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Beside The Points For Thursday Dec 21 2017

See more NBA predictions NBA Things That Caught My EyeFive years is kind of a hard capMarvin Lewis was head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals for 15 years and never managed to win a Super Bowl. Reality is, coach-quarterback combos that work tend to be the ones that click early. Every coach/starting quarterback combination who won a Super Bowl did so within their first five seasons of working together. [FiveThirtyEight]Yeah I had a nasty case of the “Vegas Flu” once and learned I probably shouldn’t play roulette anymoreThe Las Vegas Golden Knights are doing really well, and here’s one theory as to why their opponents appear off their game: They play hockey in Las Vegas, a fun place with booze and gambling and late nights on the town before hockey games. “Hockey flus” have historically spread in certain cities, be they “Roxy Flu” in Vancouver thanks to the Roxy club, or “Philadelphia Flu” because the team was a bit punchier than a typical squad. Vegas has played seven teams this season that as of Tuesday appear playoff bound, and all those good teams lost in Vegas. House always wins. [ESPN]Fiesta Bowl pivots to OverwatchThere’s a groundswell of colleges and universities fielding competitive esports teams, and Thursday the Fiesta Bowl organization announced they’ll be partnering up with Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind Overwatch, to put on the Fiesta Bowl Overwatch Collegiate National Championships in February. It’s the first time a collegiate bowl organization and a games publisher have collaborated, and comes just as the Overwatch League, a competitive league with the backing of several NFL owners, is about to kick off. [ESPN]40 bowls, each slightly betterThis year there are 40 collegiate football bowls, the first season of bowl contraction since 1995, thanks to the Poinsettia Bowl folding. Yes, this year has what an analysis of Elo scores indicates is the worst bowl matchup in the past 30 years, Georgia State vs. Western Kentucky. But overall, quality is up based on the average matchup Elo score compare to last year, which had some rough bowls. [FiveThirtyEight]Try out our fun new interactive, Which World Cup Team Should You Root For?Slash & burnScoring is up in the NHL this season, but it’s not the fault of the goalies. A number of rule changes — including higher enforcement of slashing penalties — means an average of 3.3 power plays per game, which kickstarts scoring opportunities and plausibly scoring. [FiveThirtyEight]Figure skating in DetroitA program spun off from Figure Skating in Harlem offers ice skates, uniforms, coaching and instruction to girls who commit to practicing two hours a day four days a week and maintaining a B average or higher in the city of Detroit. For a sport that can cost into the tens of thousands for high-level instruction, the program — which seeks to recruit 300 girls by year end 2018 — is trying to be an on-ramp for those who aren’t born into affluence. [The Undefeated]Make sure to try your hand at our fun NFL can you beat the FiveThirtyEight predictions? game!Big Number0.69 first downs per target with GronkRob Gronkowski gives the Patriots offense a massive kickstart. When Gronkowski is off the field, the team this season notched 72 receptions, 771 yards, 100 targets and 0.32 first downs per target. When Gronk was on the field — even if he’s not the one getting the ball, just if he’s there and needing to be covered — the team notched 277 receptions, 3,429 yards, 400 targets and 0.69 first downs per target. [FiveThirtyEight]Leaks from Slack: kyle:College basketball rankings: OU’s Trae Young has stats better than Steph Curry’scbs going hardneil::fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:In fairness, these numbers are pretty insanePredictions NFL All newsletters College Football Oh, and don’t forgetWes, you ham We’re launching a sports newsletter. 🏆  Join the squad. Subscribe See more college football predictions See more NFL predictions read more

Scotland Yard criticised in leaked report for spending too long on £2m

first_imgScotland Yard has been criticized for spending too long investigating allegations that prominent establishment figures sexually abused and killed children.The unpublished draft report into Operation Midland also said the inquiry should have ended sooner.The review of the £2 million probe, which collapsed amid controversy earlier this year, is said to be more critical than police chiefs were expecting.The report, by retired high court judge Sir Richard Henriques, is believed to say that the investigation was compromised by inconsistencies in the account of the main witness, known as Nick.The enquiry also criticises actions and decisions taken by officers involved in the high-profile investigation.Operation Midland was the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and murder by “VIPs” such as Sir Edward Heath, Lord Brittan, Lord Bramall, and Harvey Proctor. ‘Nick’ claimed to have been raped and tortured by the group of VIPs and also told police he had witnessed the murders of three young boys in 1980s leading to a 16-month police investigation which involved 31 full time officers.The investigation was closed in March after the Metropolitan Police said they had not found any evidence to substantiate the allegations.The findings from Henriques have been studied by senior officers and senior advisers at the Met, since they were delivered four weeks ago in draft form.It is understood the retired judge concludes that it should have been more apparent more quickly to police that Nick’s credibility was too low to serve as a basis for prosecution.The force said it will withhold the full report because it contains confidential information however a spokesman said limited excerpts will be released “at the earliest opportunity”.The spokesman added: “We are giving the report very thorough consideration. There are no ongoing proceedings that may delay publication.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Essex warehouse engulfed by huge blaze

