so far, leads the Nules coach, who was ratified until the end in season by the judicial administrator, José María Muñoz. In all this time the team has grown in strength and reliability and conveys feelings that, shortly after things smile, it can aspire to more than suffer.Pellicer’s humility. Since its arrival Malaga has won four games, tied three and lost only one. 15 points out of 24 possible that have injected optimism into a hobby that, after a time of heavy suffering begins to breathe. And more now that the horrific president / tweeter, his idle children, and the sinister CEO, Richard Shaheen, have been removed from the club’s management. Pellicer maintains his speech based on what he calls, ‘the three axes’. “Humility, honesty and honesty”. This is the way for the “three axes” to be “Hip-hip-hurray” at the end of the season.Al Thani and Shaheen. The sheikh, in his parallel world of levitation and mysticism, pretends that Shaheen resumes his functions in the club so that they do not laugh, control the judicial administrator. Yes friends. Shaheen. A gray suit liquidator who was walking with his dog repellent as if La Rosaleda was his farmhouse. And that when he did not order club staff to show the can of the American. Offers for the club. A lot of noise and …. As it could not be less, they do not stop leaving conatos of offers to buy the Malaga. Pray the American way. Pray another American way. 0ra the Qatari way. Pray the Malaga route … as a listener of the Cadena Ser de Málaga commented on Sunday during the Blue and Whites’ match in Las Palmas. “A lot of track and little train.” To all this. It is interesting to await BlueBay movements, which won 49% of Al Thani’s 97.19 and club management. It is necessary to emphasize the prudence of this hotel company. Munir, again savior. We fear that Malaga will miss this great goalkeeper of Melilla, a Moroccan international. Although he is reminded of his two afternoon tricks against Deportivo, Malaga came to that promotion for stops that made it possible to play that promotion, He avoided Las Palmas 2-0 and in the next play, 1-1 of Lombán. He ends contract on June 30. It won’t be easy for him to stay.Dani Pacheco. The Slate is a player with unlimited talent that we always expect more. This he said after the Gran Canaria game. “The point is positive, adding away from home in this League is not easy. We brought a dynamic of nine out of nine and we continue adding, it’s fine. Munir has saved us. We have a very good dynamic, we are very well, we are happy and We believe in what we do”.Lombán consolidates. Watching David Lombán play regularly is another great news of this reborn Malaga post-Al Thani. The Avilés scored in Las Palmas and is already the most leading scorer of the team with three goals. One in Zaragoza that was worth one point, another to Racing (2-0) and Friday’s in Gran Canaria. The center has helped with his goals to add five interesting points. Everything matters.From the plane to the training. Upon landing in Malaga from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the team went to the Annex to conduct a light training session. Recovery work. Pellicer has granted rest until Tuesday to prepare Sunday’s game against Real Zaragoza.Cifu and the competition. The career of the Grenadian of Zújar is a continuous struggle to overcome. It cost him a world to stay in Malaga and win the job. But he was injured and is now pressed by Ishmael, who looks like he is the right side of the future. Cifu, who has recently been the father of a beautiful girl, Jimena, reflected in this way. “I had to leave, now to try to help the team and regain confidence. It is never easy to leave, we must continue adding and working. Now we have to wait and continue working for when the opportunity comes to give everything. Next rivals? Two hard teams that are not going to make it easy, but we grow at home with that plus of the fans. Let’s face it. “Al Thani’s shadow is no longer so happily lengthened. The squeaky sheikh is still unaware of the rejection that his figure produces among the vast majority of Málaga’s fans. Congratulations from other clubs (yes, unofficial and in private) are unanimous. Nobody wants Malaga to disappear whose life is better without this family of tweeters.last_img read more

