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MPs have called on the government to set up a new

first_imgMPs have called on the government to set up a new independent body – modelled on the police complaints watchdog – to investigate the deaths of benefit claimants.The recommendation for a new organisation similar to the Independent Police Complaints Commission came in a report on the government’s benefits sanctions regime by the Commons work and pensions select committee.The committee said that such a body should conduct reviews “at the request of relatives, or automatically where no living relative remains, in all instances where an individual on an out-of-work working age benefit dies whilst in receipt of that benefit”.Such an organisation would operate under the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, and should ensure “that the role of all publicly-funded agencies involved in the provision of services or benefits to the individual is scrutinised”, and that recommendations for improvements are produced.The committee’s call follows a series of Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) requests by Disability News Service (DNS) that eventually revealed how the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has carried out 49 secret reviews into benefit-related deaths since February 2012.The report also calls on DWP to reveal how many of these reviews concerned benefit recipients who were subject to a sanction – stopping payment of a benefit for a period because a claimant has not met a particular condition – at the time of their death.Of the 49 “peer reviews”, 33 contained recommendations for improvements in procedures at either national or local level within DWP.And 40 of the 49 internal reviews were carried out following the suicide or apparent suicide of a benefit claimant, information that came from a response to another DNS FoIA request.But despite a string of FoIA requests from DNS, and others, DWP has refused to publish the reviews, or their summaries, recommendations or conclusions, even with personal details removed.Dame Anne Begg, the disabled Labour MP and chair of the committee, said: “We have asked DWP to confirm the number of internal peer reviews in which the claimant was subject to a benefit sanction at the time of death, and the result of these reviews in terms of changes to DWP policy.“It is important that all agencies involved in the provision of public services are scrutinised, to ensure that lessons are learned after members of the public are let down by the system, particularly where the failures of a public body may have contributed to a death.“We believe that a new independent body should be established to fulfil this role.”The committee also called for an independent inquiry, in the next parliament, to investigate whether benefit sanctions were being applied “appropriately, fairly and proportionately” by Jobcentre Plus offices.Dame Anne said: “Benefit sanctions are controversial because they withhold subsistence-level benefits from people who may have little or no other income.”She said the committee believed that policy on conditions for claiming benefits must be “based on clear evidence of what works in terms of encouraging people to take up the support which is available to help them get back into work”, and must then be applied “fairly and proportionately”.She said: “The system must also be capable of identifying and protecting vulnerable people, including those with mental health problems and learning disabilities. And it should avoid causing severe financial hardship.“The system as currently applied does not always achieve this.”The committee said there was a need for changes to the system of discretionary hardship payments, to ensure that it was “more effective” in reducing the risk of sanctions causing “severe financial hardship”.It also called on DWP to develop its guidance that helps Jobcentre Plus staff with identifying “vulnerable claimants” and “tailoring the conditions applied to them accordingly”.And it called on DWP to review the use of sanctioning of claimants of the out-of-work disability benefit employment and support allowance (ESA) within the Work Programme, and to “continue to develop alternative approaches to employment support” for ESA claimants.Meanwhile, a survey by the Benefits and Work website found that nearly 90 per cent of those who responded (88.1 per cent) believe the benefits system is “inhuman” in the way it treats claimants, while a similar number (88.7 per cent) said their health had suffered because of difficulties with the benefits system.An even larger proportion (97.3 per cent) said they believed that the deaths of some claimants had been mainly due to benefits sanctions, benefits cuts, or unfair decision-making.The site received more than 1,000 responses to its survey in just two days, after a link to the questions was included in a Benefits and Work newsletter.last_img read more

SAINTS have teamed up with Hattons Solicitors to o

first_imgSAINTS have teamed up with Hattons Solicitors to offer fans the chance to win a great prize.All you have to do is sign up to Hattons Gold and it could be yours.The VIP prize will take to you to Haydock Park Racecourse on Saturday July 20 and to watch Madness!It includes Premier Enclosure entrance badges, a luxury three course meal in Harry’s Bistro, racecards and racing paper, a reserved table for the day and a reserved car park pass for four people, as well as live music from Madness later in the evening.Simply click here and follow the instructions. Good Luck!last_img read more

Stamp Out Hunger brings thousands of pounds of food for local food

first_imgPHOTO: USPS mail carrier Matt Headley WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –  This weekend the National Letter Carrier’s Association collected all across the Cape Fear not just mail – but food that will go back to help feed families in our area.The annual ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ food drive collected non perishable foods mailbox to mailbox and door to door around the country this weekend.- Advertisement – Locally ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ went to help food banks like the Food Bank of Central and Eastern here in Wilmington.The food bank reports they’ve already gathered 10% more than in 2017 with 72,000 pounds of food in Wilmington alone.They are waiting to gather final numbers from the neighboring counties, but already that food collected will amount to more than 60 thousand meals.last_img read more