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. It is understood the fire broke out just after 12.20am on Sunday morningCredit:UKNIP 100 firefighters and fifteen engines tackled the blaze at its peak Credit:UKNIP It is understood the fire broke out just after 12.20am on Sunday morning “Firefighters have done an absolutely brilliant job here this morning. They spotted the fire had started to spread to the large warehouse next door and managed to extinguish the fire very quickly and stopped the fire spreading.”Eight fire engines remain at the scene, along with firefighters who are continuing to extinguish the flames.Essex Police said there are not believed to be any casualties.center_img A huge fire engulfed an Essex warehouse in the early hours of Sunday.  Around 100 firefighters were tackling the blaze at a packaging warehouse at its peak, Essex Fire Service said.The building on Festival Way in Basildon was “completely alight”, with the flames also affecting a neighbouring industrial unit.  Social media users reported seeing huge clouds of smoke coming from the fire, near Festival Leisure Park.But officer in charge Neil Fenwick said crews had acted quickly and prevented the spread of the fire.He said: “The warehouse, which we believe is used for packaging and distribution, contained a large amount of stock and the fire took hold very quickly. 100 firefighters and fifteen engines tackled the blaze at its peak last_img read more

ExRyder Cup caddie outed architects secret life as a transvestite

first_imgHe was also seen loitering outside Mr X’s home.At Manchester Magistrates’ Court, the victim – who cannot be named for legal reasons – relived his ordeal in the witness box as Hainsworth was convicted of harassment between April 1 and May 13 this year.The court heard Mr X’s partner knew he dressed up in women’s clothes but she supported him and “accepted that part of him”.But in March trouble began after he posted a personal ad in the magazine Transliving saying he was willing to meeting other men – particularly a “master”.Speaking from behind a screen, Mr X told the court: “I didn’t expect to receive anything but I received a reply from Master James William Hainsworth and he wanted to meet up with Tina.”I sent him pictures of me dressed up as a woman. This is a form of escapism for me and helps me to deal with stress.”We exchanged texts for a meeting to take place but we didn’t plan for him to come down on a specific day or anything, I didn’t know he was going to come. I never agreed to that.”In the beginning we did briefly speak about him coming to my house but nothing was decided and I felt that I no longer needed to be her and wanted to move on from that part of my life. My partner found out and it was that at point that I decided to stop it. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “That was something he needed to tell people. Why was he running away and hiding from me. Why did he message me if he couldn’t meet me. I thought we could meet, argue then be done with it and move on, but he wasn’t letting me do that.”He was running and hiding. He couldn’t face me. It’s ridiculous. He doesn’t live in my world. He is an intellectual educated man, but he can’t face me.”The court heard Hainsworth had previous convictions for harassment. he will sentenced next month and was granted bail on condition he does not contact the victim and his workplace.JP Hilary Clayton told him: “The victim gave evidence which was honest, coherent, responsible and reliable whilst yours has been inconceivable and incoherent. You sent him a number of abusive and threatening messages causing distress to the victim and those around him.” Hainsworth, of Birstall, near Batley, West Yorks, denied wrongdoing, saying: “She messaged me, she must be responsible for her actions.”My accuser doesn’t live in my world. If he lived in my world I would have to bury him. I would have kicked him up and down the fairway. I wanted to bury him – I wanted a war.”For 32 years I was a professional golf caddie and my team won the Ryder Cup. This wasn’t forced. Why didn’t he want to meet me?”He sent me those pictures of him dressed as a woman out of the blue and he was dressed as a waiter and in evening underwear – I wasn’t impressed by them.”The contact them started between us. 10 days later we decided to meet. I travelled all the way down from Leeds and I then got a text saying ‘She isn’t in’.”I was raging, steam was coming out of my ears. I got a bottle of brandy from her saying sorry but he was the one who was being abusive. Why send me those messages, why send me those pictures if you are not going to meet me.”A leopard can’t change it’s spots. If you order a taxi to Manchester Airport from Piccadilly, you have to get in that taxi. I wanted to tell him face to face that it didn’t matter that he liked to dress up as woman, he needed to accept that. A former Ryder Cup golf caddie turned dominatrix has been accused of “outing” an architect’s secret life as a transvestite in a spiteful revenge campaign.The victim, who has a supportive female partner, would dress up in women’s clothes and call himself “Tina” to help deal with stress.But when he placed an avert in a transgender magazine looking for companionship, he fell foul of 70-year old William Hainsworth, a dominance fetishist who called himself “The Master.” “At first things were amicable with him but I then received a number of messages from him telling me that he wanted to ‘bury me’. They weren’t threatening at first but they gradually got worse. I bought him a bottle of brandy by way of apology and tried to calm down the situation.”But I receiving a ton of messages and voice mails, letters and parcels from him to me, some appeared at my work, and some were sent to my family.”Prosecutor John Richards said: “This was a cacophony of abuse towards the victim from the defendant, first by text messages, then voicemail, then letters, which affected his personal life and his business life.”When the victim is under stress or concerned about life he dresses up as a female and adopts the persona of Tina. He does this to help deal with his problems, which are due to stresses caused throughout his life.”He considers this part of his life to be private and personal and his partner supports him through this and accepts that part of him.””There was a lot of abuse and threats towards the victim which caused him to fear for his safety, and the safety for his partner and daughter.” Hainsworth offered to the meet the man – known as Mr X – at a train station near Manchester only to swear revenge when the victim backed out of the rendezvous at the last minute, sending a text reading: “Tina is no longer here.”Over a six-week period, Hainsworth sent voicemails to the victim saying: “I will bury you, you’ve f—ed me about far enough. I’m going to send people round. You can’t hide” before mailing a letter to the the boss of his architects practice disclosing Mr X’s cross dressing.Police were called after the pensioner posted notes on the windows of empty shops near the practice, claiming Mr X’s alter-ego sold herself as a sex slave and included the contact details for his workplace.last_img read more