Strasbourg-PSG, postponed

first_imgStrasbourg-Paris Saint Germain on Saturday morning is postponed by the Coronavirus. This has been confirmed by both clubs and the competition itself, after the measures taken to prevent the spread of the disease in the Lower Rhine and Grand Est.The duel, which was to be played from half past five in the afternoon, is postponed with the date yet to be decided. In this way, Paris Saint Germain keeps a pending match, in his fight to maintain the advantage that allows him to add a new championship. At the moment, it is the only meeting of the day of Ligue 1 that has been suspended. In France, Coronavirus has already affected more than 600 people and nine have died. Macron considers the epidemic “inevitable”: “We enter a phase that will last weeks and probably months.”last_img read more

El Mirandés-Numancia, the first professional match suspended

first_imgThe derby between Mirandés and the CD Numancia that would have to be played this Saturday has been suspended. This was stated by the Vice President of La Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, at a press conference after the celebration of the Government Council of Extraordinary character on the morning of Wednesday: “We have to try to avoid agglomerations outside, it is no use avoiding it inside if things like those that happened yesterday in Valencia happen, in which the agglomerations are done at the stadium gate “ Igea said. It is about, So far, the only professional meeting suspended. Although at first the indications of LaLiga was to be held behind closed doors, like the rest of the category, the fact that Miranda de Ebro is one of the towns of Castilla y León with the highest number of cases for confirmed coronavirus, has led the Regional Administration to take appropriate measures. This is intended to avoid mass agglomerations and, in principle, there were a good number of fans of the Numancia CD that would be in the town of northern Burgos, although many of them, as they already told AS, had canceled the trip.last_img read more

The clubs rent gym machines and put the thermometer every 12 hours to the ‘soccer players’

first_imgNot all the players are Messi or Benzema nor do each of the First and Second professionals have houses with several floors and multiple rooms. Therefore, These days clubs are very focused on equipping their players with the necessary means to be able to work as normally as possible so as not to lose shape. The most common practice by sports directions, as AS has learned, is being buy and rent gym equipment so that they can be installed in their respective homes. The most common orders are being stationary bikes, ellipticals, weights of all kinds and TRX. There is no common plan among all clubs or a single provider. Each entity is seeking life as it can. Albacete and Oviedo are the most active and it is designing very comprehensive strategies according to the sources consulted. The players from Madrid, Barça and Atleti have soccer players with very professional equipment regardless of this crisis. Valencia, by inertia of the Marcelino era and its coach Ismael Fernández, It also has customs that have now made things much easier.In several Second teams there are very curious cases that do nothing but encourage originality. There are players who are sending photographs to their physical trainers of the spaces that they can enable to work at home. And from there, professionals design a specific task in which they take advantage of any corner, from the steps of the house to the railings. Anything goes to properly work the lower body, biceps and triceps and larger muscle groups using pulleys and tires that hook to the ceiling. All clubs maintain a similar protocol with their footballers through WhatsApp groups that have been created to improve communication while isolation lasts. All First and Second players are required to take their temperature every 12 hours and to share the results in the group, although some prefer to do it privately to preserve confidentiality. There are still clubs that have not finished passing the tests that LaLiga has put at their service to check if there are more positives or not. The big problem that soccer players are encountering, and that most worries doctors, is weight control. There are consulted teams that started by asking for the weight once a day and are already forcing their players to pass the data, with photo included, twice a day. They know that a month of confinement (until May they will not compete again) can ballast the state of form and multiply the risk of injury.Albacete’s physical trainer, Alberto Piernas, summarized the action plan of his club and the rest of professional entities in a video distributed on social networks: “The work that we have provided to the players is designed so that they can do it autonomously with the material that we have provided from the clu and with the collaboration of PlayFitness. It is conditioned by space as they cannot go outside to The objective is to maintain strength and cardiovascular levels. The material consists of a bike, a dumbbell kit, a pair of elastic bands, a mat to do CORE work. The working days range from the 70s to the 90s. minutes. Depends on the day. And it has various contents. There is a part of preventive and compensatory work. We also work on hip mobility and gluteal stability. Then we have a block in which we focus on the strength of the lower body as that we usually do. We will also do some collective work through a video call application so that we can interact and I think it will be quite fun to break the routine. “last_img read more