UNCW students move out of University Apartments for indefinite future

first_img Students were re-assigned to new apartments. Most people were placed on campus, but one student says his roommate had to be placed in a nearby hotel.“To find out that it was all just not going to go back to the way it was at all and just be a thousand times worse, that was just super stressful. Because we were supposed to move back, I woke up super early. I was ready to go. then they were like ‘Oh wait, don’t come back.’ Then likes 10 minutes later, they were like, ‘Okay, you can come back.’ Then they were like, ‘no,’” said freshman Matthew Michelotti.Michelotti says he wishes the university had communicated more with them about the situation. The university did have volunteers to help students move out. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Move-out day for some UNCW students came earlier expected. Students living in the University Apartments had to move out Saturday morning due to damage from Hurricane Florence.Around 400 students started moving out at 10 am Saturday. They were told Friday evening that apartments will be closed until further notice.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Women make up 23 of new police recruits

first_imgDOI / Clifton FenechDOI / Clifton Fenech Women make up 23% of new police recruits. Currently 56 new police recruits are receiving training at the Police Academy, 13 of which are women.Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia visited the recruits, accompanied by Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, Academy Commandant Joseph Cachia and Chairman of the Academy Board Raymond Mangion.The training for recruits consists of is based on realistic situations, use of weapons, crime scene investigations, laws, fundamental human rights and ethics, economic crimes, cybercrimes and community policing.Community policing pilot project to be launched at the end of summerFarrugia said that a community policing pilot project will be launched at the end of summer in Mellieħa. The Minister met with a number of police officers who were carrying out in-service training with emphasis on community policing.WhatsApp SharePrint <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

China tops US as worlds largest PC market for now

first_imgAdvertisement China represented 22% of the global PC market’s unit shipments compared to the US at 21%.Before we start shifting our global perspectives, it is worth noting that the research giant is expecting the PC market leadership to change once again. The upcoming US Christmas holiday season combined with the Chinese market’s typically quiet end to the year should see Uncle Sam regain the top spot at the close of 2011.However, expect things to change more permanently next year with IDC predicting that 2012 will see China’s PC shipments top the US’s by more than 10%. – Advertisement – The, albeit temporary, change at the top is “a huge shift that reflects the rising fortunes of emerging markets as well as the relative stagnation of more mature regions” according to IDC’s Loren Loverde.We agree that with its 1.3 billion population developing a strong interest in technology and the web, this is a sign of things to come from China.With China Mobile, the country’s largest operator with a staggering 600 million plus subscribers, in talks with Apple to finally license the iPhone, it seems like only a matter of time before the Asian giant challenges the west, and the ultimately US, on shipments of the world’s most recognisable smartphone.After all, according to The Register, grey market users have already given China mobile 7.44 million iPhone users already.Source: TNW Newslast_img read more

Apple Introduces SensorAssisted Location Technology that will combat the Problems associated with

first_imgAdvertisement Apple has submitted a filing today titled “Sensor-Assisted Location Fix.”Apple described location scenarios beyond parking and discusses location-centric problems and solutions associated with driving in urban canyons, which is a powerful image when you think of cities like New York, Hong Kong, Osaka, Beijing, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and others that have massive buildings in their downtown business cores.Apple ays their invention relates to sensor-assisted location technology. Primary location technologies, such as GPS, can be used to determine the current location (e.g., a location fix) of a location-enabled device. In some instances, the primary location technology may be unreliable and/or consume more power than an alternative location technology. – Advertisement – Sensors, such as accelerometers, compasses, gyrometers, and the like, can be used to supplement and/or increase the accuracy of location data. For example, a location-enabled device can identify an area with unreliable GPS location data and use sensors to calculate a more accurate location.Areas identified may be crowd-sourced. Sensors can be used to identify errors in the location data provided by primary location technology. Sensors can be used to modify a sampling interval of the primary location technology. Sensors can be used to smooth motion on a user interface between sampling intervals of the primary location technology.In one of Apple’s more interesting scenarios for sensor-assisted location technology they discuss the problems with walking or driving in an “Urban Canyon.” In respect to driving, Urban Canyons can play havoc with Apple’s Maps Turn by Turn Navigation. If you’re a tourist, you sure want to know exactly where to turn in New York or any other major city where urban canyons exist. Apple dedicates a section of the patent filing to this problem.Apple walks us through the problem of Urban Canyons. Apple notes system 400 includes a road 410, small structures 420, large structures 430, and a vehicle (e.g., vehicle 251) illustrated in various progressive positions (450-456).A mobile device such as an iPhone may be inside of the vehicle. Although FIG. 4 illustrates a car moving through an area with unreliable location signals, the same concepts could apply to a person in another type of vehicle or a person walking through an urban canyon or similar problematic area where a primary location technology is unreliable.When the vehicle #450 (shown at the very bottom of the patent figure above), the location of the vehicle (or mobile device in the vehicle) can be determined location using a primary location technology, such as GPS, cellular, WiFi, and/or time of flight location technologies. At position 450, the vehicle and/or mobile device can still receive a reliable location signal from the primary location technology. Everything is fine in position #451 as the vehicle approaches the urban canyon.Then as the vehicle and/or mobile device moves further into the downtown core the road is met with large high rise which may obstruct one or more location signals. If at position 452, only the primary location technology was used, it is possible that the location data would be inaccurate and may have a high margin of error.In some embodiments, the precise location of the vehicle and/or mobile device at an area with unreliable location signals can be critical. For example, a right turn or a left turn may be made at the intersection. The primary location technology may not be able to determine reliably whether the vehicle and/or mobile device has turned or continued straight down the road.In the urban canyon scenario, a more reliable location can be calculated by switching to estimation mode when a problematic area is identified as noted above.Apple’s sensor-assisted location fix patent filing is very detailed as could be expected with such a detailed problem and there’s no magic bullet that could capture the entire solution Apple has devised into one neat paragraph. Those wanting to delve into more of the specifics can review Apple’s patent filing here.Apple credits Devrim Varoglu as the sole inventor of this patent application that was originally filed in Q1 2013. Considering that this is a patent application, the timing of such a product to market is unknown at this time.Source: Patently Applelast_img read more