Four in five customer complaints which led to Uber being banned from

first_img“Passengers tell us they love being able to track their car on a live map, pay without cash and get a receipt with their fare and the route taken. Licensed drivers partner with us because with Uber they can choose if, when and where they drive.”A City of York Council spokesperson said: “Applying the legislation, the committee decided to refuse the application having concerns about a data breach currently under investigation and the number of complaints received.“Uber’s operators licence in York will remain in place until the outcome of the appeal is known.” The city of York was the third in the UK to ban Uber last yearCredit:Neil Price / EyeEm Show more York’s decision to refuse Uber a licence to operate in December was based mostly on complaints by local taxi companies, the Telegraph can disclose.York, who in December became the third UK city to refuse the ride-hailing company a licence, had cited concerns about customer complaints as well as the 2016 data breach which affected 2.7m British users and drivers.However, a freedom of information request has revealed that of the 155 complaints the Council received about the company since January, 83.2% were made by “York taxi businesses”.The information raises concerns over the City of York council’s gambling, licensing and regulatory committee to decision not to renew the licence on 12 December.Councillors on the committee had been considering an application by Uber Britannia Ltd to renew its 12 month private hire operator’s licence in York, which was due to expire on Christmas eve, but voted in a majority to reject the application. Seven voted against renewing the licence and three voted in favour. Two abstained.Uber has now submitted an appeal to the York Magistrates Court, where a preliminary hearing will be held on the 30 January ahead of a full hearing. The appeal process could take several months. Unlike in London, where the licence renewal was refused after Transport for London found it was not “fit and proper” to operate in the city, a report from York council’s licensing team found that “there is no evidence before your officers that indicates the applicant is not fit and proper to hold an operator’s licence in York”. York’s committee said it made the decision based on its “concerns about a data breach currently under investigation and the number of complaints received”.  The company’s original licence in York was approved in December 2015, but it only began operating in September the following year.center_img The breach, which was revealed in November, affected the majority of Uber users in the UK. Names, email addresses and phone numbers were stolen.Neil McConigle, general manager for Uber in the city, said at the time: “This is a disappointing vote for the riders and drivers who use our app in the city. More choice and competition is a good thing for both consumers and licensed drivers in the area. In December 2016 it was granted a 12-month operating licence, which it then applied to renew towards the end of last year.York council’s decision to strip Uber of its licence followed the same decision made by London in September.Sheffield City Council also briefly banned Uber in December after it failed to respond to correspondence from local officials, but the suspension has since been overturned.Uber is still operating in the capital and will do so for at least several more months, as its appeal will not be heard until the end of April at the earliest.  The city of York was the third in the UK to ban Uber last year Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

More than 7500 doctors warn they will be too scared to admit

first_img“Patient safety is paramount and a culture of openness is critical,” it says. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “I recognise a lot of the concern that’s being expressed out there but it’s really important that we differentiate between this case, where a doctor was convicted of gross negligence manslaughter, and everyday mistakes.“This is different from the mistakes that doctors may make in their everyday work. The judge ruled that even taking account of the system’s failings, the standard of care provided by the doctor was truly exceptionally bad.” Jack Adcock, who died in 2011 “Doctors frequently take on the work of two or more in order to keep our hospitals open. We have seen doctors punished for whistleblowing about unsafe staffing levels.“We now see them being held criminally responsible for mistakes made whilst working under these pressures, which, with chronic staff shortages, prolonged underfunding and low morale now occur with worrying frequency.”Consultant neurologist Dr Jenny Vaughan told Channel 4 News that a number of doctors convicted of the same offence had gone back to work and “not been erased”.“Doctors are not above the law but one of the jobs of the regulator is to look at the effect of their decisions in the context of patient safety,” she said.But Charlie Massey, chief executive of the General Medical Council defended its decision to strike off Dr Bawa-Garba. Doctors have warned they may be less likely to admit mistakes after a pediatrician was controversially struck off for causing the death of a young boy.More than 7,500 medics have signed a letter raising deep seated concerns about last week’s decision to strike Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba from the medical register.It comes after Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, raised similar concerns, warning that the decision could have implications for patient safety if doctors felt they could not admit openly to their mistakes.Dr Bawa-Garba was convicted of gross negligence manslaughter over the death of six-year-old Jack Adcock, who had Down’s Syndrome, in 2015, and received a suspended two-year prison sentence.The letter, which is being circulated amongst medics and has been signed by many lead clinicians and high profile consultants, warns that the decision made by the General Medical Council  punishes Dr Bawa-Garba and other doctors for admitting their mistakes, which could only lead to further tragedies.It says the doctor’s mistake had to be considered in the context of the extraordinary pressures she was under and warned that it would frighten doctors away from honest self appraisal, with potentially terrible consequences in the future. Jack Adcock, who died in 2011 Dr Bawa-Garba failed to spot that Jack, from Glen Parva, Leics, was suffering from septic shock, then “inexplicably” mistook him for a different child under a “do not resuscitate” order and ordered colleagues to stop life-saving attempts when his heart stopped. He died at Leicester Royal Infirmary in 2011. Wouldn’t be appropriate for me as Govt Minister to criticise a court ruling, but deeply concerned about possibly unintended implications here for learning & reflective practice in e-journals. Am also totally perplexed that GMC acted as they did: patient safety must be paramount— Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) 25 January 2018last_img read more

