Dube inquest officers did CPR for 28 minutes

A routine call to arrest a teenager on a probation violation two years ago at the Niagara Gorge turned into a tragedy. Ryan Dube, 18, died after falling down the side of the gorge. The officer pursuing him was seriously injured. An inquest into the tragedy entered its second day today.Lying at the bottom of the gorge, seriously injured constable Jacob Smits grabbed his police radio and managed to make a call.“I’m not doing well. I’m somewhere in the gorge,” he can be heard saying in a recording of the conversation. “Can I get some assistance, please? I need a unit to get to the gorge.”Sergeant Marco Giannico arrived a few minutes later and saw police officers on the ledge on the other side of the wall looking down.“Just to advise, any units on scene here are not supposed to go over the barrier. We’ve got a rescue team coming from the Parks and Fire Department,” Giannico says in a recording.Smits was firing signal shots from his weapon. He said it was only once or twice, but people in the area heard more.“So he’s further up the hill from you 10-4?”“Roger.”“Any idea if he’s got a weapon?”“Not that I know of.”Eight rounds had been fired from constable Smits’ weapon.“Suspect’s nearby. I can hear him moaning and growing. Yeah, I’m okay right now,” he is heard saying.Meanwhile, Matt Whitely along with another ETU officer were getting ready to rappel down the gorge to get to the victims.When the ETU officers got down to Dube, they could see he was in bad shape. His head was bleeding and he had frothy blood coming from his mouth. His lungs werefilling with fluid and it was clear his spine was injured.The officers did CPR on Dube for 28 minutes before it was determined he had no vital signs. He died before the rescue basket arrived.The parks police had been working on Smits but it appeared he was going into shock.This afternoon, accompanied by coroner Jack Stanborough and counsel Graeme Leach, the jury visited the section of stone wall where dube and smits went over.

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