Zoom Wireless Launches HighSpeed And Affordable Internet In Northern Uganda

first_imgAdvertisement Zoom Wireless (, a commercial wing of SINFA Uganda LTD, is now officially delivering the most affordable, unlimited high-speed Internet access to businesses and residences in and around Gulu, Uganda.  On January 1, 2015, Zoom Wireless was granted its commercial ISP license, clearing the way to offer commercial service in Gulu and implement plans for regional expansion.Zoom Wireless is offering Internet services for corporate customers with speeds from 1-9 Mbps and small business/residential options of 512 kbps, 1 Mbps or 3 Mbps at approximately 50% of the rates of their competitors and with no usage caps. These services will transform the way people access and use the Internet for business, operations and entertainment by offering reliable, high-speed access that enables use of cloud-based productivity services, streaming video and more.  Zoom will also offer cloud-based services and custom-managed Wi-Fi networks for hotels, universities and other campus settings.In August 2014, Gulu based Zoom Wireless began offering a range of corporate and small business/residential grade fixed wireless services as a trial. Zoom partnered with San Francisco based EveryLayer to design and deploy the network and cloud-based management system. With EveryLayer,  Zoom deployed fiber-backed, carrier grade WiFi network and was able to deliver an affordable, high-speed service within 12 weeks with 10 times less capital and operating expense than traditional LTE networks. – Advertisement – Zoom’s early customers are taking notice.  Otim Khaled, owner of Javanet Internet Café, shares “traffic has increased dramatically due to the quality of service and operating costs are down by 50 percent.”  Annemaaike Kruisselbrink, Executive Director of Unified for Uganda, an NGO supporting destitute youth, shares “with Zoom’s high-speed service we can now confidently use cloud-based services, making our day-to-day operations more efficient enabling us to better serve local children,”‘’Given the overwhelming demand for high-speed Internet we are experiencing in Gulu, Zoom Wireless plans to extend its services to all the busy towns in Northern and West Nile regions of Uganda,” says Moses Olweny, Zoom Wireless Sales and Marketing Manager.“Zoom Wireless is delivering the promise of the cloud to Northern Uganda with truly high-speed, affordable Internet,” said Mark Summer, CEO and co-founder of EveryLayer. “As EveryLayer’s first partner, Zoom Wireless proves the demand, profitability and growth potential of broadband services in emerging markets. We looked forward to working with Zoom Wireless to rapidly expand broadband in the North.”For more information please go to: and read more

Elijah Kisakye Charlene Kasumba win Vodafone Whatsapp Mania competition

first_imgimage credit:googleusercontent Advertisement He was evicted only a week into last year’s Rated Next competition even when he was one of the fans’ favorites and a few days later he promised not to give up on his dream.Last night, Elijah Kisakye, who is known by Elisongs among his peers, finally won a music search competition when he walked home with audio and video recording contracts with Talent Africa and Deuces Entertainment respectively.Image Credit: chano8This was at the Vodafone WhatsApp Mania music competition grand finale at Jazzville, Bugolobi. The first runner-up, Charlene Kasumba, only won an audio contract. Prior to the grand finale, Elijah posted the biggest number of views on the competition’s website from Day One and it’s not by coincidence that even when the big day arrived his name sat well in the hearts of the hundreds of guests who attended the event.Image Credit: chano8 – Advertisement – In his opening remarks, Vodafone Uganda CEO Allan Richardson said; “Vodafone is passionate about all things technology and what it can do to enable young people achieve their dreams without barriers”.The judges were Peter Miles, who also performed on the night with his other singing half Menshan, Vodafone’s Rukh-Shana Namuyimba, Ken Daniels Kayongo and Moses Serugo. Vodafone WhatsApp Mania, Africa’s first WhatsApp-based music competition, was launched in January, 2016 to give Ugandans with a dream to become global music icons, an opportunity to kick-start their music careers.The other contestants were; Michael Mpho, Penelope Nankunda, Fahad Bin Haruna, Winnie Kisa Nakabanda, Mc Young Wizy, Oloya Joel, Address K, Apio Lilian, Ashley Gold, Giga. S. Conso, Kenneth Robert, Leonard Muka, Catherine Hellen Nakiwala, and Tumuhairwe Derrick.last_img read more