American hardcore huntress sparks outrage after posing with her kills in Scotland

A professional American “huntress” has prompted a furious reaction from animal lovers around Britain by posing with a dead goat, a ram and a stag during a trip to the Highlands and Islands. Michael Russell, Scotland’s Brexit Minister and the local MSP, took… The 33-year-old, who hosts a TV show called Larysa Unleashed, also posed with a “monstrous stag”. But it was the image of the billy goat that prompted an outcry after an SNP minister called for an immediate end to the shooting of the feral animals. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Larysa Switlyk and her companion posted photographs with their Scottish trophies, including a goat she said was killed with a “200 yard shot” during a “fun hunt” on the Hebridean island of Islay. read more

The strike continues as conciliation fails

Education Minister and Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson at a recent meeting with parentsThe third round of conciliation at the Social Protection Ministry’s Labour Department did not attain the desired outcome, as both the Education Ministry and the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) held steadfast to their positions.As such, the nationwide strike where teachers are demanding increased wages remains enforced which was confirmed by GTU General Secretary Coretta McDonald on Thursday.“The strike continues,” she asserted, following the meeting which was chaired by operatives of the Labour Department.The GTU had earlier expressed no confidence in this labour team since it comprised Government officers who were advocating on the Education Ministry’s behalf. The first conciliation meeting did not go off as planned as the GTU was a no-show but the second round held earlier this week ended in impasse. When the interested parties engaged in discussions for a second time on Thursday, the Education Ministry came equipped with ‘position paper’ outlining its terms why conciliation should be exhausted before arbitration commences.The Ministry proposed again that both parties be allowed to benefit from conciliation in accordance with the labour laws. Like the Union, it also proposes that there be no victimisation by either side.According to a release issued on Thursday, Chief Labour Officer Charles Ogle maintained that the conciliatory process must be exhausted before arbitration can take place, having reiterated his earlier plea to the Union to call off the Strike so that the conciliation process can continue. The Social Protection Ministry said in light of the differing positions, the meeting was adjourned.Meanwhile, Education Minister Nicolette Henry while speaking to teachers and parents at the Hope Secondary School, East Bank Demerara, said that during the negotiations held between the Ministry of Education and the GTU, the government had agreed to proceed with the seven non-salary agreements, even as the two parties continued the negotiations on salary increases.“These are things we have agreed to, I went so far where the collective bargaining speaks to the implementation of what you would have agreed to within 72 hours, and I am on record having said that.  And I said could we go ahead with what we agreed on so that the teachers could start benefitting from these measures. The union said no, they couldn’t do that and they said they wanted to wait until there was a complete resolution” Henry was quoted by the Department of Public Information (DPI) as saying.Teachers are seeking increases of 40 per cent under a multi-year arrangement up to 2020. However, Government maintained that it just cannot afford this proposal.Classes are scheduled to open from Monday, September but it is unclear how many teachers will be present in the classroom. Government, as stated by Education Minister Nicolette Henry, is moving full steam ahead with its contingency plan which will see striking teachers being substituted with recent Cyril Potter College Education (CPCE) graduates, trainees and retired teachers. However, some parents are of the view that their children could be shortchanged by the Government’s decision.This position was shared with former CPCE lecturer and Mathematics teacher, Tamashwar Boodhoo who suggested Thursday that Government’s proposal could run against stipulations. “Someone has not done their homework and provide poor advice to this poor lady. Trainee teachers cannot take school registers. The law is clear you must be employed by the TSC (Teaching Service Commission) or the school board or the Ministry of Education in order to do take attendance in school,” Boodhoo noted.He observed that a register is a legal document that can be used in the courts and that there are guidelines that govern the marking of attendance registers. He claimed that trainee teachers are “not allowed to make daily log entries in the school log book” adding that retired teachers are similarly prohibited unless they are issued contracts.The educator noted too that credit hours are required for graduation since these students will be losing class time. He stressed that “there is nothing in the training manual” that allows for first-year trainee unsupervised practice in the classroom.“I am disappointed that the CPCE administration agrees to put the trainees in the classroom unsupervised. It was the same administration that had trainees repeat classroom practices because of unsupervised practicum,” he pointed out. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related’No regrets in offering salary increases to Ministers’ – President GrangerAugust 31, 2018In “latest news”GTU boycotts meeting with Labour DepartmentSeptember 26, 2018In “latest news”GTU, MoE set to go to arbitration- Chief Labour OfficerSeptember 6, 2018In “latest news” read more

Rio well placed to supply future demand

first_imgToday Rio Tinto released resource updates on three major projects – La Granja and Resolution (copper) and the Simandou iron ore project in Guinea. Rio Tinto today told investors that it is exceptionally well-placed to take advantage of an expected doubling of world demand for its metals and minerals by 2022. The Group gave details of expansion plans for existing operations and underlined its strong project pipeline. Chief Executive Tom Albanese and his senior management team provided detail on resource upgrades, as well as new information on the project pipeline at a ‘value and growth’ seminar in London. CFO Guy Elliott set out the internal valuation methods that Rio Tinto employs for its future growth options.Significant new resource estimates, across different orebodies, which will underpin the Group’s superior trajectory for long term growth include:Simandou project in Guinea announced new resources of 2,250 Mt of iron oreLa Granja project in Peru announced 2,800 Mt of Inferred copper resources at 0.5% Cu and 0.% ZnResolution project in Arizona, USA, announced 1,300 Mt of Inferred resources containing 1.51% Cu and 0.04% MoSulawesi Nickel project yesterday announced 162 Mt lateritic nickel Inferred resource with potential for further mineralisation through further exploration.In addition, Kennecott Utah Copper last week announced an upgrade of resources to 637 Mt at 0.48 per cent copper at its Bingham Canyon mine.In his presentation, Tom Albanese said that Rio Tinto’s compound annual production growth is expected to be 8.6% through to 2015 and that worldclass growth options in place beyond this time are very valuable, especially in strong markets: “Demand growth remains strong and, combined with supply side constraints, this means there has never been a time at which our options for expansion have been so valuable. With world demand for our products set to double by 2022, we have the reserves and resources in place to keep pace with the market.“Rio Tinto has a clear roadmap to deliver industry leading growth over the next few years, but this is just the beginning. Rio Tinto will continue to unlock value from tier one assets that are unrivalled in the sector.”The seminar outlined the role of Rio Tinto’s Exploration team in discovering and developing tier one prospects that offer options for continued growth. Eric Finlayson, Head of Exploration, presented on Rio Tinto’s disciplined focus on large, long life deposits which are profitable in all phases of the price cycle. He provided details of a pipeline of greenfield opportunities including nickel in Minnesota, coking coal in Mongolia and western Canada, diamonds in India, potash in Saskatchewan and lithium in Serbia. He also talked about brownfield coking coal and uranium opportunities.last_img read more

Turner Townsend gets serious in mining and metals

first_imgTurner & Townsend has appointed a new managing director; Mark Wainwright as global leader of the company’s Mining and Metals team, based in London. Turner & Townsend is currently working with mining and metals clients across Africa, Australia, North America, South America and Europe. The company says that “at a time when capital cost reduction is high on the corporate agenda, companies in the sector are benefiting from the breadth and depth of Turner & Townsend’s expanding sector-specific services. These include Program Management Office, Project Controls and Project and Estimate Assurance solutions, as well as Turner & Townsend’s core services of project and cost management.” Wainwright has extensive experience in the sector and was previously an equity partner in the Mining and Metals industry group at Deloitte Consulting in South Africa and the CIS. At Deloitte, he had leadership responsibility for sales and delivery of a wide range of projects, including global companies such as Anglo American, BHP Billiton and De Beers, and local organisations such as Suek in Russia, Ferrexpo in the Ukraine and Kazakmys in Kazakhstan.“We are delighted to welcome Mark to Turner & Townsend. His appointment cements our positioning at the forefront of professional services providers to the Mining and Metals sector. As global leader, Mark’s management consultancy expertise will, amongst other things, strengthen the ties between our Mining and Metals teams across the world to help us deliver better value for our clients during these tough economic times. Mark will support our ongoing international expansion in this sector, such as the recent commencement of operations in South America,” says Vincent Clancy, Chief Executive at Turner & Townsend.“This is an exciting time to be joining Turner & Townsend. The recent upheavals in the global markets and the sustained softening of commodity prices have led to a paradigm shift in focus for mining companies. Project deferrals, estimating uncertainty, the preference for client-led Programme Management Office services and changes in corporate governance strategies and policies are widespread industry concerns. Turner & Townsend’s global footprint and the expanding breadth of its services position it well to deliver the value the industry needs,” comments Wainwright.last_img read more

European auction to see record levels of mining equipment offered

first_imgAuctions are an increasingly used way of trading smaller to mid-range classes of mining equipment through groups such as Ritchie Bros with public auctions that see both online and onsite bidders; and also online-focussed auctions such as Iron Planet; both of whom had stands at Intermat 2012. Ritchie Bros, the world’s largest industrial auctioneer, is to sell more than 1,600 industrial equipment items and trucks to the highest bidders in an unreserved public auction to be held in Moerdijk, Netherlands on April 19 / 20. The auction offers online and on-site bidders a variety of heavy equipment and trucks, including two 2008 Caterpillar 16M VHP motor graders, four 2008 Caterpillar 777F trucks, two 2008 Caterpillar 992G wheel loaders, a 2007 Caterpillar 824H wheel dozer and two low hour 2008 Atlas Copco DML crawler rotary drills.Detailed equipment information and hi-res photos are available at Other items included in the auction are 59 wheel loaders, 17 crawler tractors, 15 dump trucks, 12 articulated dump trucks, rock trucks, drills, motor graders, hydraulic excavators and a number of other items. Every item will be sold to the highest bidders on auction day, regardless of price. The auctions are open to the public and equipment can be inspected online via and at the Moerdijk auction site in the days prior the auction. Registration to bid is free and people can choose to bid in person in Moerdijk or online. The Ritchie Bros. auction calendar currently features more than 100 unreserved public auctions around the world. Established in 1958, it has over 110 locations in more than 25 countries, including 43 auction sites worldwide.last_img read more