New ITU Standard provides basis for high quality Voice over LTE

first_imgAdvertisement A new ITU standard highlights the key factors influencing end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) for voice communications over 4G mobile networks. The standard will form the basis of future ITU standards on specific aspects of QoS for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Video-telephony over LTE (ViLTE).The entrance of 4G mobile-wireless communications signaled the arrival of a multimedia-rich user experience. Despite 4G’s significant advances over previous generations of mobile-wireless technology, ensuring high-quality voice communications remains a significant challenge in the packet-based communications environment.Recommendation ITU-T G.1028 “End-to-end QoS for voice over 4G mobile networks” was developed by ITU’s standardization expert group for ‘performance, QoS and QoE’, ITU-T Study Group 12. – Advertisement – ITU-T G.1028 offers guidance on the factors impacting the end-to-end performance of “managed” voice applications over LTE networks and how the impacts of these factors should be assessed. The standard describes typical end-to-end scenarios involving LTE access, including scenarios where one of the parties connects using a wired or wireless access technology other than VoLTE.[related-posts]These scenarios are based on typical reference connections defined in ITU-T G.1028, connections which are composed of segments including terminals, wireless access, backhaul networks and core networks. The standard also presents considerations relevant to the sharing of the budget of some key parameters, in addition providing the locations where these parameters can be assessed across the segments of VoLTE connections.Source: ITU News Loglast_img read more

Government Makes uturn on Mobile Money Tax Scraps off 1 for Sending

first_imgMobile Money in Africa | Photo Courtesy. Advertisement Ugandan’s strike on the tax levied on mobile money transactions could be paying off. In the latest changes, the Ugandan Government has approved a proposal to scrap the 0.5% tax on receiving, sending, and making payments on transactions while the 0.5% levy on withdrawing remains.The announcement was made by the State Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development; Hon. David Bahati at a press briefing that was held at the State House, Entebbe on Tuesday.The announcement comes after Prime Minister; Ruhakana Rugunda last week said that the taxes would be reviewed and a new bill will be brought. His announcement followed a protest led by Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, in a bid to drop the taxes. In addition the #SayNoToMobileMoneyTax, and #ThisTaxMustGo campaigns that are ongoing micro-blogging website; Twitter. – Advertisement – Initially, the Excise Duty (Amendment) Bill 2018 that was presented to and passed by the Ugandan Parliament was subsequently assented to by H.E the President of Uganda; Yoweri K. Museveni, and consequently became an Act of Parliament. The Act placed a 1% levy on receiving, making payments, and withdraws through mobile money transactions. But after the bill was passed, the President in a letter asked to scrap the tax on depositing, also stating that the 1% was a miscommunication as the actual figure was supposed to be 0.5%. However, the Government revenue collection agency; Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) hadn’t confirmed about this as it was reported that people were still charged the 1% levy. The President asked telcos whoever was charged the 1% on transactions to be refunded.With these changes made on mobile money transactions, the amended bill will be presented to the Ugandan Parliament on Thursday, July 19th for the first reading as directed by the Prime Minister.According to Minister Bahati, Government grossed UGX5 billion from the mobile money tax in just a week of implementation out of a projected UGX2 billion. It is worth knowing that, this sum (UGX5 billion) came from all mobile money transactions; receiving, making payments, and withdraws at a levy of 1%.Bahati further told reporters of the Uganda Media Centre, that if they charged the levy of 0.5% on withdraws only, they will still be able to raise UGX118 billion which is slightly high about what they had budgeted (UGX115 billion) for in this years budget.Bahati also touched on the issue of refunding customers whose money was deducted due to the erroneous tax, saying the reimbursement for the tax on deposit will be easy and quick, following the President’s directive.[related-posts]While, OTT tax has been in discussion as well, the tax still stands. Ugandans will continue paying they UGX200 levy to use social media platform. The Minister of ICT and National Guidance; Hon. Frank K. Tumwebaze asked Ugandans to be committed and contribute to the country’s development as the Government holds its ground on the social media tax.last_img read more

Mayor Parker to discuss Houston with Texas Tribune editor during Nov 12

first_imgShareCONTACT: Franz BrotzenPHONE: 713-348-6775EMAIL: Mayor Parker to discuss Houston with Texas Tribune editor during Nov. 12 forum at Rice University’s Baker InstituteHouston Mayor Annise Parker will appear with Evan Smith, CEO and editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune, Nov. 12 at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy to discuss Houston from her unique perspective as current mayor and former council member and controller. Parker is the only person in Houston history to hold all three offices.The event is free and open to the public. Breakfast will be served at 7 a.m., and Parker and Smith will begin their conversation at 7:30 in Baker Hall’s Doré Commons on the Rice campus, 6100 Main St. For directions, go to  Parker, only the second woman to be Houston mayor, has initiated a number of noticeable changes since her election a year ago. Previously, she held the position of city controller and served on the Houston City Council; she also worked in the oil industry and co-owned a bookstore. She has been recognized repeatedly for her service, including being named ”Council Member of the Year” and winning awards such as the Distinguished Local Elected Official Award and the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance’s Good Brick Award. Parker graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology, psychology and sociology from Rice University in 1978.The event is sponsored by AT&T, IBC Bank, NRG Energy Inc. and Christus Health and is supported through contributions from the Texas Tribune’s founding investors and members.Members of the news media who want to attend should RSVP to Franz Brotzen at or 713-348-6775. AddThislast_img read more