Dragline crosses New Mexico in historic trek to Peabody Energys El Segundo

first_imgPeabody Energy’s 3,628 t dragline has completed a historic journey from the company’s Lee Ranch mine northwest of Grants, New Mexico, more than 32 km to its new home at El Segundo. The 1570-W dragline crossed the high desert, carried by a specialised 600-wheel vehicle. NASA uses a similar transportation method to haul space shuttles. Transporting a machine of this size required precision and planning, said Brad Brown, Peabody Energy Senior Vice President of Southwest Operations. “This was certainly a road trip to remember. These machines are the size of a ship on dry land. They can walk but typically very slowly with the help of electric generators. This time, Peabody used a different, more efficient method involving a carrier. We owe a huge amount of thanks to all team members who made this engineering accomplishment possible.”The 1570-W dragline carries an 65 m3 bucket and has a 98 m boom capable of swinging the length of a football field. Draglines traditionally move to new areas by “walking” about 160 m in an hour using shoes that lift and advance the machine. This requires generators, and road and power line construction support 24 hours a day for a month or more.Peabody adopted a new dragline transportation method that shortened the move and eliminated the need for electric power. Working with heavy equipment manufacturer Joy Global, Peabody loaded the massive machine on a specialised carrier assembled by Mammoet USA South, the world’s leader in solutions for heavy lifting transportation. The carrier featured 150 axle lines, each consisting of four heavy-duty truck tires coupled together to form a self-propelled transport vehicle. The assembly moved at speeds of up to some 3 km/h, enabling the dragline to reach El Segundo mine in 12 days. One of the most productive mines in the US Southwest, El Segundo shipped 8.4 Mt of coal in 2012.last_img read more

Prolong Super Lubricants EP2 Grease a success at El Teniente

first_imgFor over a decade, one of the world’s largest underground mining operations has been using Prolong EP-2 Grease to increase equipment longevity and reduce service downtime. Codelco’s El Teniente division, located 80 km south of Santiago and 2,500 m above sea level, operates the one of the largest underground mines on earth, producing over 330,000 t/y of copper.Prolong’s Chilean distributor Super Lubricantes initially introduced Prolong EP-2 Grease to operations management at El Teniente for use in 100-t LHDs. The mine was looking for a solution to the serious problem of brass bearings at the pivot points of the scoops failing at a high rate, causing costly downtime and refurbishing. Once Prolong lubrication technology was applied, bearings have ceased to fail and continuous production time between scheduled maintenance downtime has more than doubled.Prolong formulates EP-2 with the company’s exclusive AFMT™ (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) technology which reduces heat and friction in harsh, demanding environments. A calcium sulphonate grease that delivers exceptional corrosion protection, high dropping point and mechanical stability, EP-2 provides excellent resistance to water and oxidation, high load carrying ability and superior performance in a wide temperature range.Codelco’s success with the loader bearings led the mine management to try Prolong grease in other applications, with equally impressive results. During a visit to El Teniente operations, both management and line operators reported favourable results when EP-2 Grease was used for bearings in the grinding mills, some 10 m in diameter. These bearings were becoming so heated that they failed, bringing the mills to a standstill halt and seriously backing up production. The application of Prolong grease radically lowered the bearing temperatures and kept the mills operating efficiently. The benefits of EP-2 were also seen when the company used it in the hydraulic lube network and in stand-along applications on timing systems.Jeff Victer, Director of Sales – Global, Prolong Super Lubricants: “It’s extremely satisfying to be able to demonstrate such significant savings in an operation of this scale, magnitude and technological level, and our company is proud to be able to provide the Codelco mine with the benefits of EP-2 technology.”last_img read more

Increased Australian government focus required on African mineral potential

first_imgThe Australian Government has been called on to take more notice of the nation’s important economic footprint in Africa. “Australia has a key role to play in helping Africa realise its mineral potential and contributing to the African Union’s Africa Mining Vision,” Australia Africa Mining Industry Group (AAMIG) Chairman, Bill Turner, said in Perth. “Over the past two decades, investment by Australian mining and oil and gas companies has resulted in the creation of thousands of jobs on the continent and provided millions of dollars to governments by way of taxes and royalties.“The appropriate development of natural resources remains the quickest and surest way of African countries meeting the newly launched Global Goals for Sustainable Development, but for real gains to be made, the Australian Government must engage more actively with Australian resource-industry companies active on the African continent.”To reflect the importance of Australian investment in both hard rock mining and oil and gas in Africa, AAMIG have voted for a name change, from the Australia-Africa Mining Industry Group (“AAMIG”) to the Australia-Africa Minerals and Energy Group (“AAMEG”).The change to the name of the group is subject to ASIC approval.As part of its broader focus, Turner said AAMIG is calling for Australian policy makers to increase:Their awareness of the economic role Australia is playing in the development of AfricaAustralia’s diplomatic presence on the ground in AfricaAustralia’s technical and policy assistance to Africa, to assist host governments manage their resources industries more effectively and to the benefit of all citizens.“AAMIG agrees with the comments made last week by departing Australian Ambassador to Washington, Kim Beazley, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, on the need for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to have greater resources at their disposal,” Turner said.“In Africa, Australian private sector investment in natural resources now exceeds A$50 billion. However, the Australian Government’s Economic Diplomacy program is severely inadequate with only seven missions covering 54 countries and a population of more than 1 billion. Australia’s resources sector has a substantial footprint across the continent of Africa and by working together with the Australian Government, greater progress could be achieved in translating African mineral wealth into broader socio-economic development.”AAMIG’s Chief Executive Officer, Trish O’Reilly, said today that a strategic well-thought-out, economic diplomacy platform would make a substantial contribution to translating Africa’s potential mineral wealth into tangible development outcomes such as increasing the attendance of girls in education, improving infant mortality rates and decreasing chronic unemployment on the continent.“These are the basic building blocks of life, and the jobs created by natural resources development offers Africans more opportunity for Africans to provide for their children,” Ms O’Reilly said.AAMIG today called on Ms Bishop, as both Minister for Foreign Affairs and the local Federal member for Curtin in WA, to advocate for the development of Africa by designing an Africa strategy (with appropriate resourcing) “which Australia’s talented diplomatic corps can implement on the ground to the benefit of all parties, including companies, communities and host governments”.AAMIG has also announced three new Board members for 2015/16, Andrew Dinning of Sarama Resources, John Welborn of Resolute Mining and Ben Gargett of PricewaterhouseCoopers.last_img read more