Business solutions for global health and education will be discussed at Rice

first_imgShare12/5/2011David Ruth713-348-6327druth@rice.eduAmy Hodges713-348-6777amy.hodges@rice.eduRice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business will present “Business Solutions for Global Health and Education” Tuesday, Dec. 6, from 6 to 9 p.m. in McNair Hall’s Shell Auditorium. The event will discuss different ways Jones School students and faculty are using their knowledge and skills to address and devise solutions for challenges of the developing world.What: “Business Solutions for Global Health and Education.”When: 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6.Where: Rice University, McNair Hall’s Shell Auditorium, 6100 Main St.For more information, contact Amy Hodges at 713-348-6777 or a map of Rice University’s campus, go to materials:Event invite: H. Jones Graduate School of Business: AddThislast_img read more

Officers Shoot Kill Gunman in Brooklyn

first_img Share this article  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   NEW YORK—The New York Police Department says officers have shot and killed a man who was firing a gun on a Brooklyn street.Officials say the plainclothes officers confronted the man as he fired a handgun into a lounge around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday on Atlantic Avenue in the borough’s Crown Heights section.NYPD says the man turned the gun on the officers, who fired at him. Officials say the man was hit at least once and died at a hospital.Police say they recovered a .38-caliber handgun at the scene.The fatal shooting was the second involving police in Brooklyn in six hours. Officials say police killed a 63-year-old man late Tuesday night when he went after officers with a large knife. Share US center_img A pair of New York City Police Department officers investigate at the scene where a fellow officer shot and killed an armed man, in the Crown Heights section of the Brooklyn borough of New York on Jan. 4, 2017. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan) Officers Shoot, Kill Gunman in Brooklyn By The Associated Press January 4, 2017 Updated: January 4, 2017 Show Discussionlast_img read more

Three Denver Officers Cleared in Shooting Death of Man Mistaken for Escaped

first_imgQualityAuto 1080p720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video Follow Tom on Twitter: @OZImekTOM Crime and Incidents Show Discussion  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   A district attorney in Colorado has determined three Denver police officers were justified when they shot and killed a man who had been mistaken for an escaped jail inmate.Denver Police Department officers William Bohm, Austin Barela, and Susan Mercado shot and killed Steven Lee Nguyen, 27, and injured Rafael Landeros Jr., 24, after a high-speed chase on March 19.District Attorney Beth McCann stated that even though Nguyen was not the escapee, his and Landeros’ actions posed a threat to the general public and the police officers who were trying to apprehend them, according to a copy of an Oct. 16 letter she wrote to Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen, notifying him the officers had been cleared of criminal wrongdoing.McCann’s letter has been published in full by the Denver Post.Nguyen’s vehicle reportedly reached speeds as high as 100 mph on city streets during the chase, according to a statement of facts contained in McCann’s letter, and he allegedly refused to heed officer’s commands after crashing his vehicle in a ditch.Body camera footage of the shooting has been released. “Show me your hands! Show me your hands!” one of the officers can be heard shouting commands in the direction of a black SUV with dark, tinted windows that had moments earlier veered off the road.The footage shows an officer screaming the command multiple times before discharging a weapon in the direction of the vehicle, which continued to drive away.a police officer points a weapon at a vehicle Police bodycam shows a Denver Police Department officer pointing his weapon in the direction of a vehicle containing Steven Lee Nguyen, 27, and Rafael Landeros Jr., 24, Denver, Colorado, on March 19, 2018. (Denver Police Department)Nguyen’s refusal to stop the vehicle, along with the officers’ conviction that he was a homicide suspect, gave the officers reason to believe their lives were in danger, McCann wrote.“The officers believed that at least one of the occupants of the suspect vehicle was very dangerous, had previously shot a Denver police officer, and had thrown what appeared to be a firearm from the window of the fleeing vehicle,” McCann’s letter said.Officers were searching for Mauricio Venzor-Gonzalez, who had escaped earlier the same day. They considered him armed and dangerous because earlier in the year he had shot an officer.Mauriciee Venzor Gonzales Mauricio Venzor-Gonzales, who police believed was in the fleeing vehicle, had escaped from custody earlier that day, and had previously shot a police officer. (Denver Police)Ngyuen family attorney Spencer Bryan said in a statement that the victim, who had been struck with about 50 bullets, had met with an excessive use of force.“This level of excess is particularly egregious because it was fueled by a dispatch from detectives who could not positively identify the passenger in Steven’s car, but falsely reported ‘to a 100 percent certainty’ that he was an escapee wanted for shooting at police,” the statement said, according to the Denver Post.In her letter, McCann suggested that Pazen carry out an internal investigation into whether the shooting violated the department’s policy of firing at a moving car.Pazen spoke at a news conference on Tuesday. He said the shooting was a tragedy and appealed to the public for calm.“I want to assure you there is a sense of urgency on our part to get answers to the questions that we all have,” Pazen said.Pazen promised a “detailed and exhaustive” internal investigation into the shooting.Nguyen was the behind the wheel of the vehicle, and Landeros was the passenger.Police incorrectly identified Landeros as the escapee. Share this article Share Three Denver Officers Cleared in Shooting Death of Man Mistaken for Escaped Inmate By Tom Ozimek October 18, 2018 Updated: October 18, 2018last_img read more

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first_img Share this article Share US News  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   A view of U.S. Steel Edgar Thomson Steel Works, in Braddock, Pennsylvania on March 10, 2018. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images) center_img Despite many critics projecting that tariffs will push the U.S. economy into a recession, a newly released study predicts that the duties will promote job growth in the United States.According to the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) on Nov. 27, the steel tariffs put in place by President Donald Trump, in combination with other economic policies, will drive the growth of 2.1 million additional jobs in 2018 over the baseline forecast. An additional 1.2 million jobs are expected to be created annually in the years 2019 through 2021.Jeff Ferry, the research director at CPA, told The Epoch Times that tariffs contributed about 10 to 15 percent of the total job growth.“This ground-breaking economics study by the CPA Economics team shows that the steel tariffs are benefiting the US economy,” CPA Chairman Dan DiMicco said in a release. “The same is true for other tariffs implemented this year. If we continue to follow rational trade policies, the benefits will be felt by every worker, farmer, and shareholder in the U.S.”CPA’s study is based on a new economic model.Ferry said there is a major difference between the new model and the old standard models when performing the analysis. When the new tariffs were imposed, the old models would only adjust price increases caused by the tariffs, while assuming nothing else changed in the economy. Using steel tariffs as an example, Ferry pointed out when the new steel tariff was imposed, the old models would assume the steel products’ prices increase reflecting the higher cost of steel, which would then result in less market consumption. However, the old models miss the expansionary effects of a steel industry that is growing and investing in local communities.One of the key findings of CPA’s research has been that while tariffs have led to a rise in steel prices, the increases have been absorbed by steel-using industries with a minimal negative effect on demand and profitability, and often with positive effects.Metal-using members also reported similar increases in sales, output, and employment, CPA said in the release. The steel tariff has also triggered strong investment in steel production, worth some $3 billion nationally. Corporate management in the steel industry also expects some 3,300 new steel jobs, with secondary jobs to follow.The Federal Reserve’s latest Industrial Production report shows that U.S. manufacturing output was up 2.7 percent year-on-year, with strong production increases in steel-using industries such as machinery (6.9 percent growth) and aerospace (4.0 percent growth).CPA is currently promoting its new economic model.“We hope these modeling improvements will provide some much-needed reality in the debate over tariffs,” Ferry said. Show Discussion New Economic Model Predicts Tariffs Will Bring US Job Growth By Nathan Su December 4, 2018 Updated: December 4, 2018last_img read more

US Marines take part in the dedication ceremony

first_imgU.S. Marines take part in the dedication ceremony of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, on May 14, 2018. (Ronen Zvulun/Reuters) US News A U.S. Marine was shot and killed in a Washington barracks on New Year’s Day, it was reported.Marine Corps officials confirmed the Marine died while on duty at Marine Barracks Washington, according to the corps’s website. It happened at 5 a.m. on Jan. 1.The Marine’s name has not yet been released pending the notification of family.The shooting is currently under investigation by Washington D.C. police, officials said. The shooting is currently under investigation by Washington D.C. police, officials said, on Jan. 1, 2019. (Google Street)“The command’s priorities are to take care of the Marine’s family and friends,” Col. Don Tomich, commanding officer of Marine Barracks, said in a statement. “We want to ensure these personnel are being provided for during this challenging time.” Capt. Colleen McFadden, a Marine Barracks Washington spokeswoman, didn’t reveal whether any foul play was involved in the Marine’s death. She also didn’t disclose if it was an accidental discharge. Meanwhile, she didn’t elaborate on whether other Marines were injured, according to Marine Gunnery Sgt. John Jackson told CNN the shooting wasn’t self-inflicted.“The command and the Marines here are cooperating with the investigation team, which is the Metropolitan Police Department, at the time,” McFadden said, according to obama The Marine’s name has not yet been released pending the notification of family. (Marines Website)No suspects have been arrested in the shooting, and there is no threat to the public, Fox5 reported.Following the shooting, officials stated that “due to an unforeseen tragedy at Marine Barracks Washington this morning, today’s New Year’s Serenade is canceled,” according to WJLA-TV.Other details about the shooting are not clear.The barracks is located at Eighth and I Street in Washington. It’s the oldest active post in the entire Marine Corps.On June 15, 2018, another Marine was shot at Marine Barracks Washington, suffering nonlife-threatening injuries from a “self-inflicted gunshot wound.”Violent Crime Down Across USThe FBI said that both violent crime and property crime decreased in 2017 compared to 2016. Overall violent crime decreased 0.2 percent from 2016 to last year, while property crime decreased 3 percent during that time, the agency said in September, releasing data from the previous year.“There were more than 1.2 million violent crimes reported to UCR nationwide in 2017. There was a 0.7 percent decrease in murders and a 4 percent decrease in robberies from 2016 to 2017. Aggravated assaults increased 1 percent in 2017. The FBI began collecting data solely on an updated rape definition last year, and 135,755 rapes were reported to law enforcement in 2017,” the FBI said in its report.“The report also showed there were more than 7.7 million property crimes last year. Burglaries decreased 7.6 percent and larceny-thefts decreased 2.2 percent. Motor vehicle thefts increased 0.8 percent from 2016 to 2017.”These figures were compiled from more than 13,000 law enforcement agencies around the United States that submitted their crime data to the FBI.In Florida, the FBI said that Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Hialeah, Tallahassee, and St. Petersburg are the most violent cities, according to WTXL. Jacksonville recorded 106 murders in 2016, the last available data, Orlando had 84 murders, and Miami saw 55 murders. Meanwhile, Tallahassee is considered the 10th-worst city in the United States when it comes to property crime rates, the FBI said, reported FloridaPolitics in June 2018. There were 52 property crimes per 1,000 residents in the state’s capital city. Marine Shot and Killed on Duty at Marine Barracks in Washington By Jack Phillips January 1, 2019 Updated: January 1, 2019 Sharecenter_img  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share this article Show Discussionlast_img read more