Magellan completes purchase of SDA Mill Mexico

first_imgMagellan Gold Corp has completed the purchase of the SDA Mill, Nayarit State, Mexico, from Rose Petroleum plc. Total consideration for the purchase of the SDA Mill was $1.5 million. Pierce Carson, CEO commented, “We are pleased to have concluded the purchase of the SDA Mill and wish to thank Rose for their efforts in effecting a smooth transition of assets and personnel. We are delighted to welcome Rose as a major shareholder of Magellan.“Acquisition of the SDA Mill will transform Magellan into a production company and is an exciting development for our shareholders,” continued Carson. “In November, we began limited processing operations under an interim toll agreement to process third-party ore. We intend to continue our strategy of resuming processing operations, building production and increasing cash flow.“Now that we own the mill, we are focused on acquiring nearby sources of high-grade gold and silver ore that can be trucked to the mill for processing”, stated Carson. “We have identified and are evaluating several attractive properties for potential acquisition.”The SDA Mill is a fully operational flotation plant that also includes a precious metals leach circuit and associated assets, licenses and agreements. The mill has the capacity to process ore at a rate of up to 200 t/d. The mill has a ten-year operating history. Historically its operation has been based on sales of flotation concentrates to smelters, and payment for precious metals content.last_img read more

AGL Loy Yang mine world first project for brown coal conversion to

first_imgAGL will help lead a world-first pilot project to convert brown coal to liquid hydrogen – a clean energy solution with the potential to reduce carbon emissions. The Australian, Japanese and Victorian governments and a consortium of companies will pilot an innovative supply chain that will deliver liquefied hydrogen from the Latrobe Valley to Japan.The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) project will convert brown coal from the AGL Loy Yang mine into hydrogen at an adjacent site and then transport the gas by road to a liquefication terminal at the Port of Hastings. It will then be shipped to Japan for use predominantly in the transport industry. AGL CEO Andy Vesey said AGL was proud to play a role in the world-first project.“As Australia transitions to a carbon constrained future, creating new sources of prosperity and growth in communities which host conventional coal power stations is a critical priority,” Vesey said. “As the operator of Australia’s largest coal mine and the Loy Yang A power station, AGL is a critical contributor to local employment.” The amount of hydrogen being produced for the pilot is small and the emissions released are expected to be minimal. However, to mitigate the impact, carbon offsets will be purchased by the consortium. If expanded in the future, project partners recognise the need for carbon capture and storage.Vesey said the project could play an important role in the economic transition of the Latrobe Valley. “As we transition to cleaner technologies this project may spark a reinvigoration of Latrobe Valley’s energy industry by generating a competitive edge in a new market,” Vesey said. AGL’s in-kind support for the pilot project includes land for the plant and up to 160 t of brown coal.The HESC Project brings together industry leaders in Australia and Japan and is led by Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI). It includes leading Japanese energy and heavy industries corporations, J-Power, Iwatani, Marubeni Corporation and global energy company Shell. Community feedback will be sought on the project with public information sessions held in the lead up to construction.last_img read more

Metso agrees to acquire Chilean mining technology and maintenance major HighService Service

first_imgMetso has agreed to acquire HighService Service, the service business of the Chilean mining technology and maintenance provider HighService Corp. HighService Service is a high-quality service provider for the mining industry, with operations in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Its sales in the fiscal year 2017 were €60 million euros and it has 1,300 employees. The acquisition is pending regulatory approval from the Chilean authorities and is expected to close during the first half of 2019. The parties have agreed not to disclose the value of the transaction.“The acquisition supports Metso’s growth strategy and will expand our service offering in the important Chilean and Pacific Rim mining markets. We are very happy to welcome HighService Service to Metso and look forward to offering full support to our existing and new customers in the region”, says Mikko Keto, President of Metso’s Minerals Services business area.“We have worked hard as a company to excel in services, development, innovation and technology in an industry that presents us new challenges every year. This milestone will allow us to deepen our position in the area of engineering and construction, and continue to develop cutting-edge technology for the industry”, says Hugo Salamanca, President of HighService Corp.HighService Service is part of HighService Corp, with extensive experience and recognised track record in integral, electrical and instrumentation maintenance since 1998. Building on the development of human capital and incorporation of new technologies, HighService Service is committed to providing safety, quality of services and operational excellence.HighService Service is divided into two areas, Plant Maintenance Service Management and Drive and Automatic Control Management, specialising in technical assistance and remote monitoring in concentrator plants.last_img read more