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first_imgQualityAuto 1080p720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video Share this article US News Share  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   center_img Customs and Border Protection agents fired tear gas after migrants from a migrant caravan hurled rocks at them.The latest altercation at the U.S.-Mexico border took place on New Year’s Day in the San Diego border sector.Approximately 150 migrants tried to illegally enter the United States by climbing over and under the border fence, but due to the high number of Border Patrol agents, about 45 turned back.“Shortly thereafter, migrants began throwing rocks over the fence at the CBP agents and officers. Several teenagers, wrapped in heavy jackets, blankets, and rubber mats were put over the concertina wire,” the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.“Border Patrol agents witnessed members of the group attempt to lift toddler sized children up and over the concertina wire and having difficulty accomplishing the task in a safe manner. Agents were not in a position to safely assist the children due to the large number of rocks being thrown at them.”  Rewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video “To address the rock throwers assaulting agents and risking the safety of migrants attempting to cross who were already on the U.S. side, both smoke and minimal countermeasures were deployed,” the agency added. “Agents deployed smoke, pepper spray and CS gas to a position upwind of the rock throwers and south of the border fence. The deployments were not directed at the migrants attempting entry on the U.S. side or at the fence line. The rock throwers were located south of the fence, in an elevated position both above the border fence area and the incursion attempt.”The tear gas and pepper spray forced the rock throwers to flee while many of the migrants who were trying to illegally cross the border also turned back.Agents at the border fence said that no migrants at the fence line appeared to be experiencing ill effects from the tear gas or pepper spray.Per use of force policy, the incident will be reviewed by the Border Patrol’s Office of Professional Responsibility.tear gas at border Tear gas thrown by Border Protection officers on the San Diego, Calif. side of the U.S.-Mexico border causes migrants to disperse on the Tijuana, Mexico side of the border on Jan. 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)November AltercationThe altercation on Monday between migrants and Border Patrol agents invoked memories of the larger confrontation on Nov. 25.A mob of migrants from the migrant caravan stormed the border that day, trying to overwhelm Border Patrol agents.The migrants managed to rip down part of the fence and some were making their way toward the United States when agents fired tear gas.Some 2,000 migrants participated in the rush near the San Ysidro border crossing, a Mexican federal police officer told The Epoch Times. Most of them fled back into Mexico after the tear gas was shot. In the video, multiple migrants can be seen hurling rocks and other projectiles at Border Patrol agents.Several days later, hundreds from the violent mob were deported by Mexico.“Migrants who participate in these violent events who are fully identified will be deported immediately,” the Ministry of Interior said in a statement. “Such provocative acts, far from helping their objectives, violate the legal migration framework and can result in serious incidents on the border.”From NTD News Follow Zachary on Twitter: @zackstieber Border Patrol Fires Tear Gas to Disperse 150 Caravan Migrants Trying to Illegally Cross Border By Zachary Stieber January 1, 2019 Updated: January 1, 2019 Show Discussionlast_img read more

US Federal Reserve Board chairman Jerome Powell

first_imgU.S. Federal Reserve Board chairman Jerome Powell speaks during a news conference on March 20 in Washington, DC. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Show Discussion WASHINGTON—The Federal Reserve held interest rates steady on March 20 and its policymakers abandoned projections for further rate hikes this year as the U.S. central bank flagged an expected slowdown in the economy.In a major shift in its perspective, the Fed also now expects to raise borrowing costs only once more through 2021, and no longer anticipates the need to guard against inflation with restrictive monetary policy.After a two-day policy meeting that sealed the switch to a less aggressive posture, the Fed also said it would slow the monthly reduction of its holdings of Treasury bonds from up to $30 billion to up to $15 billion beginning in May.It said it would end its balance sheet runoff in September provided the economy and money market conditions evolved as expected. Redemptions of mortgage-backed securities would at that point be reinvested in Treasuries up to as much as $20 billion per month, moving the Fed generally toward a Treasuries-only approach to its assets.The combined announcements mean that, after tightening monetary policy with two levers at once over the past year, the Fed is now pausing on both fronts to adjust to weaker global growth and a somewhat weaker outlook for the U.S. economy.Benchmark U.S. stock market indexes swung higher after the Fed’s statement was released, and key Treasury security yields dropped to the lowest since early January. The dollar weakened broadly against major trading partners’ currencies. “The Fed exceeded markets’ dovish expectations, which took a toll on the greenback,” said Joe Manimbo, senior market analyst at Western Union Business Solutions in Washington. “The Fed did a big about-face on policy. The fact that the Fed threw in the towel on a 2019 rate hike was particularly dovish.”Updated quarterly economic projections released by the Fed showed weakening on all fronts compared to the forecasts from December, with unemployment expected to be slightly higher this year, inflation edging down, and economic growth lower as well.“Growth of economic activity has slowed from its solid rate in the fourth quarter,” the Fed said in a policy statement that kept its benchmark overnight lending rate, or federal funds rate, in a range of 2.25 percent to 2.50 percent.“Recent indicators point to slower growth of household spending and business fixed investment in the first quarter … overall inflation has declined.”Nonetheless, the committee said it viewed “sustained” growth as the most likely outcome.Fed policymakers project gross domestic product growth to slow to 2.1 percent this year from the previous forecast of 2.3 percent, while the unemployment rate is forecast at 3.7 percent, slightly higher than the December projection.Inflation for the year is now seen at 1.8 percent, compared to the Fed’s forecast in December of 1.9 percent. By Howard Schneider & Trevor Hunnicutt  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Fed Sees No Rate Hikes in 2019, Plans to Slow Balance Sheet Reduction By Reuters March 20, 2019 Updated: March 20, 2019center_img Downgrade Aligns With MarketsThe new projections amounted to a wholesale downgrade of the Fed’s outlook, with at least nine of its 17 policymakers lowering their expected rate path and collectively shaving a full half of a percentage point off the expected fed funds rate at the end of this year.The move put the Fed in synch with financial markets’ current expectations that the tightening cycle was all but finished. Some investors expect the next move to be a rate cut.As it stands, the Fed, which raised rates seven times over the 2017-2018 period, is approaching a stopping point of 2.6 percent for its fed funds rate, which would leave it well below historic norms.Fed Chairman Jerome Powell was scheduled to hold a press conference to discuss the policy statement.It will be Powell’s first press conference since an ill-fated Fed meeting in December when policymakers indicated amid a global slowdown and selloff in equities markets that they would raise rates perhaps two more times in 2019.That stance left investors fretting that the Fed seemed determined to keep tightening policy regardless of a weakening economic outlook, an issue addressed with the lower economic forecasts.The central bank also fixed a second problem hanging over it from December, when Powell roiled markets by saying the reduction of the balance sheet was on “auto pilot.”The Fed’s policy statement was unanimous. Economies Share Share this articlelast_img read more

View of the MexicoUS wall in Tijuana Baja Califo

first_imgView of the Mexico-US wall in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico on June 18, 2019. (AGUSTIN PAULLIER/AFP/Getty Images) US News  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share this article About 50 miles of brand new wall has been completed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) along the United States’ southwest border, with more expected to be constructed, according to acting Commissioner Mark Morgan.“Fifty miles of new border wall on the Southwest border and construction continues every day,” Morgan announced in a July 10 Twitter post. “Construction is underway for more than 50 additional miles and more contract awards are anticipated by the end of the year.”Accompanying Morgan’s Twitter post were a few photos, some showing the construction process—others depicting the finished product. It didn’t say exactly where the new wall was being built.The Department of Homeland Security announced weeks ago that Morgan would serve as the acting commissioner of CBP after John P. Sanders’s decision to resign. Morgan became the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in May.Last month, President Donald Trump praised a decision reached by the federal court denying a request by House Democrats to block funds being appropriated from other accounts for the construction of the border wall.“Just had a big victory in Federal Court over the Democrats in the House on the desperately needed Border Wall. A big step in the right direction. Wall is under construction!” Trump wrote on Twitter.U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 688,375 illegal aliens on the southern border this fiscal year, according to the latest CBP data. In June alone, Border Patrol agents apprehended 94,897 illegal immigrants. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said last month that each week, about two miles of additional border wall are being built.“[It’s] coming along aggressively,” McAleenan told Trump during a meeting at the White House on June 12. “By the end of next year, over 400 miles [will be built].”The United States is dealing with a rising influx of illegal aliens, most of whom are traveling through Mexico from Central America.Just last weekend, Border Patrol agents said they arrested a sex offender and also foiled a maritime smuggling attempt.The sex offender was detained after agents spotted a man approximately six miles north of the U.S.-Mexico International Boundary. The man was identified as a 53-year-old Honduran national who had no legal documentation. He was arrested and sent to a nearby station for processing.After running records checks at the station, the man was revealed to have had a “criminal conviction out of New Hampshire for aggravated felonious sexual assault against a child,” according to CBP.The smuggling attempt was foiled when a U.S. Coast Guard cutter intercepted a pleasure-craft vessel operating near Point Loma, California. During the initial interception, they observed one person on board, but after boarding the vessel, they found an additional 12.“All onboard were suspected of attempting to enter the U.S. illegally and were transported to the USCG base on North Harbor Drive, San Diego,” CBP said. Agents later took all 13 individuals into custody.The vast majority of those being detained by border agents are children and family units from Central America that Border Patrol is forced to release quickly, despite the fact that 90 percent of them never show up for their subsequent immigration hearings.Trump has also applauded Mexico for its recent efforts to curb illegal immigration.“Mexico, using their strong immigration laws, is doing a very good job of stopping people… long before they get to our Southern Border. Guatemala is getting ready to sign a Safe-Third Agreement. The only ones who won’t do anything are the Democrats in Congress,” Trump said on multiple Twitter posts last month.Epoch Times reporter Charlotte Cuthbertson contributed to this report. Follow Bowen on Twitter: @BowenXiao3 Share CBP Completes 50 Miles of New Border, 50 More Underway By Bowen Xiao July 11, 2019 Updated: July 12, 2019 Show Discussionlast_img read more