Goldcorp and Orica looking at further WebGen applications at Musselwhite

first_imgFollowing successful trials of Orica’s WebGen™ 100 at the Musselwhite gold mine, Goldcorp says it is looking at further drill and blast geometries and mining methods using the wireless blasting initiation system at the Ontario mine.Goldcorp said these blasting tests underground at Musselwhite indicate “a decisive step on the path towards full automation of drill and blast operations in the future”.In 2016, in collaboration with Orica, Musselwhite began testing WebGen, a system which fires primers through hundreds of metres of solid rock. “The wireless system has been designed to fully integrate with a mine’s existing blasting systems and improves safety by removing people from harm’s way,” Goldcorp said.The project was recently announced as an award winner, which recognised the development of the temporary rib pillar (TRP) mining method using WebGen.“The TRP is a revolutionary mining method that uses WebGen technology to extract ore pillars that previously could not be recovered in underground operations,” Goldcorp said. “Using this new method, the main ore of the panel can now be blasted and extracted while the TRP holds back the waste rock backfill. The inaccessible pillars can be blasted, delivering reduced dilution, increased truck fill factors and improved overall productivity.”The system tested at Musselwhite enables groups of in-hole primers to be wirelessly initiated by a firing command that uses an ultra-low frequency magnetic induction wave to communicate through rock, water and air, according to Goldcorp. “This removes constraints often imposed by the requirement of a physical connection (wires) to each primer in a blast,” the company said.The magnetic induction wave is transmitted by an antenna at around 1,800 hertz, and received by disposable receivers in each borehole, according to Goldcorp. Each 51 mm-diameter, 320 mm-long disposable receiver has a tri-axis antenna array to receive the signal, supporting any blasthole orientation.Goldcorp said: “Following the blast plan, each disposable receiver is encoded with the Group ID for its blast, and each detonator with a delay time, just prior to being loaded into the blastholes. A standalone Code Management Computer (CMC) – a tablet wiped of other software – is uploaded with a CSV file from Orica’s blast design software. The CMC assigns the encrypted firing codes and delay timing into a preload blast file. A handheld encoder takes the data from the CMC and encodes each disposable receiver and detonator.”Three separate codes make up the Group ID, and all three must be received from the transmitter to initiate a blast, according to Goldcorp. First, a wake-up code activates the appropriate disposable receiver from sleep mode. Next, the activated disposable receiver receives an arm code, which calibrates and synchronises the units. Finally, following the mine central blasting protocol, the fire signal is sent, firing each detonator according to its programmed delay time. Other disposable receivers, having not received their wake-up code, remain dormant in their blastholes, ready for subsequent blasts.Following these tests, further drill and blast geometries and mining methods using WebGen are being explored at Musselwhite, Goldcorp said.Musselwhite’s Chief Engineer, Billy Grace, said: “Since starting the TRP trials with WebGen in late 2016, our level of comfort with the technology has reached a point that discussing possible wireless applications is an integral part of our mine planning process. The entire team is excited by the possibilities that WebGen opened up, and the new opportunities they are allowing for us to increase our productivity and safety.”At Orica’s 2018 AGM, Alberto Calderon, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Orica, called WebGen “the most exciting development our industry has seen since bulk explosives in the 1960s”.last_img read more

Thomas Mogensen stays in Flensburg until 2015

← Previous Story Now, Officialy: Poland without Marcin Lijewski at EHF EURO 2012! Next Story → Contest for the World’s Best Men’s Coach 2011: “Dead heat” between Onesta and Sigurdsson Thomas Mogensen One of the leading figure in SG Flensburg in last years, Danish playmaker, Thomas Mogensen (28) prolonged contract with the German team from the Danish border until 2015. As the important part of successful German squad, always on the edge of EHF Champions League qualification through the strongest League in the World – Toyota Handball Bundesliga, Mogensen rised to a important player for the Danish NT squad also.HHe is part of the Danish squad for the EHF EURO 2012 preparation, which will start 2nd of January. read more

Croatian girls are ready for the Olympic Games

← Previous Story Mocsai chose Hungary for London – Ivancsik out, Laluska substitute… Next Story → Latvian team at “Stanko Sivric BET – LIVE Cup” in Medjugorje For the first time in their history, Women’s NT of Croatia will participate at the Olympic Games in London. NT coach, Vladimir Canjuga presents a list of 15 players for that historical event.1. JELENA GRUBIŠIĆ KRIM GOALKEEPER2. IVANA JELČIĆ PODRAVKA GOALKEEPER3. MAJA ZEBIĆ ITXACO LEFT WING4. NIKICA PUŠIĆ-KOROLJEVIĆ PODRAVKA LEFT WING5. ANITA GAĆE PODRAVKA RIGHT WING6. DIJANA JOVETIĆ BUDUĆNOST RIGHT WING7. VESNA MILANOVIĆ-LITRE PODRAVKA LINE PLAYER8. ANDREA ŠERIĆ KRIM LINE PLAYER9. ANDREA PENEZIĆ KRIM LEFT BACK10. KRISTINA FRANIĆ KRIM LEFT /RIGHT BACK11. LIDIJA HORVAT PODRAVKA RIGHT BACK12. IVANA LOVRIĆ SAMOBOR PLAYMAKER13. SONJA BAŠIĆ LOKOMOTIVA BACK14. MIRANDA TATARI PODRAVKA PLAYMAKER15. MAIDA ARSLANAGIĆ KIF VEJEN LEFT BACK Croatia handballHandball in LondonHandball Olympic TournamentOlympic handball read more